In one of his visitations,Jesus said to me, "Deny yourself, take your cross, and follow me."

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April, 2009 - A Divine Message from the Lord by Yinka Vidal

Another Message to the Nation – A Testimony for Jesus

Supernatural events tend to happen to me around the Passion Week. The Lord tends to either send me a message, or perform miracles before me. On April 6, 2009 which was the beginning of Holy Week, I was under the open Gates of Heaven. I have been experiencing heavy manifestations of the Spirit for the past seven days. This afternoon, I was sitting in my living room and was uninterested in reading the Bible. I already had my morning devotion. But at around 2 pm, the Holy Spirit asked me to open the book of Isaiah. Initially, ignored the message thinking, my human spirit was probably making it up. About an hour later, the message came back. Since I was high in the spirit, I believe the Lord was sending me a message. I opened the Bible, and I was led to chapter 61 of the book of Isaiah, verse #11. I was shocked what this verse says,

"For as the earth brings forth its bud. As the garden causes the things that are sown in it to spring forth, So the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations," (Isaiah 61:11).

Woow! In the past weeks, during this Lenting period of 2009, I have asked the Lord to give me a message I could share with the world. Today, he gave me the message I have requested. Immediately, I asked the Lord to give me a confirmation of this divine message. I told the Lord to send the messenger bird as a confirmation. God is my witness, in less than five minutes, my messenger bird start singing outside my house as a confirmation of the message. I shouted, praise the Lord! The message speaks for itself! Based on my personal observations and the messages I have been receiving this year, I believe the Lord is going to clean the body of Christ. He has already ignited the fire of the Holy Spirit within people. American churches will go through a new revival unlike ever before. The Lord is going to reveal new sets of young evangelists who will listen to him, and be driven by his will. Many miracles and supernatural events will start to happen in many churches driven by the Holy Spirit. However, many disasters will continue to happen in the secular world. Those faithful servants and those dedicated believers have nothing to fear.


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