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August 13, 2012

Unhealthy Soul Ties

Dehumanization of the Human Soul

Many people both inside and outside Christianity are beginning to understand that every human has a soul. The human soul lives inside the human spirit. Both the human soul and spirit live inside the physical body. With the Holy Spirit baptism he takes residence inside a location of the human spirit. When we interact with people, our earthly interaction involves more than the physical. It also involves the spiritual interactions that happen in the invisible realm of the human soul. There is a complexity to this interaction because we may meet a person’s spirit first before we meet the person physically. I have experienced this one time. I was introduced to the personality of a person in the spirit realm about a month before I met her. We started to soul tie even before we met physically. The first time I met her, we spoke for hours as if we have known each other for a long time. The soul that is inside the human spirit can relate a lot of information about the person even before physical interactions. Unfortunately, a person does not realize that during soul-to-soul interactions between two people, hidden information can be shared without the two people’s cognitive awareness. If the two people are willing to open the windows of their souls to each other, the more time they spend together, the more opportunity for them to interact on the soul level. This is because they are drawn to each other. As the friendship continues, the two people start to see invisible things about each other. They can actually perceive and even see dangers around the other person even if such a person may be miles away. Soul tie can happen between siblings, husband and wife, family members, or between friends. The one that tends to baffle people is the soul tie between friends. After you have been talking to a friend for a while, you will recognize what your friend likes or dislikes. Later you start to respond in likewise manner. He or she starts to rub off on you. The reason for this is the soul tie that takes place between mutual friends, tends to happen without cognitive recognition. Both friends learn to read each other, know each other, and communicate on the soul level without active awareness. They therefore open the windows of their souls to each other inadvertently for soul-to-soul interactions without the cognitive mind involvement. This is the same principle how people fall in love. The process does not happen all of a sudden, it is a gradual process of soul tie between one friend and another.

With adults capable of rational thinking, the human mind which lives inside human soul is very fragile, and vulnerable. It can easily be programmed to believe in false information due to mind manipulation from unhealthy soul ties. Cognitively intelligent people can easily be led astray by false information and beliefs due to lack of human soul maturity. Some people can be very intelligent in cognitive sense and lack emotional intelligence. This is why sometimes very smart people do very stupid things like blowing up the building when they get angry. People tend to explain such behavior as being deranged or because they snapped. A person may be grown up like a 25 year-old, and has the soul maturity of a 10-year-old in some aspects of life. When you soul tie with such a person, you can easily perceive how such a person plays in the soul realm like a little kid.

Anatomy of Unhealthy Soul Ties

When friends fall in love, they choose to soul tie because they already opened the windows of their souls to allow soul-to-soul interactions. This is referred to as heart to heart interactions between two people. Once you soul tie with a person, you can do anything for that person. You can also make him or her do anything for you. The danger exists when the soul tie is uneven and one person starts to manipulate the other for personal gains. This happens a lot when people fall in love. The critical message is, before you fall too deep in love with a person you just met, measure how the person feels about you. This is very, very critical! Do not dwell too much on how you feel about the person because the feelings may not necessarily be mutual from the beginning. If on a scale of one to ten, your love scale is eight and the other person is four, then STOP! Young people falling in love blindly place themselves in danger by just letting their souls flow and swim in a fantasy tales of romantic love. If the love perception is uneven, stop where you are and let the other person come closer to you on the love scale. If you continue spontaneously to a higher level and the person is still on the lower scale, you open yourself for soul manipulations by the other person. You also make it easier for the person to walk away from the relationship. Give the other person opportunity to invest his or her love in the relationship. Otherwise, you may cause yourself a lot of heartaches in the future. Blame the person all you want! In reality, it is your fault because you smothered the person.

Unhealthy soul tie therefore occurs when one person is manipulating the other in a relationship for personal gains. People usually look at illicit relationships between two people as unhealthy soul ties. This is not necessarily the case. As long as the relationship is mutually beneficial, it is not an unhealthy soul tie. Just because a man is having an extramarital affair with a married woman does not constitute an unhealthy soul tie. It may turn to unhealthy soul tie down the road when the wife asks her boyfriend to kill her husband. The injurious effects of the relationship now makes it unhealthy soul tie. After the affair is over, and the woman is unable to let go, her soul tie to the man now becomes an unhealthy soul tie. This is because the romantic feeling is no longer mutual and she is trying to manipulate him to love her again. The relationship may be immoral like a wife having an affair, or a husband having an affair. As long as the relationship is mutually beneficial, it is not unhealthy soul ties. Society can see the illicit relationship as unhealthy for the welfare of the couple involved including their family members. But, it is not unhealthy soul ties because the relationship is mutually beneficial. They are both having fun dwelling in sin. Some people do this for years without soul injury. For the relationship to be unhealthy soul ties, it has to have the potential for soul injury for either of the people involved. On the flipside, unhealthy soul ties can exist between married couples if one is manipulating the other for personal gains. This is very common in marriages with a controlling spouse. In such a case, the victim has lost his or her freedom including the bargaining power within the relationship.

