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November 26, 2012

Legacy of President Obama

Final Warning: "I Told You So!"

About a couple of years ago, I released a book, Closer Walk With Jesus by Yinka Vidal, published by Lara Publications. I wrote it as the Holy Spirit directed me. The book discusses the visitations of Jesus, and the critical messages regarding emergency warnings to the U.S. Chapter 37 discusses, The Prophecy of the Coming Catastrophe, and chapter 38 discusses, Divine Messages for the United States. This year 2012 two prominent guests on Sid Roth Show – It’s Supernatural echoed the same warning about the coming disasters. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn wrote a book called The Harbinger, sounding an alarm bell about the coming catastrophes using his Jewish background and the nation of Israel to parallel his warnings to the nation. Pastor Shane Warren wrote a book, I Have Seen the Future of America. He said America is on the slippery slope to destruction. In his book he discussed his experience in being caught up in Heaven. He revealed that he had seen the disastrous future of the U.S.

In 2006, as we prepare to enter 2007, God revealed a shocking revelation to me about the U.S. and the war in Iraq. I was very shaken and disturbed by the power that accompanied this divine warning. I also discussed this in my book, Closer Walk With Jesus. The book was published in 2009 and released to the public in 2010. I do not know when Rabbi Cahn and Pastor Shane Warren received their messages from the Lord. Very interestingly, all of us, and others are sounding the same alarm bells about the coming disaster to this nation. This year, I wrote an article about the prophecy God gave me about President Obama coming true, titled "President Obama’s Prophecy Comes True." You can read this at www.closerwalk.net/presobama.htm The article referenced chapter 38 in the book Closer Walk With Jesus that defines the legacy of President Obama, and how such prophecy is coming true as we get ready for the next election.

I’m writing this report as a warning to ALL you preachers who do not believe in prophecy, those who believe, but lack the motivation for action, and ALL Christians to read chapter 38 of my book, Closer Walk With Jesus titled Divine Messages to the United States. If you read that chapter, you will be shocked to realize the striking similarities of echoes from the Democratic Convention. This was very similar to what happened during the time of Jeremiah. It seemed as if the entire Democratic Convention was designed based on that chapter. Guess what, the book was completed in 2009, and released in 2010! All the issues that I raised in the book as God’s warnings to the U.S. are now coming true. The chapter discusses how the working class cried out to God, and God answered their prayers by sending President Obama to the rescue. These were the loud echoes at the Democratic Convention 2012. I want to remind you that the legacy of President Obama in that chapter was written around the time he was first elected to the office. Go read the predictions in that chapter and what has happened in the nation so far regarding President Obama’s determination to fight for the working class. You do not have to believe in prophecy to see what were predicted in that chapter about President Obama and what he had dedicated himself to do - - fighting for the working class. The theme of the Democratic Convention was the fight for the working class. That was the exact message being stressed in the chapter about God’s messages to the U.S. Be very careful about your own political bias. You may be standing on the wrong side of history. Regardless to your political opinions or the distortions served to you, the will of God will be done, and his purpose will be fulfilled.

Yes, I know many of us Christians disagree with President Obama regarding certain social issues about gay marriage, the issues of contraceptives, and abortion. I do too. However, I cannot ignore the bigger picture of what God has been revealing to me in the past couple of days about sins, and the past couple of years about President Obama. God is not angry with you because you are a sinner. God is angry with anybody or any nation who chooses to remain in defiance of God. This was exactly what led the children of Israel to captivity in Babylon. If you reevaluate all the prophets in the Bible, most of them sounded the alarm bells of God’s judgment against Israel. Despite all the messengers God sent to them, they remained in defiance of God. When God’s patience ran out, he sent them into captivity. Similarly, God is sounding the alarm bells about the United States. Are you listening to the warning sounds?

God’s Parable to Christians

I believe the election of 2012 is a parable for all Christians. God is calling your bluff, Christians! Are you truly dedicated to serving God? Are you a true Christian? If so, prove it! This is what I believe God is doing through this presidential election. In other words, God himself is revealing the hypocrisy within Christianity. God is telling us in the church that, we claim to be worshipping God, but we are actually worshipping money, power, fame, and ourselves! We now have a celebrity driven ministry. Sadly in many churches across the nation, we are not worshipping God! Many of the members are worshipping the celebrity image of the preacher! Others are worshipping the power of money! When we identify sinners in the church, we call them names and shame them, we persecute them relentlessly instead of preaching the gospel message to them. We sometimes build walls against them, while we also campaign to discredit them! When we capture them, we strip them, and hang them on our political pole of righteousness! Many of today’s churches are not worshipping God, but idols! They are worshipping celebrity images! God remains just a sidekick in many of the churches. Jesus asked us to go into the highways and byways and preach the gospel. We choose to sit in church on Sundays as spectators listening to the same preachers every Sunday and driving us crazy! A place of worship has been turned into a theatre for Sunday entertainment devoid of spirituality of God. We have reduced a place of worship into a club membership for political rally. Sinners should come at their own risk! Don’t we love to point accusing fingers at other sinners while we have a closet filled with skeletons, and sitting on the sewer of immorality?

