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January 7, 2013

Reasons for President Obama’s Election Victory (2012) by Divine Intervention

I warned the Christian Leaders! They Refused to Listen!

"The stone that was rejected by the builders was made the head of the corner stone" (Psalm 118:22). The combined power from the earthly and the supernatural dimensions led to President Obama’s election victory!

If you are a true Christian, and you allow the Holy Spirit to direct you, God’s messengers will be obvious to you based on what Jesus said, "We shall know them by their fruits" (St. Matthew 7:16).

When God has called and chose his anointed messenger as he did with President Obama, those that are being directed by the Spirit of God will quickly recognize him. If you are being directed by human desires, you will miss the divine message of God. Hyper-emotionalism about political issues tends to destroy the radio frequency line of Heaven. I have been watching this trend for many years. I’m a regular listener to the radio waves of Heaven. It is the only radio station that tells the truth and reveals the future. No matter how spiritual a Christian you may be, the frequency line will be disconnected if you allow negative emotions to drive you. You cannot effectively hear the Voice of God when your heart is hardened by hyper-emotionalism (Psalm 95). Those Christians who were busy fanning the fire of their hate against President Obama failed to hear the divine Voice of God regarding this election. President Obama’s victory took them by a giant surprise! To them it was a crushing blow!

Prophecy from the Election Victory of 2008

Prior to the election victory of President Obama in 2008, God revealed the legacy of this anointed man of God to me. I know President Oabama is an anointed man of God because the Lord revealed this to me during the first campaign. My question over the years during his first term in office was whether President Obama himself realized that he was God’s anointed sent on a special mission to serve God’s purpose. In this article, I’m going to be revealing some of the prophetic messages I have hidden over the years about President Obama. Some of these issues I have already discussed. The article links at the bottom of the page will confirm the prophesies from the series of articles written about President Obama and the events that already took place. My greatest concern was why some of the church leaders were seemingly opposed to President Obama. The critical mission God sent President Obama as discussed in chapter 38 and 39 of the book Closer Walk With Jesus, 472 pages, published in 2010. The discussion covers 28 pages of the book. God sent President Barack Obama on a mission to fight for the working class and for those being abused by the economic genocide of predatory capitalists. God is angry at the abuses of the working class who cried out to him. This topic was extensively discussed in the book. Why then did the so-called Christian leaders hate President Obama so much? Why for goodness sake! He was actually doing the same thing Jesus commissioned Christians to do; by catering to those that are in need. The election victory was won not because people voted, but because God’s mandate was fulfilled through the collective voices of the people. God is very faithful.

Although I do not believe President Obama is Jesus like some people want to characterize him, however there is a similarity in the way the religious leaders persecuted Jesus and the way some Christian leaders are currently persecuting President Obama. The Pharisees asked the question, why was Jesus eating with sinners and tax collectors? (St. Matthew 9:11). Jesus answered and explained to them that he was not sent to the righteous, but that sinners may repent. So, if you think that your hypocritical self is righteous, perhaps you do not need Jesus. From my own personal opinion this gay agenda and the abortion issue that have ignited hate among some Christians against President Obama may be a smoke screen they use to express their hatred against him. I disagree with such policies myself. Perhaps God is looking at the issue including that of the abortion as individual moral issues. Every person has to be held accountable for his or her own moral issue. The way some of the extreme Christian groups have characterized President Obama for example regarding the abortion issue was as if he drives a busload of pregnant women to the abortion clinic every month. Give me a break! Sometimes when we are blinded by our own personal and selfish ambitions, we tend to miss the divine messages of God.

Some of the Christian leaders got themselves enmeshed in predatory capitalism so much many Christians are now accusing them of allowing the Wall Street to be looted leading to the economic crash the nation experienced. God sent President Obama to lead the nation out of the mess created by greed. Yet, these Christians leaders refused to see the handwriting of God because they are in bed with Wall Street looters. They called them job creators – right! Perhaps we have to make a distinction between hard working people who make their money through hard work compared to Wall Street looters robbing investors blind. Some of the Christian leaders justified their lavish lifestyles by supporting the same people stealing money from the working class. I hate to see what the Day of Judgment is going to look like as some very well known Christian leaders face God’s judgment if they refuse to repent! I have written close to ten articles about the destructive power of greed in this nation. Some Christian leaders like always turned deaf ears to divine messages. Their illicit affair with the riches of this world is more important than the gospel messages of Christ. Do you really think you can fool God?

