In one of his visitations,Jesus said to me, "Deny yourself, take your cross, and follow me."

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"Closer Walk With Thee," by 'Yinka Vidal

I know many people would be asking how I came up with the name, Closer walk with thee, for a book. This is the original name of a popular song in the church.

I started writing the book about five years ago covering the duration of twelve years from 1996 when I had a miraculous encounter with Jesus as a Voice. From this time he started giving me instructions and assignments. He also puts me through a training process.

One day, I ran into problems on the job as I was following his instructions. Secretly, I made up my mind never to listen or respond to this inner voice again. I believed at that time, it might be the voice of the devil misleading me. The following day after I made this decision, Jesus reappeared to me in my living room, and he gave me his reassurance. At this time I was looking at his image on my vision screen.

So far, I have had over twenty five visitations, and many conversations with the Lord. My story includes seven major prophecies about the United States, some of which already happened, and over 105 testimonies. In one of that visitations, Jesus answered one of my questions by telling to, "Deny yourself take up your cross and follow me." The title of this book, Closer Walk With Thee, was my response to the Lord.

At this time 2008, the giant hand of God is moving in the earthly realm, and has been moving for a while. Many tragedies will take place due to an overflow of sins in the world. The earth will continue to tremble. Those who walk in the spirit will continue to feel the giant energy of the Holy Spirit propelling them to serve the Lord. Unfortunately, there is an ominous future hanging over our head. I sensed this from December 2006 as we entered 2007. Our hands are dipped in the blood of the innocent people.

As a nation, we have sinned against God for so many years. It is time we started crying out to God for his mercy. This is the time for us to repent or else face the consequences. May the Lord have mercy on us.

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