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October 15, 2012

Review: Oprah Winfrey Super Soul Sunday

Spiritual Vibrations of God

On Sunday August 19, 2012 Oprah Winfrey’s "Super Soul Sunday" program aired a very fascinating account of Oprah’s life journey from the time she was young until the time she arrived in Chicago, and became the queen of the television talk shows. Oprah Winfrey in her glory is still reigning on her throne longer than any talk show hosts in the history of television. Her giant success continued. During this account, Oprah described "spiritual vibrations" that help people to connect to the Spirit realm of God. Perhaps many Christians hearing this will immediately dismiss what Oprah was saying as the New Age theology. Trust me, Oprah Winfrey has a platform. I know she does, and I believe she is aware of this more than people think. In one of her Super Soul Sunday programs I was shocked to hear from Oprah Winfrey that she stayed in prayers from the time she gets up from bed until the time she goes back to bed. I was surprised!

Oprah knows God has given her a conspicuous talent she cannot hide, and a platform to speak to the world. I believe she is using that platform for the betterment of human conditions based on the ways she knows best. She wants to use that platform to beautify the life of others. This was one of the intentions she indicated in her missions in life. She is presently talking more about Jesus and believing in Jesus than some preachers. On a very careful look at the entire story it becomes very obvious that Oprah was alluding to, or unraveling part of the mysteries of God’s communicating to us on earth. As soon as she mentioned "spiritual vibrations" the Spirit inside me fired up. Many of us Christians do not understand what spiritual vibration is. I will use this article to explain the relevance of spiritual motions in the Spirit realm in the life of the faithful as connecting to God. I wonder if I should try to get Oprah to start a non-denominational church in Chicago? I’m not joking! I think Oprah has a lot of spiritual insights. As long as she stays with Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, she will do just fine. Amen! She knows many of the young ones lost in the wilderness of life are looking up to her.

Will Oprah Winfrey Interview Jesus?

I will want Oprah Winfrey to interview Jesus Christ. She is just a very good interviewer in the earthly realm. Just don’t make Jesus angry, Oprah! Imagine what will happen when Oprah goes to interview Jesus! Jokes aside. I’m not kidding! When I challenged Oprah to interview Jesus, I mean it. I have had a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus many times. I documented this in my latest book, Closer Walk With Jesus by Yinka Vidal, published by Lara Publications. Initially, I started hearing a Voice. This was the same Voice I have heard over the years. It happened at a moment following an incident that almost claimed my life. About four bullets were pumped into my car aiming for my head. Not a single one hit me. I was caught by accident between two gangs cross fire. I was very shaken by the experience and I had to take some days off work. A few days after this incident, the Voice was amplified about 200 percent in frequency. The Voice said, "I want you to start listening to me from now on. I’m going to send you on a journey." Later, I learn this to be the Voice of the Lord. I responded by saying, "If it is you God, send me seven confirmations, so I can believe you are the one speaking." For the next couple of weeks, he gave me more than seven independent confirmations. I did not know the Lord was positioning me to receive his divine assignment. While this was going on, the Lord placed me in the middle of a very powerful spiritual vibration as if the Portal Gates of Heaven were opened before me. A few weeks later, the divine assignment came, and I started the assignment journey the Lord placed before me. This Voice continued to instruct and lead me, and I followed his instructions. It is the Voice of the Lord. One day in my living room early in the morning, the image of Jesus appeared to me like a ghostly image on my spirit screen. Prior to his physical appearance, I made a prayer of petition with anger to God. I asked him to give me a million dollars. I complained about very rich people who were making mockery of God. I challenged God why he made them so rich and people like us called to serve him are struggling and suffering. Why God?

I hate to admit this. I believe God has forgiven me. I hope Oprah will not get mad. While I was making that prayer, I had Oprah Winfrey and other rich people in mind. Part of the shocking thing about the first appearance of Jesus, he did not say anything about Oprah, or about other people I had in mind. I can never forget what happened that morning. The first thing Jesus did was to knockout all communication devices from my mind. I could not think. My mind went blank. Then Jesus while submerged in the air locked on to my spirit as he was looking directly at me saying, "The part of the Bible you are about to read this morning has the answer to your question. It is not in the beginning, or in the middle. It is towards the end of the chapter." I did not have a clue what Jesus was saying. That morning, I was about to read the Book of St. Matthew. I was not even aware my next chapter to read was #16. I sat down on my living room couch and started to read my Bible like I do every morning. As soon as I got to verse 24 and read, "If you want to follow me, deny yourself, take your cross and follow me," (St. Matthew 16:24). There was a spiritual explosion! This power came upon me from nowhere. I was overwhelmed with this enormous spiritual power I could not explain. I started trembling. I fell on my knees, dropped my head in shame. Yes, I was very, very ashamed! I started to weep like a child. The energy vibration was so intense. The only thing that came out of my mouth was, "Lord, please forgive me. I’m very, very sorry." I just continued to weep for a period of time I could not remember. Then Jesus said like a tape recorder playing within my soul saying, "What happened to your faith in me?" I did not respond to that question. I just kept quiet because I knew I was wrong and guilty. What could I have said?