Daughter and Father: Unhealthy soul tie may exist between a daughter and her father. This is one of those hidden unhealthy soul ties society is unwilling to discuss because it is a taboo subject. The more such soul tie remains a taboo, the more it remains dangerous. Normally, a young teenage daughter growing up may initially perceive her father in a romantic way. She secretly starts to compete for his attention with other siblings including with her mother. Such initial perception of a teenage daughter is natural and part of her psychosexual development. However, it is the responsibility of the father and mother to channel the daughter’s romantic affection for him into appropriate outlet targeting other young boys. This feeling is very transient in the development of young girls that may not even be noticed. At times, such a soul tie may be so spontaneous and both father and daughter may not realize what was happening. Suddenly, physical interactions like kissing or caressing become inappropriate.

In the past there were mistakes made by uninformed fathers. For example such a father may use his daughter’s attention for him as an ego booster. That’s a big mistake. You do not need to go with your teenage daughter to buy a swimsuit. A father does not need to go camping alone with a teenage daughter in the woods. He is asking for trouble. There is no reason to take shower with your teenage daughter. A teenage daughter should not be sleeping on the same bed with her parents except during a brief period of an emotional breakdown for whatever reason. Under no condition should a daughter and father engage in any ceremonial marriage like was reported in the newspaper column of Ann Landers years ago. In the story, the father was allowed to marry his daughter in a fake marriage ceremony because the daughter requested for it. This is wrong and should never have been allowed because it reinforces unhealthy soul ties between father and daughter. Both of them especially the daughter may be unaware of the future negative implications of such a fake marriage. A daughter should not have a romantic love relationship with her father. She should however, have a spiritual love ties similar to the relationship between Jesus and his Father. "As father love me, so I have loved you" (St. John 15: 9). The enormity of the soul tie between Jesus and God the Father in the Spirit realm is far beyond anything man can comprehend in the physical. Romantic love is fantasy love. It is not true love because it is primarily base on selfishness of the flesh. At times, it can be used for manipulation in an unhealthy relationship. It is only good for starting a relationship, but it never lasted. Most marriages based primarily on romantic love without the love of God between the couple will eventually fail.

The adult has the responsibility to nicely turn the daughter in the right direction away from him using the definition of true love in the Bible. Set boundaries fathers! In some situations, the daughter may not see such a relationship with her father as part of her psychosexual development. She may just want the first man (her father) in her life to admire and love her and show her some attentions. This is normal. If the father refuses to show her that normal attention in a healthy way, she becomes desperate. She may start weeping within thinking her father does not love her. She may act out and ended up having intimate relationship with a young boy and gets pregnant while looking for love and affections in the wrong places.

I have heard stories where a daughter got pregnant because she wanted to punish her father for not showing her enough attention and affection. In one of the stories, the nineteen years old daughter accused her rich father of impregnating her. That was the story she told the family members to embarrassed her father. Shortly before the baby was born, she confessed it was her boyfriend who made her pregnant because she never had any illicit relationship with her father. However, before she made the confession, she asked her father to give her a large sum of money. Her father obliged. Then the daughter finally confessed that the child was not her father’s. You can imagine how family members got very angry with the teenage daughter playing pranks on her father. With tears running down her face at the hospital after the baby was born, she told her mother, "All I wanted was my dad’s affection. Does he love me?" Her mother started weeping realizing that her husband never had time for their daughter. He was always too busy. The daughter’s pregnancy was an outcry for attention for her father’s affection.

