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February 8, 2012

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Unveiling the Mystery of the Human Soul

In light of so many misconceptions about the human soul, the Lord reveals to me some of the mysteries of the human soul from the Christian perspective different from other religions. Human soul is the most personal of human existence different from human spirit. Both the human spirit and soul are separate entities although they work in closer association together. Many people including those working in the ministry for the Lord know that human soul is the seat of human motivation, emotions, reactions, perception, and cognition. It is the decision-making location of human existence. People usually refer to this as the invisible heart because the human soul is located at the center of the physical body around the location of the physical heart. The soul is the person inside every human being on earth. The anatomy and functioning of the human soul in connection to other human interactions remain very oblivious to many people because of the enormous complexity. This article based on what the Holy Spirit revealed to me will unveil the mystery in the complexities of human soul interactions with the human spirit and the Holy Spirit. Many times people will use the human soul and spirit interchangeably. They are different, even though they interact with each other intimately. Christians who do not understand both the physical and spiritual journey of the soul are easily victimized everyday by soul manipulators or predators.

Anatomy of the Human Soul

Human existence functions in seven different dimensions, the physical body; the memory of the physical body; the invisible human soul; the physical component of human soul around the heart area; the physical component of human cognition in the brain; the human spirit; and the Holy Spirit (for Christians who have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit). These dimensions interact with each other and sometimes overlapping each other while they both have their distinctive functions in a living human being. Simplifying these divisions is to imply that man is made primarily of the body, soul, and the spirit. Each of these components have sub-divisions, more will be discussed on this later.

The only unique and living entity to every person born on earth is the human soul. Everybody has one human soul. Human soul is immortal. The soul is the "person" inside every human being. Without the soul a human being has no existence. No two human souls are the same. The uniqueness of each individual soul is part of the ingenious power of God’s creation that no human being is able to completely understand no matter how hard we try. The part that will face judgment is the human soul. That is why the Bible says, "The soul that sins shall die" (Ezekiel 18:20) It did not say the spirit shall die, but the soul. The human soul is also referred to as the human heart. This is because the location of human soul in the physical body is closer to the location of the human heart. When God created the soul, the soul is given a human spirit. The human spirit is an encasement the human soul lives inside. Both the soul and the human spirit are living bodies attached with energies. The human spirit is also the locomotive vehicle the soul travels in the invisible world. Most people who travel in the spirit realm will notice that it appears they are traveling in an invisible vehicle. That invisible vehicle is the human spirit with which our soul travels in the universe and spirit realm. Anybody can travel in the spirit body into the invisible realm. However, there is danger traveling in the invisible highway unguarded. The human spirit also represents human soul on earth during spirit-to-spirit interactions. The human spirit knows the human soul very well in intimate association. They both work together as a team for good, or partners in crime. Inside the human soul is the decision making center of all humans on earth. Human soul tends to control the human spirit while the human spirit controls the human body. Human spirit is the one that gives human body the energy of life. When the human spirit leaves the body, the human body dies. Human spirit can also act independently by bypassing the physical component of human soul in the brain. Interactions can therefore take place in the spirit realm with other people without the cognitive awareness of human brain. Besides the verbal, or other forms of physical communication, there is also a communication that goes on in the spirit realm between people. People will be surprised that we sometimes communicate spirit to spirit more than we do through physical process most people are used to.

"Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me, bless his Holy name" (Psalm 103:1).

"My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoice in my savior" (St. Luke 1:46).