After I got through this shocking spiritual experience from the first visitation of Jesus, I got his message. Everybody has an assignment. Evidently, Oprah has her own assignments from God too. The Lord therefore gave her all the tools she needed to achieve such assignments. A couple of the supernatural incidents were the perfect direction Jesus gave me to the correct message (correct verse), and how he knew the chapter I was about to read that morning. That information Jesus knew about my daily activities fascinated me. He must have been watching me all the time. I was unaware of this. I have to be careful what I’m doing in the earthly realm. Following this incident, I have placed many other questions before Jesus and he answered them. He did not answer a couple of my questions for reasons I do not know. In the book Closer Walk With Jesus, I placed some of the questions and answers in a section named, "Press Interview With Jesus," pages 384, 390 to 394. Subsequent to Jesus request, the title of the book, is my answer to the Lord – "Closer Walk With Jesus." I named it after the song, "Just a Closer Walk With Thee" following my theophanic experience.

So, when I challenged Oprah to go and interview Jesus, I was not kidding because I have already done this in my spiritual walk with the Lord. Regardless to where the political machine is moving, I will always adhere to what the Lord revealed to me including those things about the legacy of President Obama. The Spirit of God does not lie! Immediately after his first election victory to the White House, the Lord revealed to me the legacy of President Obama. I also discussed this in pages 401 to 423 of the same book. Based on the events that have happened so far since President Obama has been in office, although I do not agree with some of his public policies, we Christians have been blinded by emotionalized politics. We fail to recognize why God placed President Obama in office for God’s purpose. This book discusses the legacy of President Obama. Check and compare what is happening now about his concern for the poor with what the book predicted about him. History will confirm the rest.

Mystery of Spiritual Vibrations

Besides the Lord’s direct revelations to us, on reading many accounts in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, there is a mystery embedded in those stories. This mystery is about the movements of God in the earthly realm. God’s Spirit travels in motions on the whirlwind according to the Book of Isaiah. In different areas in the Book of Exodus God came down in a cloud and his physical manifestations felt inside the tabernacle. Regardless to what some theologians may say, Moses actually saw the physical resemblance of the back part of God. "And Moses sees the form of God" (Number 12:8). On the Mount of Transfiguration God’s motion was felt when Jesus disciples felt the effects of the shaking as they were carried into the air. On Mount Sinai the shaking and the trembling was so great, the children of Israel got very scared. They requested Moses to talk to them because they were afraid of the mighty power of God would kill them.

Now the people witnessed the thundering, the lightning flashes, the sound of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking, and when the people saw it, they trembled and stood afar off. Then they said to Moses, "You speak to us, and we will hear, but let not God speak with us lest we die" (Exodus 20:18-19).

The first important thing to notice is, every living thing stays in continuous motion. These motions create vibrations. Anything that stops moving is either dead, or is sitting on something that is constantly in motion. For example when the human body stays still, it starts to die. All organs in the human body are in continuous motion. A good example is the human blood circulation. When the blood circulation stops, blood coagulates, and the human body dies.

The continuous motion in every living thing is produced by an energy supply. Every living system whether physically, chemically, or emotionally does have an energy source. When the energy source dies, the motions stops and the living body dies. Without a continuous energy supply any object in motion stops moving. Living organisms have special characteristics created by God especially for a living human being. When we are in motion we give off vibrations. The most critical of these vibrations are the spiritual vibrations of which we use to interact with other human beings in the soul realm and also with the Spirit of God. Every human being gives off these vibrations. When death is eminent, the silver cord which attaches the soul to the physical body starts to pull, and people give off death vibrations (negative spirit vibrations). People who are spirit sensitive can pick up such death vibrations warning them about an impending doom around them. I have experienced these vibrations many times always preceding the death of loved ones or close relatives.