Step Father and Step Daughter: One of the most unhealthy soul ties can occur between a stepfather and a stepdaughter. Because they are not blood related, it may open the door for inappropriate physical interactions that may eventually lead to something else. Regardless to how a stepdaughter admires a stepfather, it is still the responsibility of the stepfather to prevent unhealthy soul ties, just like he will prevent one with his daughter. A female in search for love can gravitate towards a person who shows her affection. There is nothing wrong with such attractions, but the way the female processes the male responses and the physical interactions may lead to unhealthy soul ties The greatest problem in such a relationship is denial. As long as we deny affection; it becomes a lust brewing fire in the secret and waiting for the opportunity for physical expression. At times, the grown up stepdaughter may show more affection to the stepfather without realizing what she was doing because of her needs for affection. The stepfather is responsible for setting limits and prevents the relationship from going in the wrong direction with great regrets and hurts later down the line. He needs to be careful how he does it without breaking his stepdaughter’s heart either. The manipulator of the soul tie may not necessarily be the older person. The stepdaughter may be the one manipulating the stepfather to attract his attention. There was a situation on Sally Television Talk Show years ago where the daughters were angry with the mother for leaving their dad. One of them would seduce the mother’s boyfriend to punish her mother for leaving their father. If you are a mother not ready to marry a man you are dating, do not introduce him to your family. Keep him out of the life of your children until you both decide to get married.

A Young Man and His Mother: The common unhealthy soul tie between a young man and his mother is when the boy refuses to break the umbilical cord or the mother refuses to let go. In such a situation, the young boy cannot do anything except with the authorization from a dominant mother. The relationship is unhealthy because the mother may hold the boy as an affection hostage because she may be starving for affection in her life, or she may just enjoy controlling the son. Just like in the movie, Jumping the Broom by T.D Jakes. Mama’s boy is a common name given to a grown man still allowing his mother to instruct him. If this goes on, after he gets marries, there is going to be a clash between his wife and his mother competing for his affection. In such a situation, the mother needs to back off! Leave the young man alone with his new wife and go read your Bible! Some others have destroyed their son’s marriage because of such unhealthy soul ties and relationship interference. This unhealthy soul tie between a mother and son is more of a control and manipulating situations for the mother’s personal gains. Mother, let the boy alone and let him loose! If he has a problem, let his wife take care of it. That’s why they got married. "Stay out of it, mama!"

Brother and Sister: No matter how brother and sister love each other, ground rules should clearly be defined at home to avoid unhealthy physical interactions. Christian modesty should be established within the family where nobody goes around the house inappropriately dressed. When our eyes see something, we do not have business in seeing, such an experience can be injurious to human soul. No matter how you love your brother or sister, you are not romantic lovers. If there is a problem, the parents should immediately step in and separate the teenagers. Young brother wrestling with the older sister, or taking showers together as teenagers should be discouraged. Such behavior is totally inappropriate and may encourage unhealthy soul ties. Be careful with big sister and younger brother, or big brother younger sister syndrome leading to inappropriate physical interactions due to unhealthy soul ties.

Healthy Soul Ties in the Bible

The best example of a health soul tie is between the human spirit and the Spirit of God tied in a knot. The first thing all Christians learn in spirit communion with the Lord is that God is a LOVER! When man receives the Holy Spirit, he sits in a location inside human spirit. If nothing happens, he remains as a residential alien. Once we embrace the Spirit of God and surrender to him, we have now given the Holy Spirit permission to take control of our life. In this process, the Holy Spirit enshrouds the human spirit and ties an unbroken spiritual knot with the human soul. This is a spiritual marriage that has taken place between man and God. Once we allow the Holy Spirit to take control of our souls, he becomes the master of all our daily operational activities in life. The Holy Spirit gives us three major things including power (spiritual energy, or empowerment), gifts (spiritual gifts through anointing), and dominion (authority). From practical applications, the Holy Spirit is a teacher, comforter, prophet, testifies for Jesus, convicts of sin, and a voice of resistance against evil (St. John 14:15-17, 26, 16:8 &13; Rev 19:10).

This soul tie relationship between God and man is very pleasant with the Lord Jesus making the heart of God to rejoice.

Jesus said, "God is a Spirit, those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth" (St. John 4:24). "For God is seeking such people to worship him" (St. John 4:23).

"Enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his court with praise. Be thankful to him and bless his name" (Psalm 100:4).

"Behold I stand at the door and knock. Whosoever hears my voice and open the door, I will come to him and dine with him and he with me" (Revelation 3:20).

We can use the Holy Spirit as the standard for healthy soul ties because such a soul-to-soul interaction between God and man leads to tremendous amount of benefits for Christians and also guarantees freedom. The freedom part is very critical because God will never manipulate us for his own benefit contrary to unhealthy soul ties. God can manipulate us for our own benefits because we do not know any better. However, he never manipulates us for his own benefit. Otherwise the sin of the Garden of Eden would never have taken place. God gave man the freedom to choose, even to be stupid!

"Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (freedom)" (II Corinthians 3:17).