I had a revelatory dream on day that scared me. I saw one of the former presidents of the U.S. at a bus stop waiting for a bus. Around him, there was nobody. He was sitting alone at the bus stop still dress up in his regular suit. There were no secret service people around him. He was just sitting down alone. I went to him and asked why he was sitting alone without any security people? He told me he was waiting for a bus. I was concerned about his safety. If I remember correctly, I had to talk him into letting me give him a ride to where he was going. The message of the dream was not about this particular president I saw in that dream. The critical message according to the Holy Spirit was one day; everybody regardless to who you may be will be stripped of your earthly glory, and be brought down to nothing. The only thing that will remain is the garment of righteousness given to you by Jesus, only if you are worthy. Your present earthly glory will never last forever. It will eventually fade away!

I just want to warn people who are not aware of the working style of God. I do not understand everything from the spiritual realm either. But, I will share just a little that I know. If you dare to stand in the way of a God’s chosen servant, you will be run over, and you will suffer great tragedies. I have seen this happen many times. Despite all the money spent for propaganda campaign, everything went up in smoke as God’s desire prevailed. Only one vote was important. God Almighty cast that one vote. I will explain in this article how God did it. The rest was history. I will use this article to explain the prophecy line for the doubting Thomases that are still in lamentation because they refused to listen to the Voice of God.

God’s Visit in North Carolina

When God appeared to me in North Carolina during the chastening process, I was devastated. On my knees, I wept for about two weeks. I’m not going to lie. I was angry because I was being put through a painful process to surrender my will to the Lord. I wished God could have done this in another way. I discussed the details of this visitation in my next book coming out in 2013, called Judgment - Beyond the Turning Point. I reserved a chapter for this soul crushing and spirit tearing experience in a chapter, My Closest Encounter with God. Of all what I experienced in that encounter, one thing was very obvious to me. While I was on my knees one Saturday weeping and begging God for mercy, he appeared to me and said, "Get up from your knees, and go read about yourself from the book of Jeremiah." Initially, I was of the opinion he said he knew me from before I was born and he anointed me as a servant for his purpose. After some years I realized there was more to God’s message about reading the Book of Jeremiah.

God later revealed to me to deliver a message to the nation of the U.S. that judgment was coming. I was not surprised when the Christian leaders refused to listen to me despite my repeated plea and appeal to them. What did the religious leaders do to Prophet Jeremiah and Baruch his writer? "And it came to pass, that when Jehudi had read three of the four leaves, he cut it with the penknife, and cast it into the fire" (Jeremiah 36:23).

This happened during the reign of Jehoiakim the son of King Josiah of Judah. They remained in defiance of God just as some of the Charismatic and Evangelical Christians are today. Money and power remained their powerful weapons, both of which failed this election. Jesus is only a slogan to them. They could careless about the Voice of God’s in prophecy. They threw Jeremiah a man of God in jail for telling the truth. You can always tell who is being driven by the Spirit of God, or who is being driven by human selfish desires based on their responses to God’s prophecies. Despite what they did to Jeremiah it did not change God’s prophetic dateline.

God’s Warning December 2006

One of the scariest messages I received was towards the end of the year 2006. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that the Lord was weeping and groaning because there was too much bloodshed in the world. It was the height of the Iraqi war. God always have compassion for those who are suffering. He also revealed the judgment that was coming. I was told that God was not responsible for the coming catastrophes. Man due to greed, hate and selfishness ignited the calamities coming our way in the future. We remain a nation under God’s judgment because we remain in defiance of God. The Christian religious leaders of our time are not helping the situation either. Help us Jesus!

Prayer Request of 2008 Election for Candidate Obama

About a couple of months prior to the election victory of Candidate Obama, I received a divine message from above to start praying for him. This incident was also discussed in my book, Closer Walk With Jesus, published in 2010. When I received that message, I questioned the request even though I knew it came from Heaven. I said, "How come you guys up there cannot pray for Candidate Obama? Why me down here on earth?" I received a response quoting Psalm 34 that the angels responding to such prayers were already in the earthly realm. I was asked to follow the instruction I was given. Without much argument in the spirit, I fasted for seven days praying for Candidate Obama.