Spiritual Connection to God

With all these vibrations either through love attractions, or two people connecting as friends, I want to use this article to explain more about the spiritual connection between man and God. I believe after reading this article many people who do not understand this mystery will have a better understanding of the invisible world of God through the Holy Spirit. We are all spirit beings living in a body. This present life we are living now is not the reality but an illusion, meaning a temporary life. We are just passing through this physical world for soul purification. If anybody fails to accomplish soul purification while on earth during this journey, the person needs to blame himself. Jesus has provided us a way to accomplish this to the satisfaction of God the Father. Jesus will give you a spiritual blood transfusion, if you let him.

Every living thing on earth is in dynamic motion including time, and even the spirit realm around us. Human spirit energizes the human body. When the energy source (human spirit) is out of the body, the physical body dies, the soul lives on. The human body cannot die with the human spirit trapped inside. As our journey continues on this earth, those who have received the Holy Spirit are of a greater advantage compared to those who do not have the Holy Spirit. When our human spirit enters the spirit realm, the Holy Spirit is the one that accompanies that spirit into the Spirit realm of God. The energy that carries Christians to the spirit realm is the energy of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit not only offers energy but the right direction in the Spirit realm of God. Who knows the Father except the Son? The Holy Spirit testifies for the Son.

From the moment we get up in the morning, we continue to receive energy vibrations from all around us including from the spirit realm. We therefore enter into the highways of life already in motion as we re-enter the earthly motion again in the morning. The energy levels affect our mood in the morning. If you sleep and wake up with negative energy, you will be depressed when you get up in the morning. If you want to get up with positive energy in the morning, read your Bible as the last thing you do before going to bed at night. This action will also block nightmares. You will wake up in positive energy of God because you have surrendered your soul under the protection of the Holy Spirit. Christians who have surrendered their lives to the Lord will receive more positive and recognizable vibrations from the Spirit realm of God. This was why Jesus asked us to place him first in everything we do to avoid distractions from other spirit beings around us.

If a Christian is well tuned to the Spirit of God, he can receive direct messages downloaded into his spirit from the invisible realm of God. To many people who walk in the Spirit of God, they will recognize Heaven’s Radio station speaking to them as the Voice. The divine Voice travels through the Spirit vibrations of the Holy Spirit. If you do not tune to the right Spirit frequency, you may not hear the Voice of the Lord. Some people are tuned into the spirit frequency of Satan. They hear the Voice of the devil leading them to do his will. Those who listen to the radio frequency of Heaven will hear the Voice of God. You must have the software already installed inside your spirit. That software is the Holy Spirit which connects the human spirit to the Voice of Heaven. Along the same Spirit vibration lines, revelatory dream, visions, word of knowledge, and divine revelations are received. The key to continuous vibrations through the Holy Spirit is to stay in the Word of God, meditate on the Word, and pray everyday as many times possible while keeping distractions away.

Spiritual Vibrations During Worship

One of the most important aspects of spiritual worship is to generate an atmosphere of worship conducive to the enlargement of the Holy Spirit. In this process we start to pray and sing songs of praise to God. The music, the praise songs, and the hearts of worshippers create an atmosphere of spiritual vibration popping open the Gates of Heaven. This was exactly what happened to Paul and Silas when they were arrested (Acts 16:16-40). They refused to allow bitterness and anger to oppress their souls; instead they were busy praising God in the midnight hour. The frequency they both created popped open the Gates of Heaven and miracles came down. They experienced the supernatural manifestations of God.

Just think about this, Heaven is continuously playing wonderful music in the ears of God the Father in Heaven. Angels are singing, "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty," around the throne of Heaven, 24-7. Do you think your earthly music that sounds like a child’s play can displace the music of Heaven from God’s ears? God can come down and visit with us. His Spirit is manifested through the presence of the Holy Spirit. However, the best way God experiences our music is not so much for the noise we make, but the effects of the joyful sounds leading to positive spiritual vibrations. Such spiritual vibrations go through Jesus and straight to the heart of the Father in Heaven. Praise with the Spirit of gratitude is how we return God’s love back to him. The sound effect is not what really matters during praise worship, but the spiritual vibrations generated with the music. This is why many pastors will say that if you want to get God’s attention, even in crisis situations, start praising Him like Paul and Silas did after they were imprisoned. If the music or the sound does not generate spiritual vibrations how can God taste the effects of our music? I believe every faithfully dedicated songs of praise touch the heart of God. Some special music of praise for unknown reasons can quickly touch the heart of God with greater impact. When this happens, the Portal Gates of Heaven open up, praise goes up and blessings come down with supernatural manifestations.