In this intimate relationship with God, he never requires perfection; the Lord only requires obedience from us.

Jonathan and David were two men in the Bible who had a mutual soul ties that benefited both of them. They were not blood brothers, but they loved and related to each other as blood brothers. After both Saul and Jonathan died in war, David lamented over them. He wrote a poem to honor both of them. It is called the Song of Bow (II Samuel 1:17-27). The famous quote, "How are the mighty fallen" was derived from the Song of Bow written by David to honor both Saul and Jonathan after their death.

Now, people in the Western World may want to sexualize that relationship between David and Jonathan. This is because we live in a hypersexual society, that is based primarily on hedonistic desires of the flesh. Jonathan and David were like blood brothers. The sadness in the Western culture is that we see romantic love as the greatest love contrary to what Jesus said. What is the essence of a love when two people get through making love, and one of them is shot in the head by the so-called lover? In reality, romantic love is not true love. It is a fantasy love based primarily on the selfishness of the flesh that may sometimes lead to danger. Therefore people who do not understand that there is a greater love than romantic love, tend to sexualize any close relationship between two people. Jesus said, "No greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends" (St John 15:13). If Jesus indicated that spiritual love is greater, why do we think romantic lover is greater when it eventually falls apart at the drop of a hat? St. Paul’s relationship with Timothy and others during the early days of Christian ministry in the Book of Acts is a good example of healthy soul ties because it was mutually beneficial.

Healthy Soul Ties in Earthly Realm

A healthy soul tie is a non-manipulative and mutual relationship between two people who care about each other’s welfare. The relationship does not have to be romantic and it can stay well as friends. Such a relationship can happen in the church, within the family, in a work place, or between strangers. I’m sure people have encountered a person and there was an instant friendship attraction like a magnet. We refer to this as good chemistry. It is actually a positive soul-to-soul attraction. The soul tie takes place later in the relationship. In another case you may see a person for the first time and become repulsed by that person for unexplainable reason due to soul-to-soul repellant effects, or due to physical appearance.

One critical point is very important for Christians, because you carry around positive spiritual energy, you can easily be attracted to other Christians, or other people in the secular world. Similarly, some church members may be attracted to their pastor, or somebody inside their church. Please be very careful. Do not use this attraction for illicit relationships causing unhealthy soul ties down the line. People are attracted to you not because you are so good, but because of the radiance of the glory of God that enshrouds his messengers. People will come closer to you and feel the energy of God’s anointing giving them peace and serenity. For God’s sake, be careful do not use this as an opportunity to start an illicit relationship with a married woman in your church. This type of relationship happens too often destroying families, churches and personal testimonies. Some people do not know the difference between spiritual radiance and romantic attractions. They may use a spiritual radiance to start an illicit relationship. Be careful with a soul tie with a married person in your church. Something what starts as an honest relationship may turn out to be something else down the line. Introduce your spouse to every person in relationship with you. Every pastor should introduce his wife to all the women he is interacting with. Keep no secrets and no unscheduled dinner with another woman without the knowledge of your spouse. As long as you place JESUS between two of you, the relationship is safe most of the time, even if she attacks you with her exquisite beauty. Call out to Jesus for rescue because at times the spirit is willing, but the flesh is very weak! Always remember, the devil is out there to destroy your credibility and testimony making mockery of Jesus through you. It is up to you to give him the chance by opening the door into an illicit affair. You will have to regret it later on. A little fun on the side may lead you into a lot of trouble hurting a lot of people you love for years.

Unhealthy Soul Ties in the Bible

Samson relationship with Delilah was the typical example of an unhealthy soul tie in the Bible. Delilah, even though Samson loved her, she was not interested in his welfare. The lords of the Philistines already promised Delilah eleven hundred pieces of silver if she could find out the source of Samson’s power. She eventually forced Samson to reveal the secret of his power to her after she vexed his soul to death (Judges 16:16). The result was the tragic end of Samson and his power. Delilah was a very wicked lover, who used Samson’s love for her to trick him into being captured by his enemies.

Prophet Eli and his sons – Hophni and Phinehas constitute another unhealthy soul ties in the Bible. Eli loved his children more than he respected God. He did not do enough to rebuke and stop them when they were doing evil things in he house of God with the women and disrespecting God’s sacrifices. God therefore pronounced judgment on Eli and his sons. Whatever the sons did, Eli could not control them. They manipulated him for their own benefits. Eli died the same day both of his sons died in the war (I Samuel 2:12-36, 4:17-19). The soul connection between Eli and his sons were more important to him than his service to God. That relationship ended in tragedy. A lesson for all parents, you can love your son or daughter, but you do not need to love their sins. You can always rebuke the sins and set your sons and daughter on the way to repentance. One day God is going to judge the parents if they refuse to rebuke the sins of their children the same way God punished Eli.