A few days into the prayer, news came that some people were arrested for trying to harm Candidate Obama. How can I understand how God works when he recruits people in the earthly realm for his purpose? From this incident, the Holy Spirit started to relate messages to me that Candidate Obama was an anointed man by God with a special Spirit of compassion to serve God’s purpose. That vision came true throughout his first term in office. He worked very hard fighting for the working class. President Obama never discussed or confirmed to me that God has given him the Spirit of compassion for the working class and the poor people. His aggressive fight to help the poor people confirmed the message of the Holy Spirit. Many disenchanted people predicted all kinds of lies about President Obama, but God’s desire will prevailed! Very interestingly, the entire campaign of the 2012 election was based on the compassion for the working class.

Prayer Meeting for President Obama 2011

Early in 2011, the Lord placed in my heart to go and pray for President Obama in the White House. I sent request to over 60 nationally well-known Christian leaders. I asked them to go with me to the White House and pray with President Obama. All of them turned me down. Some of them never responded till today. Despite my relentless requests to these Christians leaders, they refused. About two preachers went with me to Washington DC. On October 28, 2011. The prayer meeting took place at Hylton Memorial Chapel in Woodbridge, VA some few miles out of Washington DC. Close to eight thousand churches were invited, only a handful responded.

Undoubtedly, I was very disappointed by both the lack of response by Christian leaders across the nation and the churches around the Washington DC area who claimed to be worshipping God. Nonetheless God’s mission would go ahead. The prayers were divided into segments including prayers for President Obama and his family, the Congress, and the Judges. I was the one who led the prayer for President Obama. While I was leading the prayer, the Lord whispered in my ear to pray for his protection. Less than a couple of weeks after I returned from the prayer meeting, a person was arrested after taking shots at the White House closer to an area President Obama could have been. At that time, the President was out of town away from the White House.

I still cannot understand how God works. This was the second time I was directed by the Spirit of the Holiness of God to pray for President Obama. Each time I did, events revealed God’s answer to such prayers. Why God assigned me to pray for President Obama, only God himself can answer such a question. I’m a messenger. My purpose is to serve the master of the kingdom. His name is Jesus Christ the Son of Our Living God. One thing I know very well. God never preserves whom he does not use. God’s anointing remains with President Obama. He carries the anointing of God’s glory with him.

Where the Charismatic and Evangelical Christians Went Wrong?

Without a doubt, I believe the Charismatic and Evangelical Christians believe they are doing the right thing. However, they have missed the Lord’s message. They went on the crusade of accusing, pointing out sinners, arresting, and ostracizing them.

Jesus said, "For God did not send his Son to condemn the world, but through him the world might be saved" (St. John 3:17).

If Jesus made this declaration while he was on this earth, why are we on the crusade to judge and condemn sinners like us?

Jesus preached that he was the good shepherd and those who follow him would hear his voice. Why do we turn deaf ears to his voice?

"My sheep hear my voice, and I knew them, and they follow me" (St. John 10:27).

We Christian leaders need to ask ourselves this question. Did Jesus ask us to identify and condemn sinners, or he asked us to preach the Good News to them? Who made you the judge over others? Jesus did not ask us to condone sin. He did not ask us to condemn sinners either. I believe in the right to life. I believe life start before conception from the heart of God, and not from the womb of a woman (Jeremiah 1:5). I hate the gay agenda that is dominating the public discussions. I do not believe in the same sex marriage. That was not the marriage ordinance given to us by God when he performed the first wedding between Adam and Eve. However, who are we to judge and persecute sinners like us? Our Holier than thou attitude has created a lot of problems for Christianity. Many people today turn deaf ears to Christians because of our lack of compassion for others and the intensity of our hypocrisy. Our gospel is always preached armed with our hidden social agenda contrary to the teachings of Christ. We want the rich to get richer at the expense of the working class. We enjoy watching other people suffer while we claim lordship over them. We could careless about those that are suffering! We preach with the hot tongues of hypocrisy while veiled blindly with our own political opinions. We also ignore the fact that we are all sinners in need of a Savior. If you want to serve Jesus, being conservative must mean to serve the purpose of Christ, not the purpose of a politician or your club members.