Where the soul is mentioned, we can replace it with the heart which represents the real person besides the spirit body. Human heart has two components, the visible around the location of the physical heart and the invisible, inside the human soul. The spirit body is an encasement. Jesus wants us to pray inside the spirit, not necessarily inside human spirit, but inside the Holy Spirit that attaches to human spirit encasement. More will be discussed about this later

Functioning of the Holy Spirit

When we receive the Holy Spirit, he takes a dwelling in a location of the human spirit. Imagine the human spirit is like a giant bus. Once the Holy Spirit takes position, man goes through the struggle of surrendering to God. The surrender is complete when we offer our soul completely to God. In such a process, we intentionally open the intimate door of our soul to receive and commune with the Spirit of God. At the moment of surrender, the Holy Spirit deactivates a control component of human soul over the human spirit. Subsequently, the Holy Spirit takes over the operational control over human soul. In this process, the Holy Spirit will deactivate the demonic component of human soul, and place it under arrest. Dying in the flesh, is keeping the soul under the control of the Holy Spirit shedding demonic desires of the flesh. The Holy Spirit becomes the guardian of human soul both in the physical and spirit realm. This is done by human choice. There are many people with indwelling of the Holy Spirit who refuse to let the Holy Spirit take control of their soul. Therefore the Holy Spirit remains in their spirit as a resident alien. He will only function in us to the level we allow him. The Eternal Spirit does not completely deactivate the human spirit because he allows for human freedom of choice. From time to time, the human spirit influenced by the human soul will interfere with the functional control of the Holy Spirit. Through this process, we can quench the Holy Spirit as against the will of God. When people receive new anointing, it is like receiving a new ministering Spirit that stays on the outside and helps to guide a believer in God’s direction in joint action with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Functions of Human Spirit and Human Soul

The principal function of the human spirit is to serve the human soul. The human spirit keeps alive the human flesh because it possesses the energy of life. When the Holy Spirit takes over the functions of the human spirit, he controls both the human spirit and the human soul especially at the level of his desires. This is the key function in the operation of the Holy Spirit inside every believer. Very importantly, the devil’s seduction in the Garden of Eden contaminated the human soul at the level of human desires. The soul seduction took place by human choice; therefore the deactivation of the demonic virus must take place by human choice. This is why the entire gospel of predestination is absolute nonsense! God cannot create a soul to destroy that soul in hell. God is not a wicked being as man is, but a very loving God. Our human choice is the one that leads us to hell, not because we are preordained to die in hell. How many human fathers will be happy to see their children suffer in hell? How then do we think God is pleased to see his children go to hell when God is love? It is inconceivable that a loving God will design a destiny of intentional hell for some people. If the gospel of preordination is correct, why should we need Jesus? If some people are destined to go to hell and others are destined to go to Heaven, then we do not need a savior.

Holy Spirit Deactivates Demonic Virus

The entire purpose of life’s journey on earth is a process to gradually free man from the demonic oppression of the devil with the help of the Holy Spirit. Jesus came to rescue man from the tricks the devil played on man in the Garden of Eden. Jesus therefore came to enlighten man about the devil’s plot; desires and intentions. He came to free man from the shackles of sins imposed by the devil through repentance, forgiveness, and the offering of the gift of eternal salvation. Ultimately, Jesus returns man back to the paradise lost to the devil. He took the dominion from the devil, and gave it back to man, and never to be lost again. This is the story of redemption through Jesus. Jesus therefore gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide man along the journey of life to attain spiritual intimacy with God.

The Holy Spirit comes like a computer anti virus to deactivate, or block the operations of the demonic virus inside every man born on earth. Every man born of a woman with human blood is cursed. Only Jesus removes the curse from humanity if we accept him. If you refuse Jesus, then you wear the curse all your life and you remain cursed. Eventually you will perish in hell. If you receive Jesus, then you wear Jesus all the rest of your life. You will pass from death to life. "Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears my word and believe in him who sent me has everlasting life, and shall not come to judgment, but passed from death to life" (St. John 5:24).

When the Holy Spirit completely takes control, he will then en-clothe the human soul as the human soul sits inside the human spirit. Every human soul without the Holy Spirit’s garment is a naked soul that lives in darkness. After total surrender to God, the human spirit cannot communicate the human soul without first coming through the Holy Spirit. Man also has the right to peel back the encasement of the Holy Spirit and get into trouble at will. This happens all the time with some preachers leading to scandals as they feast in the sewer of human lustful and illicit desires. Every Christian is vulnerable not preachers alone.

