In one of his visitations,Jesus said to me, "Deny yourself, take your cross, and follow me."

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Greed Brought these Curses, but Grace will Set us Free!
But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not weary. They shall walk and not faint - Isaiah 40:31

As preachers of the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we need to stop telling lies for political gains. Our mission is to preach the Gospel of Our Lord, not the gospel of politicians. Without realizing what we are doing, we get in the bed with these politicians. Instead of preaching the gospel of Christ to all people, we ended being the mouthpiece for politicians. Instead of building bridges, we see ourselves building walls between people. We start attacking those who disagree with us. We call them names and demonize them. Unfortunately, some of these politicians will promise us all kinds of things during their campaigns. They put up deceptive fronts to gain votes. Yet, after they get in office they abandon the promises and do their own thing. In most of the cases, their own things ended up being contrary to traditional Christian values. Despite the obvious, many Christian preachers continue to play this partisan politics. When we see those we support going in the wrong direction, we refuse to speak out because of our political positions and imprisonment. In the end, disaster resulted. This is exactly what happened to our economic system.

Unfairly, some people are now blaming conservative Christians for blindly supporting politicians who ended up wrecking the economy of the nation. They said we saw the handwritings on the wall after the Enron failure due to corporate greed. Yet, we continue to support these politicians. Perhaps there is a point in the accusation, but well-meaning Christians should not be blamed for the corporate greed of business executives. Our present economic crisis that is affecting the world was brought upon by GREED. It was greed that brought these curses upon us, but grace will set us free, only if we choose to repent. Perhaps, we have learned our lessons.

Part of the unintended consequences is Christians turning deaf ears to preachers who are busy preaching politics instead of the gospel. Later when these preachers start preaching the gospel, the pews are empty. Some Christians are leaving the church and finding comfort in other non-Christian religions. Yet, we continue to ask ourselves the question. Why are people leaving the church and going to worship idols? This is part of the unfortunate consequences of sacrificing the gospel of Our Lord Jesus on the altar of political gains. Unfortunately, some people only want to serve their own purpose driven by their own emotions, interests and desires. 

Each time we face difficult challenges as Christians, it is important to turn to Jesus by asking this question, "what will Jesus do?" When Jesus faced with one of the most difficult challenges of his life, there were two opposing forces. The first was the human flesh; the second was the will of the Father. Despite the emotional pain and the physical suffering to come, Jesus surrendered himself to the will of the Father. However today, we tend to see the opposite in some Christians whose actions are being led and directed by their own negative emotions. If we want to be like Jesus, we should allow the will of God to direct us by surrendering to the Holy Spirit. In other words, we should surrender ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit instead of being led by human emotions. Whatever the outcome, the will of God will still prevail. Unfortunately, we tend to act as though we do not believe enough in God to surrender the situations to him. Perhaps, our troubled sleep over political issues may be due to our lack of adequate faith in God. At his final hour Jesus said, "Father into thy hand, I commit my spirit," – St. Luke 23:46.

Jesus has enough faith in God to place his life in the Father’s hand. Why don’t we trust everything in God’s hand like Jesus did? Is it quite possible we are struggling with some of the political issues because we do not have enough faith in God? To compensate for our lack of faith in God, we ended responding with emotional violence to those who disagree with us.

Anybody who walks in the spirit of God and able to read the signs of time knows that the hand of God is presently moving in this nation. Sometimes when we get carried away with emotional reactions to events, we ended up missing the spiritual signs of the time.

Despite the darkness, the light still shines. That light is Jesus.

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