Another good example of unhealthy soul tie was recorded in the Book of Acts when a slave girl was being used through the spirit of divination for fortune telling. This was one of the common practices during that time and is still going on today. A person’s soul would be seized and tied with that of demons. The spirit of divination will practice fortune telling and bring profit to the owner (Acts 16:16-18) through the girl. The person being used is therefore under the bondage of the devil to benefit the owner.

Because of this incident and others in the Bible, many from the Baptist denomination do not know the difference between prophecy by the Holy Spirit and fortune telling by the spirit of divination. Consequently, many in the Baptist Church believe that the Holy Spirit cannot prophesy about the future because they believe only the devil can do this. Wrong! The fact is, the spirit of divination is a counterfeiter of what the Holy Spirit does everyday. Without the original, there is no counterfeit. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will tell us things to come, not things we already know (St. John 16:13). Get it guys! The Holy Spirit can prophesy through you, if you let him. While you close your mind to the prophecy of God, you open your mind to the deceptions of the devil. That’s why some preachers are messed up! They fail to believe the truth of God and accept the lies of the devil. The devil therefore keeps them in cognitive bondage through deception.

Negative Spirit Attachment – Omen of Evil

Spirit attachment is not part of soul ties, but it is related. I believe it is important to discuss this in this article because of many people being victimized daily by negative spirit attachments. Spirit attachment is a temporary attachment to the outside of a person’s human spirit, by negative spirits from another person. The purpose is to manipulate and torture the victim. In most of the cases, when this alien spirit from another person hops on to the outside of your human spirit, you may not be aware of this. I’m assuming the person involved already has the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. In such a case the negative spirits have limitations of influence and locations. They cannot become indwelling in a person already baptized by the Holy Spirit. However, they can be oppressive while sitting on the outside of the human spirit bus. Anytime you go anywhere, on the job, grocery stores, visit other friends or relatives, negative spirits can hop on you and start to torment your soul. Always make your home a sanctuary for love, joy, peace, and serenity as guarded by the angels of Heaven. Do not allow people to curse in your house. No stolen items in your house either. No cremation remains in your home. Remove death from your home. We do not realize many things we do attracting negative spirits to us. When you engage in illicit sexual activities, or any illicit pleasure like using drugs, you invite demons to come and party with you. Close any negative portals around your dwelling place. Open the Holy Portal Gates of Heaven into your home with Psalm 24 through worship and praise in daily meditation and prayer.

You will recognize the presence of a negative spirit around you by the physical manifestations of these negative spirits. Negative spirit presents omen of evil. The omen is the negative force or energy behind negative spirit causing negative things in the earthly realm. Negative spirit can be demons, perverted human spirits, or perverted spirits of the dead (ghosts). They tend to provoke you leaving your heart in a restless state of anxiety. When they hop on you, they alter your soul perceptions. They disturb your peace, and introduce deception into your heart. For example, you may develop nightmares about certain perverted events you have never experienced in life. Anytime you have nightmares about a perverted behavior that is foreign to you, or dreams about violence and murder, it is usually from the attachment of an alien spirit. You may have picked this up from going to a conference, or interacting with other people.

I remember one time I went to dinner with two people I knew were in bondage with negative spirits. Following the dinner, I went to the grocery store. By the time I was on the line to pay for my grocery, I was almost choking. I felt that somebody was grabbing me by the throat. I started to gasp for air. This has never happened to me before in life! Initially, I got scared. I thought I was having a heart attack until I realized I was having a demonic attack. Immediately, on the grocery line, I started reading Psalm 91, rebuking and blasting off those negative spirits from their attachment locations outside my spirit bus. As soon as they left I felt a relief. The physical experience was like these negative spirits grabbed me by the throat because I took these two people to dinner to lift up their spirits. Evidently, the spirits keeping these people in bondage became offended by what I had done. When I realized the attack, I blasted them off with the Word of God. I have noticed something over the years, there is hardly anytime these spirits operate alone. They torment people in groups. So when they see you trying to help the person in bondage, some of those spirits will hop on you. Blast them off with the Word of God and do not allow them to stay in any locations around you.