Critical Spiritual Key

Here is a critical key. Jesus asks us to remain in prayer all the time, not because of God, or because of him. If we stay in prayers, we keep the frequency line open, and the spiritual vibrations will continue. The spiritual vibration is also a connector through the Holy Spirit between God and man. You do not want to break that vibration because it stays in continuous motion of spiritual energy. In many cases, our praise worship songs touch God’s heart, compared to complaints from ungrateful hearts. At a point in time when we do not know, the Lord will come to visit with us. If you want to hear from God, start praising him every morning. For Christians who have surrendered, the Holy Spirit will warn us about any approaching danger, or blessings to come. For non-Christians or those who have not surrendered they can easily miss the time of spiritual visitations. The critical key about timing is the time the Lord releases the divine gifts he has allocated and reserved for each person he created. We need to be careful that God has hidden many things for us in the Spirit realm. He did this so he could hide this from the enemy who can sabotage your efforts. When it is the right time, the Holy Spirit will position you to receive the blessings coming to you at that point in time.

The difference between very successful people and unsuccessful people is not because successful people have better work ethics. That’s is a lie! I have seen many unsuccessful people working harder than an average person yet some of them died in poverty. One important clue is, many successful people know their human spirit. They therefore align their human spirit with that of the Spirit of God. The interesting thing about this is anybody can do this, even non-Christians. Many reports have been made of Jesus appearing to Muslims without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Some other reports were made of the Spirit of Jesus appearing at the shrine where people wanted to contact God through the shrine of idols. There are many successful people who do not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Yet, they appeared to have been blessed by God. How could this have happened when the Bible said God would not hear the prayer of the wicked? Was Abraham blessed with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit before hearing the Voice of God? Perhaps at a point in time in life, those successful people have their human spirits in the proper alignment with that of the Spirit of God. However, the Spirit of God is of tremendous help to position people for their blessings. Relying alone of your human spirit have led many people to miss-position themselves and ended up missing God’s blessings for them. If your human spirit is in alignment with the Spirit of God, you can easily received your gifts from the Lord without any problem. Many people have missed their gifts in life because they are busy pursuing other people’s visions. Eventually such people’s life lead to a failure regardless to what they have achieved. Living for other people or walking under the shadow of somebody else is a wasted life. Very importantly, the devil can bless some people. If those people are not careful, in the end the same devil will eventually destroy them. Choose whom you want to serve!

The critical point being, if you are going to receive your gift based on the time of release from Heaven, you must be in alignment in the spirit with that of the Spirit of God. Otherwise, you may miss a giant opportunity to your blessings. If you are in emotional bondage being oppressed by the devil, or other negative spirits, you cannot effectively hear the Voice of God. Ordinary gifts are called talents. They come with the baby package with your arrival on earth. They are different from the spiritual gifts we receive from the anointing of the Holy Spirit meant primarily for ministry. If you miss one opportunity due to wrong positioning, God has a way of bringing that opportunity back in different ways. It is very unlikely God will bring the same opportunity back the same way. Everything is in a dynamic motion. Once you miss the first opportunity, the place and time have shifted and the past is gone. You have to move with the time and the spiritual motion propelling your life. Look forward to the opportunity tomorrow, it may come back in another form through another way. Do not look behind and do not give up!

Another important point about your spirit awareness, learn to know your spirit. God communicates with your human spirit. Your human spirit relates that information to your soul and the soul connects with the physical component of your brain leading to awareness. Many people do not know their spirit because they are busy chasing after the success of somebody else. Just like you are hurting, you know your body and when to go to the hospital. Similarly, you can learn to know your spirit and soul interactions. When the opportunity comes, the Holy Spirit will prompt you through your spirit. He is the one that will communicate your human spirit to direct your brain and eventually position your physical body. Opportunities have passed people by while they were waiting and wasting time at the wrong bus station, and standing in the wrong place to catch a bus going in the wrong direction. Some people while on the highways of life will be sitting and waiting inside a disabled bus. On a careful observation, the bus is going nowhere while nobody is sitting in the driver’s seat. Many people’s dreams died while waiting inside such a disabled bus. These people eventually died while waiting on such a bus of life. What bus are you riding? Do you know where your bus is going?