Church pulpit is meant for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and not the gospel of politicians for political gains. Some Charismatic and Evangelical Christians have rejected the notion of caring for the poor. Having a heart of compassion is labeled a liberal agenda with the Right-Wing. The most conservative agenda is to allow the Wall Street thieves to continue to loot the people’s investments. Real Estate scam artists should never be regulated. Credit Card robbers should continue to steal money from people. Based on business report, when the Wall Street failed, many of the executives from failed companies were rewarded with close to a billion dollars each. One of the CEO of a financial company made over 495 million dollars in a couple of years for squandering other people’s money. Yet, we do not know this is a pathological greed at its worse! We are deluded into believing God is blinded to the evil of our GREED. The same people who allowed this type of greed now claim they worry about the national deficit. Right!

You know, you can fool many people for a while. However, you cannot fool them forever. Those who voted for President Obama were neither persuaded by the propaganda of the Right Wing, or the false doctrine of some Christian leaders. This is where we gave Christianity a black eye. One thing is to lie to others. Another grave sin is to lie to yourself. The political propaganda machine of the Right Wing crashed and burned in 2012 election! Praise God who revealed their hypocrisy! I believe personally, the Lord himself placed a bomb under the propaganda machine, and it exploded. Their false rhetoric finally backfired. If they had been listening to my warnings for the past 12 months such a disaster could have been averted. At least it could have reduced the sudden emotional blows of President Obama’s victory. If you cannot preach in the church to change the minds of the congregation how do you think that the political mandate will change the minds of the people? We sure love to fool ourselves don’t we? Sadly, based on the results of the election, Christianity is beginning to lose its influence to shape the moral conscience of the people. This has nothing to do with President Obama. It has a lot to do with the failing power of Christians to influence positive changes in society. Same sex marriage was passed in a couple of states including the legal use of pot. Heaven help us! Who do we blame if not the political propaganda machine of the Right!

Sometimes you wonder if we are all reading the same Bible or whether these preachers ever come across the Book of Nehemiah who condemned the predatory capitalists of his time. He even asked them to return some of the money they exploited from the people. Today, that is a liberal agenda folks! What a shame? The more money you can steal from the poor people the better you are a conservative. Cheers! That’s a very conservative idea to adhere to the legalization of robbery by conserving the pockets of thieves. Only God can deliver us from such diabolic cruelty! We still call ourselves Christians while we are determined to let the poor people suffer in the midst of plenty! I can never forget the time I prayed to God, and asked him for a million dollars. God is my witness! About a couple of months later, I cannot recollect the accurate timeline; Jesus paid me a visit. He said, "If you want to follow me, deny yourself take your cross and follow me" (St. Matthew 16:24). This visit by Jesus himself is the primary reason why I’m strongly opposed to the false doctrine of the prosperity preachers. We preach such nonsense because we want to justify greed. If you continue to condone the greed of predatory capitalists that is causing many people to suffer, one day you will face the crushing blows of the hammer of God’s judgment to save your soul from damnation. If you want to go straight to hell, continue to cause the poor people to suffer.

"Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked" (Revelation 3:17).

Today, some of the Charismatic and Evangelical Christians are like the church of Laodiceans. They are rich in materialism, fame and political power, but they suffer from spiritual poverty. They allowed their own desires to drive them; while they become blinded to the eternal messages of our Lord Jesus. I pray that the Lord will remove this veil of self-deception from their eyes so they can see through the glory of God’s prophecies.

October Surprise Prior to the Election

I woke up on the morning of October 29, 2012 about a week prior to the election. I had this spiritual pressure on me to place a press release in the media about God’s judgment regarding apostasy. The article was titled, Destruction of Christianity by Apostasy. The Lord woke me up that morning. Immediately, I placed the press release that morning. After I sent the press release about God’s warning, I had this great relief and an inner joy. I had no idea what this meant. Later that day, the hurricane Sandy landed in New York and the surrounding cities doing a lot of damage and the cost was in the billions of dollars. This was about a week before the election. Only God can explain this correlation because I felt the mighty hand of the Holy Spirit directing me to place the press release as a warning to the nation.