As the human soul resides inside human spirit encased inside the Holy Spirit, similarly the human spirit lives inside human body. If a believer refuses to surrender, the Holy Spirit will remain indwelling, but just takes up a residential location inside human spirit. As a result, the Holy Spirit’s power to control the human soul diminishes. The Holy Spirit will therefore function in a believer as a believer allows the Holy Spirit to take control of his soul. The functioning of the Holy Spirit in a believer is therefore by human choice just like the human choice to sin. If a person has not received the Holy Spirit, it opens the door for the demonic spirit to enter and take up location inside human spirit. However, the permission for the demonic spirit to come inside human spirit is usually given by the human soul that resides inside human spirit. Human soul has a control over the opening and closing of human spirit doors. However, once the Holy Spirit takes up residence inside human spirit, the demonic spirit cannot come inside. The Holy Spirit blocks the door of human spirit and will not allow the demonic spirit to enter. Both the demonic spirit and the Holy Spirit can never reside together inside the spirit of a believer. The Spirit of God will not strive with the spirit of the devil in anybody. Once the demonic spirit is cast out of a person, the Holy Spirit will then come inside, takes up residence, and shut the door of human spirit. Once the Holy Spirit takes a dwelling place inside human spirit, no spirit can chase the Holy Spirit away. However, the functionality of the Holy Spirit can be restricted by human desire inside human soul.

Some Christians may be gifted with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and wonderful operations of the eternal Spirit, yet the demonic spirits are oppressing them. This happens because outside the human spirit are spirit locations like seats outside the walls of a bus. Demonic spirits can hang to a person by riding on these outside seats, and interfering with a person’s daily activities. It is not unusual for a Christian to be hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit in one hand, and that of the demon in the other hand. The decision outcome is based on human choice. Once a Christian recognizes that the demon is riding on the outside of his bus, he can immediately take control by casting the demonic entities out and praying for the ministering Spirits to take positions. This is one of the easiest prayers to rebuke the enemy. Jesus has given us power to rebuke the enemy (St. Luke 10:19). At the time we break off the demonic entities from outside the bus of human spirit, we must immediately pray that the ministering Spirits takes up residence in those locations. We do not leave those location seats empty. Dislodging the demonic spirits from those outside human spirit seats prevents us from clearly hearing the voices of the enemy of God. It leads to the enlargement of the Holy Spirit within.

Jesus Differentiates the Soul and Spirit Bodies

The human soul is different from the human spirit. This differentiation of the soul and the human spirit was clearly stated by the Bible and confirmed by Jesus. "John the Baptist will come in the Spirit and power of Elijah" (St. Luke 1:17). Jesus confirmed that statement in response to the question about Elijah coming back by saying, "Elijah already came" (St. Matthew 17:11-12). He was referring to John the Baptist. However, when they asked John was he Elijah? He denied it (St. John 1:19-27). People who read these two accounts of the New Testament that appear contradictory will wonder why John the Baptist contradicted Jesus. There is no contradiction. Jesus statement opens the door for a better understanding of the human soul and human spirit. Theologians cannot understand this using human knowledge. Understanding comes from the Holy Spirit. John the Baptist came in the spirit and power of Elijah. He did not come in the soul of Elijah. John the Baptist came in his own soul unique to him. However, John then came riding in the spirit bus of Elijah which also included the associative spiritual power. The only thing unique to John was his soul. The spirit was only a vehicle he was riding. And that spirit has associated power like a spiritual mantle given to a person. This is like some people coming to church in a Ford car, and others coming in a Chevrolet car. Jesus therefore identified the car John was riding, but John did not know that car. Jesus knew because he was the one who provided the spirit car for John as his forerunner in the first place.