The best suggestions for preachers dealing with different people in crises situation is to pray and wear the priesthood garment of empowerment before going into an encounter situation, or before service on Sunday. As a preacher, do not allow negative energies to build up around you. The same way positive energy of the Holy Spirit can heal, the negative energy of demonic spirits can make you physically sick! Remember, you have been given both empowerment and authority by Jesus to wage war against the enemy and prevail. People make mistakes calling Jesus into warfare. Jesus has already given you power through the Holy Spirit and has also giving you authority through his anointing. If you need assistance, call the head of the warriors of Heaven. You do not call a president to go to war. There is a division of the government called the armed forces. These warriors also exist in Heaven. One of the angel warriors of Heaven can throw one grenade and kill seventy thousand people (II Samuel 24:15-16). Even when God saw the damage the warrior angel did, God himself shouted in the middle of the war and instructed the warrior angel to stop. God said, "It is enough; now restrain your hand" (II Samuel 24:16). Why call Jesus when he has already empowered you? When Moses was standing in front of the Red Sea with the children of Israel crying out to God because the military forces of Pharaoh was approaching. God asked Moses, "Why do you cry to me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward" (Exodus 14:15). God was telling Moses, he had already transferred power to him. Subsequently, God gave Moses authorization to use the power by following God’s instructions.

Become empowered by wearing the warrior garment of Angel Holy Michael with the sword of fire. There is a special prayer that you say just before you enter a spiritual warfare location. Anytime you enter your hotel room for the first time, pray and consecrate the hotel rooms because you do not have an idea was spirits were hanging around the locations. The purpose of the prayer is to put on the garment of a spiritual warrior; the commander in chief of all the armed forces of Heaven. Then bind the demons and cast them out. If you are having problems with demonic spirit on the job, take control of the area before you enter the location by binding negative spirits before you leave home. The easiest spirit to bind is human negative or perverted spirits. Command the day and put all negative spirits under your control and cast them out of your pathway, or your intended location. I learned something from people who use idols to reach God. The first thing they do before starting their rituals is a prayer to blast off any bad spirit that may be of deterrence to their prayers to God through the gods. If pagans know the process of preparation to place negative spirits under control, why are Christians unable to know how to place negative spirits under control? Jesus said, "Behold, I have given you power to trample over scorpions, over serpents, over all powers of the enemy, nothing shall by any means hurt you" (St. John 10:19).

Avoid bringing negative spirits into your home after the conference is over, or after speaking before an audience. If you allow negative spirits into your home they will start to torment you and your family. Your family members may suffer from nightmares afterwards. Other times they may actually cause you or your loved ones to have physical illness. If you are not strong enough they may start a fight between you and your wife because they bring an omen of evil into your home. The first thing you do when you get back in town from a trip is to go and pray in the sanctuary. Pray and thank God for the success of your trip. The next prayer is to blast off all the negative spirits that might have attached to you with all kinds of people you encountered at the conference, airport, or on the highways. Many people carry demonic spirits around and they are unaware. Blast the negative spirits off from their locations around you with Psalms 24, 56 and 91. You must do this before going to bed. Otherwise you, your wife and children will start fighting demonic spirits while sleeping. Do not allow these negative spirits to hang around your home. Blast them off with the Word of God.

My father died a couple on months after I graduated from high school. My mother did something unusual about a couple of days prior to his funeral. My father was a very well known person in our community and a preacher. We had a large church of about two thousand members. My mother knew the audience was going to be very large including all kinds of people. Only God knew what spirits they were bringing to the funeral. However, my mother knew all of her children were going to be in the limelight. A couple of days prior to the funeral, she placed all of us her children under special prayers of protection by a Christian priest who was also a known prophet from another church. In this particular church, they had a group of prayer warriors who would fast for days praying day and night for us for spiritual protection. Today I realized what my mother was doing was to place the shroud of protection on us her children so the enemy would never be able to hop on us. The enemies she was protecting us from were human perverted and negative spirits. I did not understand it then even though she explained it to me. However, today I have a better understanding of what my mother did in preparation for my father’s funeral. She place all of us her children under the shroud of God’s protection. People in the Western culture do not understand the significance of this type of prayers because they do not have a clue about the realm of the spirit and the warfare that may ensue.