President Obama’s Supernatural Intervention

About a month prior to the presidential election this year 2012, I perceive the descending of numerous angels, ministering spirits and the host of Heaven in the earthly realm. At that time, I knew the Right Wing politicians were in big trouble. It was like the beginning of the battle of Jericho! There were angels with swords of fire, swords of lightening, and swords of fire. I started to feel the intensity of their energies as they took their strategic positions in the earthly realm. Immediately, I told a couple of my Christian friends and my wife. I said, "They have arrived!" One of them asked me, "Who have arrived?" I responded saying, "God’s angels to fulfill his purpose on earth." The moment the angels arrived, I received a confirmation from the spiritual realm that President Obama would win reelection. I shared this with my friends in the church.

Being a God spiritualist, the Lord tends to reveal many things to me. Many times I would keep quiet until they happen. Other times I would reveal the message prior to the event just like the crash of the Wall Street. I learned certain things from walking in the Spirit of God. When God wants to influence certain changes in the earthly realm due to the hostile nature of the ruler of the world (Satan), the Lord will dispatch angels in strategic positions for his purpose. Only God knows how this works, or where their command post may be located. In the first election of 2008 when President Obama was elected, I experienced a similar spiritual event prior to the election. The intensity of the spiritual energy was so great. I could not explain it. However, I did not understand what was happening at the time. Today, I have a better understanding of what was happening in the spirit realm. The descending of the angels of God tends to happen when big events are about to take place on earth for God’s purpose. I remember when I was on a mission field while going through some difficult times. I did not have an idea that the Lord has already dispatched his angels to descend to the earthly realm. They were the ones who walked me through the storm. A day after the event was over, Jesus appeared to me and said, "I have come to rescue you, the same way you rescued that young lady a couple of weeks ago." Jesus descended for my own sake? Immediately after Jesus left, my heart initially filled with sorrow over the problems on the mission field was subsequently filled with the greatest joy, I have never imagined in my life.

From some of the articles I have written this year prior to the election. I stressed that only one vote was important, that was the one cast by the Lord himself for his purpose. People reelected President Obama; but God the Father was the one who chose him for his heart of compassion for the people. This was the point I stressed in my book Closer Walk With Jesus in 2010, and some Christian preachers refused to embrace the prophecy. In spite of this, their rejection of the prophecy did not change the fulfillment of God’s intentions. God is very faithful. On November 6, 2012, President Obama won the reelection with an overwhelming victory. Praise God Almighty!

President Obama’s Election Victory Helps Christianity in U.S.

I personally believe that the election victory of President Obama push back on God’s judgment on this nation. His victory also prevented the disintegration of Christianity. President Obama is a Christian. In his election victory speech, he echoed the "Grace of God" that would lead the nation to achieve to great heights. His opponent is a Mormon. Christians already declared Mormonism as a cult until the Right Wing had a Mormon candidate. This has nothing to do the their candidate as a person. The Right Wing’s position on Mormonism quickly changed – hypocrisy! Hypocrisy! Hypocrisy! Based on my research, many Christians refused to accept Mormonism or the gospel of Joseph Smith as true Christianity. However, the Right Wing would have no choice but to embrace the doctrine of their poster man as a Mormon if he was elected. Such a national victory for a Mormon would cause some faction within Christianity to break away from the faith and never to return. They would accuse Christians of embracing apostasy for the sake of political gains. Another group of Christians would refuse to embrace Mormonism and would separate themselves from embracing the political poster man to retain their Christian values and identity. The result would have created disintegration and devastation to Christianity from political infighting in the U.S. President Obama’s victory therefore prevented such chaos.

Earth and the Heavenly Forces Merged

About a month prior to the election victory of President Obama, I stopped listening to the news and the media analysis of the campaign. The Lord already told me President Obama was going to win the election. The more I listened to the media, the more I started to worry. There is no doubt; I wanted President Obama to win this election. I was also more concerned about the accuracy of the divine messages I was receiving from Heaven. Consequently, I tuned out the messages from the earthly media, and amplified the frequency of Radio Heavens that is the only one that is accurate and important from the heart of the Holy Spirit.

