In one of his visitations,Jesus said to me, "Deny yourself, take your cross, and follow me."

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October 2010

If You are a Christian, Yoga is Bad For You

People need to understand that Yoga is not so much about physical exercise, but more about a spiritual journey through human spirit. Each person is a spirit being living inside a body which houses the human spirit. The process of Yoga is a process of bypassing the body to get in touch with the inner self. The inner-self is the human spirit. Once you are in touch with the inner-self all kinds of things can happen while in the spirit realm. You can lead your spirit to inner peace to calm your body down. This is similar to what happens during transcendental meditation. Once your spirit is at peace, it can influence your body to be at peace. If you can surrender yourself to the inner-self (the human spirit) you can find temporary peace. But the peace does not last. As soon as your body responds to crisis, you will need to go for more Yoga exercise to calm your self down.

There is nothing wrong with what I have just described so far except Jesus wants Christians to meditate on the Word of God while dwelling in him through the Holy Spirit. There are many dangers for Christians in Yoga. Getting in touch with the inner-self is not what Jesus asked us to do. Jesus said we should live inside his Spirit and he will connect us to God through the Holy Spirit.

Once you have idolized the human spirit, you have created an idol for yourself contrary to the will of God. You can never reach God through the human spirit except through the Holy Spirit. You have to connect the human spirit to the Holy Spirit to reach God. The danger is going higher in the spirit realm which most Eastern religions do without the Holy Spirit. This is a recipe for spiritual disaster and sudden death. The critical issue is the opening of the gate of the human soul in the process of ascending in the spirit realm. In the absence of the Holy Spirit, you may encounter ungodly spirits leading you away from God or your human spirit can be manipulated by spirit manipulators. Demonic spirits can actually capture your human spirit. There are many other spirits in the spirit realm. Even Jesus talked about the kingdom of the devil as compared to the kingdoms of God on earth and in Heaven.

Jesus said, "Abide in me." He did not say, "Abide in yourself." As a spirit being, we are supposed to live in Jesus, not in ourselves.

Think about what happens when we open the window of our souls when we fall in love. We allow the human spirit of that person to seduce us with charm and romantic love. We end up locking together in the spirit called soul ties. Similarly, when we open the windows of our soul to any spirit other than the Holy Spirit, we become willing spirit to have spiritual intercourse with ungodly spirits. Sadly, many Christians have spiritual intercourse with demons everyday. This is against the will of God. Do you know how many Christians love to hurt other people and get thrills from it? Do you know how many Christians wants to dominate other people and derive pleasure from such power? Do you know how many Christians wants to watch other people suffer because they are angry or they want to get even? Do you know how many Christians remain angry all the time because they are so hateful? I am sure these situations are worse in the secular world. Who is driving their desires other than the devil himself. Yet these people go to church every Sunday and the demons attend the service with them as well. This is the more reason why God said, "I am a jealous God." God is not jealous of what you have. He is jealous to prevent you from going astray to serve other gods including other spirits leading you to perish. Man has this weakness of idolizing and serving what feels good. Not all what feels good are good for you. Christianity is failing some people because we do not discuss and teach more about God’s spirituality and our need to be closer to him in the Spirit. We spend too much discussing and preaching how God wants to bless us (only the physical) and in the process we do a great disservice and cause the human spirit to suffer. People who do not know the danger of idolizing the human spirit are going to be taken advantage of. Yoga is like eating a rotten steak because a person cannot smell the foul odor. But it will do great damage to your stomach and body because of the bacteria.

If you want to worship God, worship him in the realm of the Holy Spirit, not in the realm of human spirit. Going into the spirit realm is like taking a plane to Chicago or New York. The type of plane you take will determine your destination. If you want to enter the Spirit realm of God, let the Holy Spirit guide you. If you want to be lost into other spirit dimensions, the devil is happy to take you to his kingdom destination. Have a nice trip! At the beginning, the demon appears to be friendly. In the end, the devil destroys the vessel he contains. With Jesus, the Holy Spirit takes you to the presence of God where you find joy and peace forever more. Everybody has a choice.

By ‘Yinka Vidal, author, Closer Walk With Jesus.


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