Danger of Unhealthy Soul Ties

We tend to refer to unhealthy soul ties between two people as an illicit affair happening between consenting adults. This type of relationship may be immoral and unhealthy based on Christian ethics, but may not necessarily be unhealthy soul tie. As long as both of them are benefiting from the illicit relationship, it is not considered unhealthy soul tie. The relationship becomes unhealthy when it is injurious to any of the parties involved. It gets sticky when a daughter or a stepdaughter is having an illicit relationship with the father or stepfather. Even if such a relationship is initially mutual, it will eventually turn out to be unhealthy years down the line. Years later, the pain will be obvious when the people involved realized the emotional damage they have caused each other or family members through manipulations for physical pleasures and the shame that ensued.

Unconventional Marriage: A new dangerous soul tie relationship is emerging in the U.S. today among young married couples that has not existed before in polyamory marriages. This is a very dangerous trend about marriage in our society among the young ones. In such relationship a husband allows his wife to fall in love with the husband of another couple while he falls in love with the wife of the same couple. The danger here is very enormous because if any on the four people in the relationship wants to break it off, three people are going to suffer emotional hurt. The first thing this relationship does is to put a person in a position to soul tie with three people instead of the traditional marriage where you only tie your soul with only your spouse. Instead of falling in love with one person, you now learn to live with and fall in love with three people. Not withstanding the immoral nature of such relationship based on Christian ethics, the danger of being emotionally hurt and wounded is even far greater. Sadly, such relationships also teach a person that if your spouse is unable to fulfill certain needs, the other spouse may be able to fulfill those needs, thereby legalizing adultery. The danger now exists that if there is a breakup, many people are going to be wounded. The critical nature of the unhealthy soul tie in such a triad of relationship is a person’s inability to accurately measure the level of emotional involvement with three other members of the group. What happen if the wife falls madly in romantic love with the husband of the other couple? They decided to break away from the group relationship and no longer want to share him with the rest of the group for selfish reasons? She would not only be breaking her husband’s heart, she would also be breaking the heart of the other wife as well complicating family relationships. We have enough problems with traditional marriage involving two people. Why complicate it with another unconventional soul ties involving four people, or more? Legally celebrating your lustful desires in a marriage is unacceptable in Christian ethics.

Ex-lovers Soul Tie: A common unhealthy soul tie is the relationship between ex-lovers. The relationship can go either way because they still love each other, or they want to kill each other. A woman getting married does not have to visit all her ex-lovers to set her free. She can blast off the soul-components of ex-lovers by rebuking them the same way she can rebuke negative spirits attached to her. A visit to her ex-lover may actually be counterproductive knowing human nature. The easiest person to seduce or be seduced is your ex-lover no matter whether she is married or about to be married. You are better off to stay away from former lovers. The usual problem is people particularly women tend to nurture the soul components of ex-lovers attached to them. They do so by thinking about the good times they had with ex-lovers because such perception still nurtures their souls for selfish reasons. Perhaps some men do the same destroying their marriage. The moment a person starts to think about those past good times with an ex-lover, and nurture them, the soul component stays. Rebuke that experience with ex-lover no matter how wonderful. Stop embracing the experience, close the door of your soul from thinking about the experience, and the incidents of the past become history. Since we love pleasure, we become soul tied to ex-lovers no matter how horrible the person because of previously shared pleasure. You can break it off.

In another situation, an ex-lover may still be very bitter and looking for a way to punish her former spouse. The best thing to do is not to allow an ex-lover to use the devil to beat up on you. If you place yourself in that position, no matter what you did wrong, your ex-lover will continue to beat-up on you over your past failures. Her intention is to define you as a bad person. So she can feel good about herself. If you allow that, you give her too much power over you. She is now driving pleasure from hurting you because she does not have emotional closure. She may also be riding on the power of negative spirits of vengeance. Nobody can bring her closure except herself. For the time being, remove yourself from a situation where you make yourself vulnerable for your ex-lover to keep beating you up with past failures. Close the door of your soul to that soul tie with ex-lover, and break your passion from her. Whatever she does afterwards will have no effects on you. Learn to regain your independence from an ex-lover by breaking the soul tie.

Familiar Spirit Soul Tie: An unhealthy soul tie can occur between a person and a familiar spirit. For example, if a particular spirit has camped around your parents for years, at the time your parent dies, the spirit is loose. That familiar spirit will go and hang around the children of the deceased because the spirit can no longer hang around the person that is dead. The children of the deceased must rebuke, bind, and cast the spirit out. Otherwise the familiar spirit will camp around the children and torture them.