The same way John was given the mantle of Elijah, Elisha also received the same mantle. Similarly, other prophets and evangelists have transferred their mantles to their servants, friends, or children after their departure from this world. God defines the operation of the mantle in a given person. In most of the cases, not all the aspects of the mantle will manifest on the receiver. The operation of the mantle is therefore selective. In many cases subsequent people who wear a mantle will know some events that happened in the life of the previous user of the mantle. The mantle carries a memory bank just like the human body, human spirit, and the human soul. God’s messengers may or may not have access to such store of information inside the spirit vehicle they are residing. There are always some similarities or mirror reflections in the life of the current user of the mantle as compared to the previous user of the mantle. The revelation of comparing the lives of John the Baptist and that of Prophet Elijah constitute a perfect example. Comparing the life of Jesus and his disciples is another example. A very good example is to compare the life of Jesus and his journey on earth to that of Moses in the wilderness of which both of them were shepherds. Jesus is more of a spiritual shepherd while Moses was primarily a physical shepherd. Jesus leads us on a spiritual journey to God while Moses led the children of Israel on a physical journey to the Promise Land.

To complicate this matter more is to look at the lives of the elects. These are special souls God created for special assignments on earth. Some of them could have served God in spirit dimension before being allowed to come on earth in a body. They might have served the Lord as ministering Spirits in Spirit dimension of God. When they were ready to come on earth, God gave them a spirit body constituting an already made mantle used by another messenger. Although their souls are unique to them, but their spirits are not. Their spirits are vehicle of transportation and other functions. The non-elects have regular human spirit without a mantle. People can receive the Holy Spirit without a mantle. All those who received the mantles are called to the kingdom ministry to serve God for special assignments. Every body has an assignment; some are designed for higher level of special assignments. The elects therefore have possible access to the knowledge of their past missions for God, and the memory of the mantle they are given. God can also send pre-existing souls to earth for special assignments. These messengers are called the elect because of their high caliber special assignments for God similar to the two witnesses in the Book of Revelation.

Active Interactions of Human Soul

There is a complexity of interactions between the soul, the human spirit, and the human body. This is an over simplification of human existence which is more complex. All these three components of human existence are all alive while interacting with each other. For example, the Holy Spirit receives communication from the Spirit realm of God. The Holy Spirit communicates that message to the human spirit, and the human spirit in turn passes the information to human soul leading to human perception in cognitive awareness. If a person has completely surrendered his soul to God, the Holy Spirit can bypass the human spirit and communicates the human soul spirit body directly. Similarly, the Holy Spirit can communicate the human spirit without the awareness of the human soul’s consciousness in the brain. Subliminal messages can be passed on to human spirit coming through the physical windows (eye, ear, or nose gates) of human souls without cognitive recognition. This is part of the principles of hypnosis and advertisements. However the demonic spirit can never enter human soul except when given permission by the opening of the window of human soul. Now, people may not know that they are opening the windows of their soul (heart) in wrong places, and closing it in the right places. Some Christians will close the windows of their soul during church services, and open the window to be seduced by financial scammers. Spirit attachment to outside locations of human spirit can take place without permission. This is why Jesus asked us to remain in constant prayer to fight off the enemy.

There is a visible and an invisible component of human soul. The invisible component of human soul comes from God. This is the real human being. The visible component of human soul is inside the human body. When the invisible enters the visible human body at birth, the invisible attaches to the visible component of human body. At such time, the human spirit enters the fetus. Nobody knows the time this takes place in the womb of a pregnant woman except God. When death occurs, the invisible part of the human soul that attaches to the physical soul component in the body with a silver cord breaks off. This death process frees the human soul encased inside the human spirit to leave the dying physical body. In most cases, the invisible component of the human soul leaves before the completion of the physical death of the body. The human body cannot die with the soul trapped inside. If this happens, the spirit will fire up the body, and the body will come back alive again. The human spirit is the one that carries the energy of human life and existence. Without the human spirit to give life to the body, the body dies.

