In one of his visitations,Jesus said to me, "Deny yourself, take your cross, and follow me."

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Press Release: Oracle of God – Visitations of Jesus

St. Louis, Missouri – October 7, 2010: "I met with Jesus Face to Face," the diary of a journey with Jesus in the book Closer Walk With Thee (JESUS) by ‘Yinka Vidal. With great joy in my heart, I want the world to know, "I have been having conversations with God!"

About 15 years ago, I had a near-death experience. I stood at the edge of eternity, gazing at the valley of the shadow of death. I encountered the supernatural power of God as Jesus pulled me from the jaws of death. I was so terrified by the experience and what was about to happen to me next. In the midst of my fear and anxiety, I heard the Voice of Jesus calling me. He asked me to prepare for a journey with him. His Voice was loud, clear, and enshrouded in a mystery of divine power I could not explain.

For many years, the Voice of Jesus led me through many divine assignments. Jesus teaches me how to walk in the realm of divine Spirit of God. He trains me to recognize, understand, and carry out his instructions. Along the way, I became curious about a meeting with Jesus in person. I was yet to see Jesus’ physical appearance. One glorious morning, another miracle happened. The unexpected visitor appeared in my living room. I was face to face with Jesus submerged in the air. He said in a soft voice, "I came to give you an answer to your question." Chapter one describes my first physical encounter with Jesus. I kept the incident to myself for years. I could not tell anybody. I was afraid people might not believe me.

Since the first appearance, I have had many encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ during many of his visitations. Jesus comes to me as a teacher, a trainer, an instructor, and a comforter. He takes me on a journey to face many painful challenges in life. The most important experiences are those very painful moments while he was walking me through the storms of life. These difficult times, though painful and sometimes discouraging, offer very remarkable opportunities to learn great lessons of life and about Jesus. They also reveal the glory and the love of God shining through every difficult situation in which I found myself, especially on the job.

This is partly a story of daily victories and triumphant celebrations as a Christian. It is also a diary of walking through the wilderness with Jesus and the divine roles he plays in each of the situations. Through these wilderness experiences, Jesus breaks me from the desires of the flesh. He teaches me the greatest lesson of a messenger is walking in the Spirit of God and serving God’s purpose with love. The result is a total surrender as Jesus leads me through the Spirit to a secret place in the heart of the Father, where I discover true love, joy, peace and serenity transcending the ordinary.

Jesus reveals his heart of compassion throughout my journey as he sends me on missions to inspire those hurting, feed the hungry, shine light to those in darkness, encourage those in despair, and comfort those in the midst of life crises. Another major lesson I learned from the Lord is his desire to teach believers how to move in the realm of power of the Spirit of God. For this reason, this book is unique and important to those serving, or preparing to serve in the ministry. By understanding the process and the value of spiritual worship, we learn to actively seek God’s presence during daily devotions, in every worship service, and in Sunday school classes. The result is the joy of spending more time in the spiritual realm and preventing negative emotions from stealing our joy.

The religious leaders of the time of Christ missed a great opportunity to learn from Jesus about how to worship God in the Spirit. Their misconception was the problem of worshipping God through daily rituals and traditions. This style of worship led to mere symbolism, at the same time sidestepping the true worship of God in the Spirit. Today, we have a similar problem. We are so fixated on what we can get from God as if God is our personal stockbroker. We want things from God to make us feel good, but we are unwilling to have a closer relationship with him.

Closer Walk With Jesus is a book title I selected in response to Jesus’ invitation to me from the time of his first physical appearance. The story gives a glimpse of the nature of Our Savior in a way people may not perceive. It opens the door to the invisible world of the Holy Spirit. Lessons in the Wilderness is a better title for the book. The book focuses on my relationship with Jesus regarding the mystery of how he communicates. It describes how he teaches me, using story telling, and sometimes taking up personalities to convey the purpose of the Father.

There were also many times I asked Jesus to answer certain questions with very fascinating results. As a trained reporter, I was surprised how Jesus answered some of the questions. I placed some of the responses in a section titled, Press Conference with Jesus. However, throughout the book, I asked Jesus various questions. Sometimes, he would answer some lingering questions in my mind I was waiting to ask. Two of the major questions he answered were, "Who do people think I am?" I placed that question before Jesus, and he answered it in a very dramatic way. Towards the end of this volume, Jesus reveals and answers the lingering question about the mystery of my own existence. This answer helps me to understand why I had to face so many challenges in life, because Jesus gave me something very special. This book reveals many mysteries about Our Loving God, and his Son Jesus Christ. I guarantee that anybody who reads this book from the beginning to the end will have a life-transforming experience.

Jesus sends major warnings to the church and the nation. One’s political affiliation is not a passport to Heaven. One major point Jesus continues to stress in the life of a messenger is the importance of service. Unlike others, our mission is not in search for superfluous affluence, but a life dedicated to serve. Jesus wants the world to see the reflection of his glory through his messengers. That is why he called us to the ministry. Jesus warned me personally about this. He wants us to live a life of obedience to him. It is not about what we have achieved, but the beauty of what Christ has achieved through us. Jesus stresses the essence of divine purpose in all my challenges. What matters is not our earthly achievements, but the glaring radiance of Jesus through us, revealing the glory of God, in touching the lives of others.

In the midst of my journey, Jesus revealed very scary sets of messages about another side of God most preachers are unwilling to touch. Throughout his ministry, Jesus left many coded messages behind. He revealed some of those codes, including the mystery of the gospel message, the mystery of the Gates of Heaven and more. He revealed to me the reason why President Obama came to power, and critical warnings to the U.S. and the world. Through my spiritual interactions with the Lord, he shows me with dates, names, and documented evidence in this book, how he uses preachers to speak his Voice and deliver timely messages.

I did not write this book to prove anything, nor to convince anybody about God or Jesus. Human knowledge is inadequate to prove God. God already proved himself. True wisdom only comes from God through the Holy Spirit. As a messenger, I wrote this book as a diary of my personal testimony of the faithfulness of Jesus in my journey. I am sure many Christians will share some of my experiences. The skeptics should remain skeptics. Each person’s life journey is going to be different. However, I hope the testimonies in this book will provoke more people to search for a closer relationship with Christ. I need to warn readers that the Holy Spirit in them will testify to the truth, according to what Jesus said to his disciples. Once they come across certain testimonies in this book, the Holy Spirit in them will be on fire as a testimony for Jesus. The story describes over 120 testimonies for Jesus and over 30 major prophetic messages have already come true. The reader will experience the Mighty Moving Hand of Jesus in every mission he sent me. In the process, skeptics will discover a life-altering experience with Jesus. That experience will be their personal testimony to the world.

Published by Lara Publications Inc. Florissant, MO 63033, 314-653-0467, softcover, 472 pages, $23.95, ISBN # 978-0-9640818-4-0, Website: due for release October 2010. (Available at Amazon Books, November 2010).


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