We have two candidates. One of them is considered not to be a Christian by most Christian churches. The other one claimed he is a Christian. But, we as Christians identified him as a sinner because we disagree with some of his public policies. We enter into judgment with him, and said he is not a Christians by our own standard of hypocrisy. We claim he is not righteous enough! Who are you going to vote for, people? Are you going to vote for a Christian whom you disagree with, or you are going to vote for a candidate you claim is not a Christian - apostasy? Based on my walk with the Lord, I have learned that God has a sense of humor. God laughs at times when he sees the hypocrisy of the church members being displayed daily even inside the church. If God has raised President Obama to serve his purpose in this nation, do you think any of us can derail his journey?

A Nation Under Judgment

Next year, I will release a book, JUDGMENT – America Beyond the Turning Point. I knew from December 2006 God revealed something to me that we have reached a point of no return. The shocking news to you as Christians and preachers is the judgments yet to come inside the church. We have not seen anything in the church. Persecuting is coming to the churches in the U.S. as we have never seen before. Presently, you can see the staging of that persecution gradually evolving. This present church as we see it will eventually collapse. A revival will ignite preparing us for the End Time. This present church has woefully failed and disappointed the Lord Jesus. Go to the Book of Revelation and read the warnings Jesus gave about the seven churches. Then ask yourself if those warnings apply to the church today. Jesus warned the churches he said, "I will come and remove your lamp-stand from its place – unless you repent" (Rev. 2:5). In this book coming out next year, I will release the sacred revelations and warnings to the church. Stay tuned. They are not pretty!

What scared me about all these revelations was one thing God told me in North Carolina. He said, "Go read about yourself in the Book of Jeremiah." That statement meant that God gave me a mantle parallel that of prophet Jeremiah. I have been studying the book of Jeremiah. I came across something that scared me. Jeremiah said, The Lord said to me, "Even if Moses and Samuel stood before me, my mind would not be favorable towards this people" (Jeremiah 15:1). God himself made that statement when the children of Israel reached a point of no return. America as a nation has reached a point of no return.

President Obama: Champion for the Working Class

Whether you like him or not, President Obama is fighting for the working class! What shocked me about the whole incident of the Democratic Convention especially the speeches by the Catholic nun, President Clinton and President Obama confirmed God’s prophecy given to me between 2008 and 2009. That prophecy defined the legacy of President Obama for fighting GREED that is hurting and destroying the middle class. The entire convention echoes God’s messages to the United States about the suffering of the working class. I had no idea what President Obama was going to do when he entered the White House except what the Spirit of God revealed to me. But, God’s message came true! The entire convention appeared as though it was based on chapter 38 of that book Closer Walk With Jesus. Each and every one of the speakers echoed the suffering of the working class. This was exactly what the Lord revealed to me would be the legacy of President Obama, even before he took office after the victory of the first election.

Regardless to the propaganda movie about President Obama being circulated by people who hated me, regardless to the lies being told about him, this president will accomplish God’s will before he leaves office. The devil can get people so blinded by the truth, no matter what they try; God’s purpose will be done.

Visions Already Fulfilled

According to my book Closer Walk in Jesus, God gave me the message about Katrina before it happened. I can never forget that day when I knelt down by my couch in the living room and prayed. I saw the heavy rains, the tree bending storms and many damages. As soon as I got up from my knees in prayer, I told my wife that a giant storm was coming. A couple of weeks later Katrina came down the shore doing a lot of damage in New Orleans. This vision troubled me. See page #389. On that page, I delivered other messages God revealed to me about the United States.

A Warning to the Nation: In the year 2006 the fate of this nation was sealed. Based on the events happening around the time, something very tragic happened around the Iraqi war. Many innocent people were slaughtered. God was angry! Although the Spirit of God did not reveal these events to me in detail, however, these events that happened around the war and the shedding of the innocent people’s blood was the final load that broke the camel’s back. We are doomed! Read pages 396 – 400.

How Greed is Destroying the Nation? "God was very angry about fraud and the economic abuses of the people," page # 403. Read what God said to the nation through the book of Isaiah.

I Saw a Dark Cloud Over the Nation. I was very disturbed when I saw a dark cloud over the nation. I remember telling my wife about what I saw twice that weekend. Prior to this vision, I came home from work one evening, I told my wife to take her money and place them in a safer investment where she would not lose her capital. I immediately followed my suggestion because God had revealed certain things to me about the economy of the nation. That weekend that I saw a slow moving dark cloud over the nation was immediately followed by the Monday when the Wall Street crashed. If I lie, may the crushing blows from God avenge the truth. Page #409.