In the same manner, many people go to jail for the same reason. They refuse to identify evil the first time such evil is manifested before them. Many people stay out of jail when they recognize evil the first time. With a few exceptions, many people that are incarcerated were not first offenders. Unfortunately for them, it was the first time they were caught. They have done many things in the past they got away with them. The false notion is then built into their souls that they can always get away with it. Sooner or later, they are caught. If they are honest with themselves the first time when evil manifest around them, instead of cooperating with negative spirit vibrations, they could have rebuked that spirit behind such vibrations. The key to staying away from evil is to rebuke the negative spirits behind the negative vibrations. "Resist the devil and he will flee from you" (James 4:7). If you fall in love with negative spirits like some people do, you will eventually pay a painful price.

I believe the testimony of Oprah Winfrey about the Color Purple is very powerful. The way the incident ignited her success is a typical story of letting the Holy Spirit positioning her to a God’s Spirit alignment for the timing of the blessing about to arrive. If Oprah Winfrey had shifted her position by not tuning to the Holy Spirit, or allowing another person to poison her spiritual atmosphere, she would have lost the opportunity to be selected for the movie Color Purple. I do believe there can never be another Oprah Winfrey in this world. She is one of a kind. We can however learn from her story about letting the Holy Spirit position us for his blessings after our complete surrender to God. Just surrendering to anything would not do it. Oprah surrendered to Jesus to attain such giant success! That’s a good lesson!

The best lesson a Christian must learn early in life is to allow the Holy Spirit to direct the human spirit to position him in a place and time to receive God’s blessings. But, you have to know your spirit. Your spirit will give you a better understanding of your soul. He will uncover the treasures God is hiding within your soul. People make a big mistake sometimes searching for treasures outside of them while the real treasure is buried within. Many people fail in life because they never learn to know their spirits and neither are they ever in connection with their souls. God buried treasures inside every person he created. This is part of the mysteries of God. Have you discovered yours? The Spirit of God can help you dig for your gold and diamond within. He also uncovers certain blessings from above in alignment with our earthly journeys. One of the most important things we MUST learn is that God communicates us through our human spirit. He uses the Holy Spirit not only as a messenger but also as the frequency mode of communication between God and man. We have to be receptive by opening the windows of our souls to receive his divine messages.

If you are receiving very positive spirit vibrations, you know something is about to happen. Like in the Star Trek Movies, this is the time to open ALL your communication devices in the Spirit to be able to capture that moment of divine revelations. Close the door of your soul if you are receiving negative spirit vibrations. If you are lost in other issues of life at a critical moment, you may lose a very critical moment of receiving God’s messages. Many people receive divine spiritual vibrations from the Spirit realm all the time and ignore them. When events happen later, they indicate they already received some warnings from the spirit realm. They could not comprehend such a message because they are not in spirit alignment with the Lord. Jesus asked us to watch and pray so we will not miss the critical time of alignment between our human spirit and that of the Spirit of God. It is therefore to our advantage to learn to walk in the Spirit of God 24-7.

Watch out for those Sent by the Enemy

As you continue to worship in the Spirit of God, be careful not to allow the enemy to contaminate the atmosphere of your worship. For example, imagine talking about inspirational things with your friends in your living room. See how everybody is so inspired and blessed by the positive atmosphere established by such wonderful spiritual discussions. What happens if all of a sudden a person throws a wrench into the entire conversation because of lack of faith? Suddenly, the positive atmosphere is poisoned and the rest of the people in the discussion start to feel the negative effects due to negative vibrations generated by lack of faith of just one person doubting God. In the same way, a person can come around you, enter your spiritual aura, and start poisoning the atmosphere of your worship and meditation. Gossipers know how to destabilize your peaceful aura. You have the right to shut the person up, end the conversation, or walk away from negative people. At times, we start discussing personal projects with such people using this as a form of distraction. This is the worst thing a person can do. By discussing such personal projects or goals with a very negative person, the enemy will now use the person to sabotage your project. The enemy might have sent the person to poison your spiritual atmosphere in the first place. Everything you have planned may end up in flames.