Guard Your Soul with the Holy Spirit

From time to time, the human soul can come out of human body and travel into the invisible world using the human spirit as the locomotive vehicle. Human soul travels in a special class encased inside human spirit like riding on a life airplane. Human soul cannot travel by itself because he does not know the direction in the invisible world of the universe. He also lacks the functioning tools of the spirit like the propellant energy of movement. How many human brains know the direction to Heaven? None! With all our astronomic and astro-physics knowledge, we still do not know the direction to Heaven. But, our invisible pilot; the Holy Spirit knows. As the human spirit travels, it is accompanied and protected by the Holy Spirit. The visible part inside the brain can malfunction while the invisible part is functioning well.

When a blind man had a near death experience, despite he was physically blind, but he was able to see in the spirit realm. This happens because even though his physical eyes were malfunctioning, his spirit eyes were functioning okay. While out of his body, with his spirit eyes, he was able to see things in the physical his physical eyes were unable to see. When he came back into his body, the blind man was describing to nurses and doctors what he saw during his out of body experience he could otherwise not see with his physical eyes. The nurses and doctors were amazed!

The Holy Spirit is the guardian of our soul while in the physical and the invisible world. He performs many functions to keep the soul alive. He is a comforter. Those people in the New Age who refuse to acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit will continue to suffer from depression, anxiety and fear. They will never have peace! If they accept and acknowledge the functioning power of the Holy Spirit, he will flood their soul with love, peace, joy and serenity. The greatest sin of the New Age people is to give God’s glory to creations. Jesus, please help these blasphemers! God is angry with anybody who dared to share his glory with another. He is a jealous God, who refuses to share his glory with idols! Anybody who worships creation is worshipping idols!

Some people have traveled unguarded by the Holy Spirit and ended up dying in their sleep because they become preys to spirit predators. They may encounter some vicious spirit entities who seized their souls while unguarded by the Holy Spirit. You do not want to go into the spirit realm unprotected by the Holy Spirit. Do so at your own risk! This is the primary reason why Yoga and hypnosis are both dangerous exercises. When the human spirit encounters hostile spirit entities in the spirit realm, the Holy Spirit serves as the soul protector. No spirit entities have ever snatched the human soul from the protective hand of the Holy Spirit while awake or while in a sleep. If necessary, the Holy Spirit can call for air strikes, warrior angels will respond immediately, and the legion of demons will disappear. Just like we have sea pirates, the same way there are spirit pirates. When they capture a human soul, they will turn the soul to be their slave in the spirit realm. They therefore capture human soul for demonic activities. This is part of the evil of witchcraft. Consequently, it is very important for Christians to surrender themselves to the Holy Spirit and let him lead the way and guard their souls. If you have ever fallen in love, you know how to open the window of your soul to your lover, and you can do the same with the Holy Spirit.

A Love Affair as a Soul Exchange

When we fall in emotional love with somebody, we exchange soul parts. A part of a man’s soul breaks off to tie with a part of the woman’s soul and vice versa. Once we exchange soul components, the feeling of love is said to be mutual. At that moment the marriage of the soul has taken place. If the marriage did not take part inside human soul with each person opening his or her soul windows, the marriage will not last. The exchange of wedding rings on the wedding day is the symbolism of the exchange of soul components. Jesus himself said, when a man and a woman unite in marriage, they become one in Christ (St. Matthew 19:5). So, a part of her enters into his soul to keep, and a part of him enters into her soul to keep. This completes the soul ties in a marriage relationship. Soul exchange usually happens prior to the wedding day. Physical intimacy is a physical expression of soul exchange between two lovers. Couples can love each other so much that they can be distance apart and can sense danger around their spouses, or even have conversations in the spirit. There have been reports where a wife or husband traveled in the spirit to see what the spouse was doing while the bodies physically remained apart. This type of movement of human spirit in the spirit realm is called parallel travel in out of body experience compared to longitudinal travel into the presence of God carried by the Holy Spirit called ascension.