Spirit Manipulators Soul Tie: The most dangerous soul tie is not about the issue of a physical relationship; it is about spirit manipulations. Many people who perform witchcraft know how to get inside the soul of other people and manipulate them to do things they would not normally do. In the process, they capture the soul of the person, and place that soul in bondage. Once the soul of a person is placed in bondage, the victim does anything the captor says without hesitations. Many times the perpetrator uses fear and intimidation to control the victim. Other times he may use threats of violence, hate and anger to control the victims. The sad part of the whole situation is the person who is the victim is a willing participant in order to please the perpetrator. This can happen between workers and the boss who uses manipulation or threats to control employees or to get involved in illicit relationships. The victim will justify the relationship because of the benefit of keeping the job. Down the line that relationship becomes toxic when the perpetrator wants more than the victim can afford.

Such a toxic relationship can also happen between husband and wife while one is manipulating the other and taking away his or her spouse’s freedom. This type of relationship happens even inside the church today. It is based on the power of control of the perpetrator manipulating the souls of the victims. There have been too many incidents today when a preacher has taken control of the lives of his members while he expects them to be obedient to him instead of obedience to God. David Koresh and Jim Jones were supposed to be initially Christian preachers. The devil led them astray and so were the people who followed them. They eventually led many to perish because they were blind leading the bind. The people who soul-tie with such people eventually suffer great tragedy. If you cannot in a nice way question the doctrine of the preacher, or request the operation of the church to be in compliance with the teachings of Christ, find another church very quickly!

Unhealthy soul tie may have less to do with physical relationship; and more to do with psychological control and manipulation placing the victims under the yoke of bondage. The person under such spell is unable to thrive in life because he or she is in soul submission to the spirit control of another person. Anytime you are under the bondage of another person, it is very difficult to excel in life because your soul is in bondage. You are not free! That is why Jesus said, "He that the son of man set free is free indeed" (St. John 8:36). You may be walking around like a free person, but your soul is in prison of another person controlling you because you allowed it. Many people who are under the soul tie with the devil tend to have the same problems. The devil keeps them in emotional bondage through spirit manipulation and they refuse to thrive in life. Peace is alien to them and their life is always in crisis. Even if they achieve anything in life, the devil still continues to control them. Such people tend to blame others for their misfortunes in life. They never realized they have sold their souls to the devil. Unfortunately, many people will cooperate with the devil in the process of their own personal destruction because they choose to believe the lies of Satan than the truth of God.

There was a story of a woman who was held in bondage for so many years. The man who held her in bondage had physical relationship with her and kept her naked in his basement for years. When the door was opened she was asked to go to her people. She went and visited her parents. Despite she was a grown up woman in her twenties, after the visit, she returned to her captor. This woman was physically free, but her soul was still in bondage. Similarly, many people ended a relationship, but they are still in bondage with the ex-lover who is now a soul manipulator with a grip on the person’s soul. The ex-lover keeps them in soul-prison.

Captured Spirit Soul Tie: The height of soul tie is the seizing of a person’s soul and being used by another person for personal gains. This is different from the situation when a person’s soul is being manipulated. This is a situation where a person’s soul is captured and imprisoned by the captor. The evil of witchcraft is seen when the spirit-soul of a person is captured and the victim is turned into a slave. The person may physically be alive with the captors. Other times, the captors will kill the body and keep the soul-spirit of the person in prison. Eventually the person will escape the imprisonment. However while in soul-prison, the victim’s spirit is therefore sent on missions to go and harm other people through the spirit realm, and sometimes through physical violence. Other times the captive soul may be sent on a mission to make the captors richer. This is a common practice of Voodoo. People with weaker souls are easily captured and used by other people as soul-slaves. At times people enter into soul wars being referred to in psychology as intra-psychic warfare between two people or a group of people. In the spirit realm these souls actually go into an actual fight. The loser tends to be captured, or die in his or her sleep of a sudden and unexplained death.

The greatest danger is the risk of mental illness when the demon takes complete control of the person. Another risk of sudden death may occur when a person finally realizes he or she is being manipulated for years. The person therefore resorted to physical violence to get even. Many of the suicide murder very common today tend to be associated with the sudden awareness of how the other person has used manipulations to control the relationship. The person who was controlled later responded with physical violence because the person felt cheated.

The Shroud of the Holy Spirit Protects Christians

Christians have nothing to worry about. They need not to worry about soul manipulators, even while sleeping. People are more vulnerable while sleeping, but the Holy Spirit is the guardian of human soul. As a Christian you are protected. All you have to do is surrender your soul to the Holy Spirit, and you are safe. As long as you are under the secret place of the Almighty God, you have nothing to fear (Psalm 91). The Holy Spirit therefore remains the guardian of your soul. Amen!

By Yinka Vidal, author, Closer Walk With Jesus.