When the heavenly angels arrived and took positions, they started extinguishing the fiery darts being shot as political rhetoric against President Obama during the campaign. If people noticed, all the lies and propaganda being distributed in the media about President Obama, even by some Christian groups had no effects on those who were going to vote for him. This did not happen by accident. It was by supernatural intervention from Heaven. In addition, those angels made sure all the design put in place by President Obama worked effectively including firing up the Democratic machine. His opponent was deluded into believing lies that the youth who voted for President Obama the last time were disenchanted. This lie amplified and ignited positive excitements in those groups more than ever. In the election of 2008, I received about five campaign calls for President Obama while in this year’s election I had received over 20 calls within a month from President Obama’s campaign and the Democratic Party. I received about five different people knocking on the door campaigning for President Obama. When I saw this young black man in the cold, in front of my house shaking after I opened the door, I almost started to cry when he handed me the flyer campaign for President Obama. I felt I should be out there distributing flyers for our President. He deserves it for the hard work he had been doing. At one time, I saw a white lady, and a Hispanic male knocking on the door to hand me the flyer of President Obama. At that moment, I knew the Old Democratic machine had ignited and started grinding again. On the day of the election, I received a call I had been waiting for from President Obama. He said, "This is President Obama …" I responded and said, "Yes sir!" I was a little disappointed when it turned out to be a recorded message. At that time, I knew his election victory was sealed!

So, while some Christian Charismatic and Evangelicals were busy chasing sinners down the street with Bible in one hand and gun in the other like the Pharisees, God saw through the hypocrisy of their hearts and dished them the most painful election defeat. The Tea Party became the Wrecking Party! The party was over folks! It’s a new day. Start brewing some nice and fresh coffee for those guys who worked hard for President Obama’s election victory. They deserve great cheers! I can understand President Obama’s tears. Again, his tears of appreciation to the election workers after his election victory confirmed him based on the prophecy, as a man with a big heart of compassion for the people.

God’s Faithfulness

I will caution some of the Christian leaders getting on the airways and claiming President Obama’s victory was by demonic intervention. If you sin against the Holy Spirit, you will face the hammer of God’s judgment! That’s a fact according to Jesus! So before you start shooting your mouth over the supernatural event you do not understand, I will ask such leaders to be very careful.

If you want to serve God and the devil, it’s not going to work. The purpose of us as Christian leaders is to support the public policies of our Lord Jesus Christ and not to allow our worldly desires to mislead us. Jesus has public policies of catering to the hungry, naked, sick and the homeless. Christians cannot change those policies for political gains! God is very faithful. Jesus stressed this point that the Day of Judgment would be based on how you have treated "the least of these my brethren." If we cannot defend the faith by defending the purity of Jesus messages, we misrepresent Jesus. We fail to defend the faith when we traded the integrity of Jesus messages for political gains to embrace apostasy. Good Heavens! I believe God did this intentionally to expose the hypocrisy of some Christian leaders in the U.S. At one time, Christian leaders on the airways vehemently defended Christianity against Mormonism and Joseph Smith. All of a suddenly for political gains they now support the same apostasy they rejected. God must be on vacation! Good grieve! I thought you guys claimed God never changed! I won’t be surprised if some Christian leaders are going to face trials on the Day of Judgment! I pray for them to repent from their wicked ways.

God listened to the collective voices of the working class crying to him after they have been robbed. He sent his messenger to rescue them. Some Christian leaders were pissed off because their intention was to continue to preserve the roguish pockets of predatory capitalists. God revealed the greed in the hearts of men. Do you think these Christian leaders will repent before the Day of Judgment? I hope by reading this article, their hearts would be softened from their political hard-line and be more sensitive to the plight of those that are suffering. On the Day of Judgment, you will stand alone to answer why you ignored the suffering of the poor for your own political gains. After death, you will be stripped of all your earthly dignities and be reduced to nothing. The Lord has revealed this to me in a revelatory dream as discussed about the former president sitting at a bus stop. When you leave this world, you can go home as a hero of the Christian faith, or as a mocker of the faith. One day you have to make your argument in Heaven before the courts of the Judge Jesus. The most dangerous person is a very anointed man on a quest for personal fulfillment. That was the story of Prophet Balaam – a prophet for profit. Are you a messenger for Christ, or a prophet for profit? Let your conscience be your judge!

Reported by Yinka Vidal, Managing Editor OUTCRY Magazine

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