A marriage is more than the exchange of vows and rings; it is an exchange of souls as well. However, there is a danger if one person opens and the other refuses to open his or her soul window in mutual exchange. For example if she loves him more than he cares while they are still dating, she will exchange a larger part of her soul component to express her passion for him. By nature, women are very vulnerable in this exchange. When we exchange soul components, we receive each other’s soul by opening the windows of our souls to let the other one inside us. When this happens, the woman may be in danger of her heart being broken because he can get up and leave because his soul is not fully committed to the relationship. She is therefore advised to pull back and give him chance to commit his soul before she goes any farther in the relationship. Otherwise, her heart is going to be broken as he walks away.

The first person that talked about soul transfer was Jesus Christ when he said, "At that day, you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you" (St. John 14:20). This is a perfect illustration of soul ties as Jesus described it in the Spirit realm. The same thing happens in emotional realm when we fall in love and receive the other person’s soul component. Jesus does not receive all of human spirit; he does not need to. He only receives a purified component of human soul to reside inside him. The human spirit carries a lot of junk attached to it. Jesus does not need all that junk in him. The purified human soul minus the devil’s contamination is that part that exist in Jesus to represent each individual person. In another scripture, Jesus said those who are married become one in him, confirming two united souls residing inside Jesus.

The way we treat the person we love is based on how we treat the soul component of the person we receive in our heart. If we really love the person, we will cherish the new soul we receive while nurturing it. We then start to learn not only to intensely love the other person, but also to embrace the person’s individuality including their faults. Along the way, we may stop caring for the person, we then stop nurturing the other person’s soul within us as we start falling out of love. The first sign of danger in a relationship is "the stop caring behavior" if any of the spouse may be distracted by another person.

One of the most interesting behaviors about soul component is what happens when people break up, in a romantic relationship. The other person keeps the soul component he received from her, and may sometimes use it as a tool for manipulation. This can go either way with both male and female manipulating each other’s partner after a break up. When people break up, a person may feel empty because they have lost a part of their soul to the other person. The lost part does not make us feel inadequate because Christ is the only one who can complete us. If you feel empty after the death of a loved one or after your lover left, accept Jesus into you heart, or enlarge him and the Holy Spirit within you, and he will fill you up replacing the lost part of you. Without Jesus, you can never be whole again. This is what many people are always searching for, the lost part of their soul. We therefore search for lovers to complete us. But it never works because man is imperfect. If we place the love of any human being above that of Jesus, we will suffer greatly. Continuous suffering after divorce is due to some people placing their ex-lover above the nurturing of the Holy Spirit. Similarly, Christians will suffer greatly after emotional trauma until they use Jesus to replace their loss, or apply Jesus to the bleeding heart. Jesus is a soul healer! Therefore, it is unnecessary to go after an ex-lover in a ritual to untie the soul ties of a previous relationship. Once you enter the presence of Jesus in the Spirit ascension, he breaks off all these other unhealthy soul ties, and removes the emotional pain associated with the past painful experiences. A married person dealing with an ex-lover is cruising in dangerous waters because there is still an open door of the soul allowing physical intimacy that can happen spontaneously. Such a person still dealing or communicating with ex-lover is sailing in dangerous waters filled with sharks.

The greatest fight is never about material things in a divorce, as it is about being compensated for the soul component lost to the other person when they were in love. If either the husband or wife has an extramarital affair, the fight is usually not about the act or betrayal even though these can be part of it. The greatest fight is about the strange soul your partner receives from the other person during intimacy. Now, you have to deal with your spouse’s soul component wondering what to do with it, whether to love, forgive, or kill it. Then you still have to deal with the soul component of the other woman especially the flash backs during intimate moment with your husband. Women tend to handle this better than men due to cultural reasons. Men do not handle this romantic assault well. A husband may respond to his wife’s extramarital affair as a form of a spiritual assault bruising his ego inside his soul. In some situations, wife’s affairs may lead to violence because the man feels degraded by another man.