Occupy Wall Street Echoes God’s Message. In the book Closer Walk with Jesus, I used the entire chapter discussing how the poor and the working class are suffering. God sent President Obama to their rescue! I do not believe he is a perfect man. By far, he is a man of compassion more than some people who claimed to be serving the people. I made a prediction in my article a couple of years ago. I was wondering about the plight of the working class. In that article I indicated the possibility that the nation working class will one day rise up, just like the situation in the book, A Take of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. The people were tired of being oppressed and they revolted against the ruling class. In that article, I prayed that such a thing would not happen in the U.S. About a year after that article, "Occupy Wall Street" ignited as a movement. The supporters echoed the same thing about the same message God revealed to me regarding the poison of GREED and it’s destruction to a society! Yet, we do not want to listen.

Personal Warning from God: One day, I saw in my sleep Ezekiel 3:17. The Lord himself sent me a personal warning. The Lord said, "Hear a word from my mouth, and give them warning from me." Page #418.

Visions Yet to be Fulfilled

The Collapse of the United States: In early 2009, I had a dream. In that dream, I went into a trance. I was on the floor with a group of people praying. While in that trance, I prophesied about the future of the United States. Page 419 – 420.

Message to Preachers

The next time you climb that pulpit to preach God’s message to the people, ask yourself, "Are you serving God, or you are serving yourself, or your own political agenda?" Many preachers inside the church who are serving themselves are going to be brought down to shame when the time comes. Remember what Jesus said, "Depart from me ye workers of iniquity. I never knew you."

I pray that none of you will receive such a reward from the Lord Jesus.

One thing I have known about God is, he never preserves anything he does not use. During the first campaign of President Obama, I received a message to pray for him. Initially, I was arguing with the Spirit of the Lord that, how come you guys don’t pray for him up there. Why me? Then the Spirit of God responded with Psalm 34:7 – "The angel of the Lord encamped around those who fear him." I went into a seven day fast and prayer for President Obama and his family. Half way into the fast, I was told some people have been arrested who were plotting to harm President Obama. In 2011, I went to Washington DC after a 21 day fast praying for President Obama and the Congress. I invited over 60 well-known radio and television evangelists. Only two of you responded. I invited over eight thousand churches, only a handful showed up at the prayer meeting. God revealed something that would shock all of you. The implications was many churches that claimed to be serving God, are only serving themselves and using Jesus to make money. That was why many of you did not respond to prayer initiatives. I did not ask any of you for a penny. I only called you to a prayer meeting in God’s name. Sadly, from the Christian community, I heard so many hateful things about President Obama around the time I issued the invitations. Many well-known national preachers are running celebrity and money driven ministry just for their own popularity and prosperity. I hate to see the mighty hammer of God’s judgment crashing through some churches!

Jesus said something to me one day in one of his visitations I would never forget until the day I die. I had asked him for a million dollars. That early morning he came into my living room looking at me. Then he directed me to St. Matthew 16:24. "If you want to follow me, deny yourself take your cross and follow me." Immediately when I read that part, a supernatural power overwhelmed me so much. I fell down on my knees, and started weeping like a baby. And I said to him, "Lord, I’m very, very sorry! Please forgive me!" That was Jesus’ answer to my question when I asked him for a million dollars. See, the ministry of God is not about making money like some of you made it to be. It’s not about a popularity contest, or dancing in front of the television everyday. When Jesus was on earth, he was homeless. Everything he had was stripped from him including the only clothes on his back. Yet, he was the Son of the riches man. How can you preach the homeless Jesus as you sit on a multi-million dollar mansion inheritance from your church? He died on that cross in deep sorrow, humiliation and shame, for you and for me. Yes, he is my beloved Savior with an amazing heart of love. In spite, he offered me the gift of eternal salvation.

My question to you preachers, "How did we as Christian leaders miss God’s messages through President Obama?" There is only one answer, "As Christians, we were blinded by the veils of our own prejudice, hypocrisy and political bias." We are too busy finding faults with people while persecuting sinners instead of preaching the Good News. We play this Pharisee’s game that we are the saints inside the church on our way to Heaven and the rest of the people are going straight to hell. Right! Tell that to Jesus when you stand before the throne of grace years from now in the presence of God. The Lord will ask you, "Have you completed the assignments I gave you?"

I hope I have not hit some raw nerves. If I do, I ask for your forgiveness. I have to deliver the hash message, no matter how painful. The way the Lord placed the message in my heart is the same way I share it with you. "He who have ears, let him hear what the Spirit is telling the church."

At times, God chooses the worthless of the sinners, the penniless of the homeless, the nonentity of the unknown to deliver his critical message to a nation in crisis!

Yinka Vidal, Author, Closer Walk With Jesus

Article was completed and published Sept 18, 2012