Remember what Jesus said about the enemy. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. Do not give the key of your house to the enemy; otherwise you are going to face a robbery. Similarly, if you open the window of your heart to the enemy, you may as well forget the entire program because your success is an uphill battle. Do not allow anybody to poison the spiritual atmosphere of your meditation or worship. If you do, the person will turn your positive spiritual aura to a negative vibrations shifting you out of intended position and missing the divine messages of God. This happens all the time and everyday. Later, some people will wonder who is sabotaging their efforts. About a few years ago, a young woman wanted to get pregnant. After five years of marriage, she was unable to get pregnant. One day she came with good news that she was pregnant for about four weeks. She was so happy that she told everybody at work. A month later, she had a miscarriage. I saw her in the break room where she was weeping about her loss. I warned her never to tell anybody the next time she got pregnant. She should wait until she started showing. Eight months later she became pregnant again and said nothing to anybody. By the time people found out about her blessings, she was two months from her delivery date being her first baby. If you shout out your blessing at infancy, the devil can abort that project if you are not careful.

Ministering Spirits Positioning

For many years, I have had to interact in the Spirit realm with ministering Spirits. They are not angels like some people have confused them. I identified this group of God’s messengers when I had to talk to them in conversations. Most of my conversations with them are always very brief. Other times I have had long conversations with them especially while I was going through a difficult time. If God has anointed you to serve his purpose, he will allocate both angels and ministering Spirits to serve you. The best way to describe their presence around me is due to the powerful spiritual vibrations I feel around them. From personal experience, while you are preparing to go on a journey, spend time in prayer. Subsequently, those angels will take positions. The ministering Spirits do not have bodies like regular angels. They just engage you in conversations to instruct or protect you. Many times the ministering Spirits have been the source of cheering me up. They would come as cheerleaders to get me in a better mood. Once this happens, I know an assignment will follow. Most of those assignments are associated with me ministering to somebody in a crisis situation. At times if I refuse to do something that the Lord asked me to do, these ministering Spirits would come around me encouraging me to do what the Lord requested of me. To be sure, I would ask them to give me independent warning signs. Once I receive those warning signs, I will immediately do what I was already asked to do because I had received my matching orders from the Holy Spirit.

From walking in the Spirit realm, I tend to receive a replacement of a group of angels surrounding me from time to time. When I do anything many times contrary to the will of God, I started to see movements and unusual noises around me like the room is haunted. Immediately, I know I was doing what was not well with the Lord. I hate to admit, I have ignored those spiritual warning signs just to do my own thing. Then, when I go to sleep, I would receive a dream to express the Lord’s displeasure with what I was doing. Usually these revelatory dreams are messages of corrections.

One of the greatest advantages of walking in the Spirit of God is knowing the timing of receiving a new Spirit because of the change in spiritual vibrations. With these vibrations also is the spiritual energy that accompanies the Spirit being. Some people call it fresh anointing, renewal of the spirit, or refreshing the spirit. The new Spirit will appear to me as a small child in a dream. In my dream I will see myself carrying this child. Once I have such dreams, I know I have received another Spirit. I personally believe that once I choose to do whatever I wanted to do ignoring the spiritual warnings, the Spirit responsible for guiding me through such specific assignment would depart his position. Once that Spirit leaves his position, it places me in a vulnerable situation in the Spirit realm. Here come the enemy’s attacks! I start to suffer! This does not mean the Holy Spirit has departed from me. The ministering Spirit that departed was supposed to help achieve certain specialized assignments. Once I started praying and actually being sorrowful in the Spirit realm, then the Lord would send me another Spirit. I can always tell besides the dream of seeing a child. Knowing my spirit, I can easily tell if another Spirit has been added because my spiritual perceptions would be in a better alignment with that of the Lord. The most important clue is the ability to do what I was unable to do before. The new Spirit appears to empower me spiritually to accomplish what I was unable to accomplish while at the same time blocking the attacks of the enemy and refreshing my mind.

If you do not want the ministering Spirits to depart from their positions, do not upset them by doing things against the will of God. When you upset them, they move out of the way. As soon as they leave their positions, you know you are in trouble because they are going to be giving direct accounts to the Lord about what you have been doing. Sometimes, I feel ashamed of myself like any other human being choosing to do his or her own thing after receiving divine warnings.

If you want to hear the Voice of the Lord everyday, do not harden your heart, otherwise, you will not hear the Lord’s Voice and you may miss a great opportunity.

"If you want to hear his voice, do not harden your heart as in the days of temptation in the wilderness" (Psalm 95: 7-8).

Enjoy your earthly journey, it's not going to last forever! Do you have faith in Chirst?

By Yinka Vidal, Author, Closer Walk With Jesus.