In one of his visitations,Jesus said to me, "Deny yourself, take your cross, and follow me."

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Author’s Background

‘Yinka Vidal, BS. MA. (HASCP)

Was born and baptized into an African Episcopalian church, at St. John’s Aroloya Church, in Lagos. Born from the bloodline of the Oba of Lagos, from the dynasty of the King Olugunkutere, Oba Ologun Agara (a warrior king of Lagos throne). Became a member of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church in Lagos under Captain Abiodun. Graduated from Birch Freeman High School, Surelere. Attended laboratory school at General Hospital in Lagos. Proceeded and attended Western Illinois University, Macomb Ill., Sangamon State University, Springfield Ill., and Washington University in St. Louis, MO. Was a graduate and research fellow at the department of pharmacology and cardiology unit of the University of Lagos College of Medicine, Lagos.

Attended and got married at a Methodist church, presently a deacon at a Baptist church in St. Louis, MO. After being a Christian for many years, he received a divine call by the Lord Jesus to serve in his ministry. From this time on he started to receive many visitations from Our Lord Jesus Christ of which testimony is the subject of this book, Closer Walk With JESUS. He received many Words of wisdom and the prophecies about future events.

A Journalist Profile of the Author

Author of the books, Overcoming the Invisible Crime, 101 Ways to Prevent Errors, and the managing editor of Outcry Magazine, St. Louis, MO.




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