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Washington, DC Prayer Meeting, October 28, 2011

At Hylton Memorial Chapel, Woodbridge, VA. 5:00 pm

Latest Update: Washington, DC Prayer Meeting

 In July, you might have received a letter about a prayer meeting being scheduled at the White House with President Obama. This follow up letter contains the update and the adjustment to the event on Friday October 28, 2011.

Prayer Meeting Updates

Location: The prayer meeting location is being moved from the White House to Hylton Memorial Chapel, Woodbridge, VA opening it to the general public.

Time: Prayer meeting Starts at 5:00 pm.

Dinner: Banquet follows the prayer meeting at 7:00 pm (Must register online at ).

Theme: "If not the Lord builds the house, the laborers work, but in vain" (Psalm 127:1).

Objectives: To Pray for President Obama, the entire Congressional Representatives in both Houses, Court Judges throughout the States, and the Supreme Court Judges.

- That the Spirit of God will prick their hearts so they can all lead the nation in the direction that honors God, bring joy to his heart, glory and honor to his name, for the betterment of this great nation.

Goal: To reinforce our National Motto written on the dollar – "We have confidence in Our God" (In Domino Confidemus) – "In God We Trust."

Urgent Action Needed

Please send me the names of those coming to represent your organization or ministry at the prayer meeting.

Send the email to me at

I need this information as quickly as possible to determine the number of people coming from your organization and state.

For Registration Click Here

Important Information

As you all know from previous letters, the original prayer meeting was initially designed for a prayer meeting at the White House. Due to some problems with the White House scheduling office, we decided to move the prayer meeting out of the White House to Hylton Memorial Chapel in Woodbridge, VA – suburb of Washington, DC for convenience. With cordial respect, an open invitation to both events are still offered to President Obama and the White House just in case the scheduling conflicts may be resolved in time before the date of events in October 28, 2011.

My Message to all Potential Participants: Bringing Jesus Out of the Church Closets!

The Lord placed this divine initiative in my heart since the end of last year 2010, to the beginning of this year 2011. I was very slow in acting because of the monumental task. I really do not want to do this. I wanted to make it as small as possible. This message also reminded me of another vision in June 3, 2009. That evening I was taking a nap, and I received a Bible passage of Ezekiel 3:17. I take this type of independent messages very seriously. I have never come across this Bible passage in my life.

"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel, therefore hear a word from my mouth, and give them warning from me."

This warning scared the daylight out of me. I had just received a warning from the Lord regarding the mission placed before me. This was not the first time I have received warnings.

Consequently, in January this year 2011, I initiated actions to be obedient to divine call. I do not want to bore you with the details of the divine revelations I have received since then. Consider many events that have happened since the time the Lord placed this initiative in my heart. Look at the sequence of these events. The greatest terrorist Osama was captured. Debt ceiling became a battle in the Congress. The credit rating of the U.S. was downgraded Friday August 5. Following this, on Monday August 8, Wall Street crashed again with Dow losing 635 points. Hurricane Irene came down with massive punishment and damages to areas never touched by bad weather in centuries.

These are facts neither you nor I can dispute. Were they ever expected? My point being, when GOD calls us to pray, our lack of response, or immediate response may trigger some events, pleasant or unpleasant. Only God knows what is about to happen when he asks us to pray for the nation. I see some very difficult days ahead! I have been sounding the alarm bell that things are about to get worse in the United States. Some people are not listening. Our mission as preachers and evangelists is to start preparing people for the difficult days ahead.

I pray and hope you will answer the call to action for this nation. Some of you have responded to my first letter, others are yet to respond. I plead for your cooperation in God’s name. Even if you are unable to attend, you can still send your delegations. The whole nation is looking up to the church, whether you admit, or not, our society is on a fast track to a moral decay – is falling apart. If the church cannot help to fix the problem, the government cannot fix it either. Jesus never preached to the government of his days. But he did something we are failing to do effectively. Jesus placed his gospel messages in the hearts of men. Because he knew that a government will come, and a government will go. That was what the parable of the Sower (St Matthew 13:1-23) was all about – planting the seeds in the hearts of men. Today, it appears as though the first and the most important thing is to raise large revenues for the ministry, while sidestepping as many initiatives to place the gospel messages in the hearts of men.

Jesus said, "Go you into the world and preach the gospel to all people. He that believes and baptized shall be saved, and he that believes not is doomed!" (St Mark 16:15).

That’s the Great Commission, and nobody can argue with it. One day, each and every one of us will be called to give an account of the mission placed before us by the Lord himself. Do not underestimate Mary’s poem after she got pregnant with Jesus, "He has put down the mighty from their thrones, and exalted the lowly" (St. Luke 1:52). We are entering a very dangerous time in human history. Only God can lead us through. Remember what Jesus prayed at the most painful moment in his life, "I pray that they may be one as we are one" (St. John 17:11-12). Jesus now presides over a divided church. How are we going to bring the people of God together? Heavens are contracting, the birthing process of a new kingdom on earthy has already started. God chooses ordinary people for extraordinary miracles. It might just be you!

Please beloved, respond to this request as quickly as possible. Send me the email and the name of the person representing your organization or ministry at the planning committee for this prayer meeting in Washington DC.

Thanks, May God Bless You.

Yours in Christ,

Victor Yinka Vidal,

Deacon Back Jack Baptist Church, Managing Editor OUTCRY Magazine, White House Reporter 1999, St. Louis County Prayer Organizer for Cryout America.