Handling marital challenges such as extra-marital affairs is one of the reasons for Christians to walk in the Spirit of God. This is not to condone extra-marital affairs that may be inevitable in some relationships. But the ability to handle such a challenge in a marriage depends on both partner’s spiritual walk with the Lord. Every affair should not end in a divorce regardless to who was involved. People who resort to physical violence in response to an affair show lack of maturity. If you really love a person who cheated on you, the worst thing your heart wants to do is to destroy your spouse. When true loves hurts, but can also forgive. When selfish love hurts, also wants to destroy. All humans are cheaters before God. That’s why we are called the adulterous generation. Did God destroy us when we are caught in spiritual affairs with other gods? If you develop an insatiable desire to punish your spouse after an affair, you do not truly love your spouse. Wickedness does not define love, but selfishness. True love will absorb the shock of extramarital affairs, heal the wounds, and put the house back together again. Human selfishness leads to hate, anger, and sometimes violence after an extramarital affair come to light.

There was a story where the wife of a successful businessman confessed to an affair before the minister during a counseling session. The pastor was shocked what the husband did in response to the wife’s confession. The wife believed it was safer for her to confess the affairs during the counseling session in order to keep her marriage. At the same time, she wanted to be protected from a husband that may respond with physical violence. She believed the pastor would intervene. After she made the confession with tearful eyes, the husband got up from the sofa, went before his wife and slowly pulled her up hugging and kissing her. With tears down his cheeks, he was asking for her forgiveness. He told her it was his fault for neglecting her because he had been working too hard. The husband was asking his wife for forgiveness and telling her it was not her fault that he carried the entire guilt and responsibility for her affairs. The pastor himself started to weep telling the couple that he had never seen such a display of love, ever in his life. Then, the pastor turned to the wife and said, "If you ever leave you husband, you will never find true love like this again!"

Selfishness of Human Soul

The worst thing a Christian can do is to spend too much time in the flesh stirring the pot of human soul. This is how many Christian leaders go astray by spending too much time in the flesh. As long as you spend endless time in the flesh, compared to spending time in the Spirit of God as Jesus commanded us, the lust of the flesh will govern your desires. Whatever you feed inside human soul will grow, and whatever you starve will die. Inside the human soul resides all kinds of selfishness, evil, arrogance, pride, hate prejudice, and all other behavior very offensive to God. This was not the way God created man. But the soul contamination of the devil inside every human being in the Garden of Eden makes us vulnerable to the deception of the devil.

Human flesh is designed to serve the desires of the human soul. The human flesh and soul are each different, and can operate from different planes, but they are enablers and co-conspirators in crime. Human soul wants to feel good because it uses the flesh to feel good. Fleshly desires are from inside human soul. The human soul is the most selfish part of human existence, caring only for itself. When the soul wants to feel good, it will drive the flesh to pleasure itself. By so doing, the soul will derive satisfaction when the flesh is pleased through sensory stimulation. But the soul never have enough pleasure driving people to endless desires to please the flesh, even to the point of damaging the physical body. Drug addiction is a typical example of the soul wanting to be pleasured by binging in the flesh at the expense of damaging the physical body. The soul desires can drive the flesh as the flesh can drive the soul desires as allowed by the human spirit. As long as the body continues to respond to the desires of the soul, the body becomes a slave to soul desires. This is how people become addicted to obsessive behaviors. Take the case of an anorexic person dying of malnutrition and looking like a bag of bones. The soul is so selfish and does not care what happens to the physical body. Even as the body begins to break down, the soul is still insisting on being satisfied even to the point of death of the physical body. In the quest for obsessive behavior, the soul can actually kill the physical body if not placed under check. Brain damage begins to occur in anybody when the body becomes a slave to the illicit desires of the human soul. Consequently, the human soul therefore captures and enslaves the human body, even to the point of death.

All these fleshly desires directed by the soul can be abolished as soon as we allow the Holy Spirit to enlarge in us. When the Holy Spirit is embraced to filled us up, he wrapped our soul in his Spirit body. This is what Jesus meant when he said we should abide in him and we should worship the Father in Spirit. Many of us Christians are used to worshipping God in the flesh and we wonder why nothing is happening. It is like a person standing in front of his house in St. Louis and calling out to his son in Chicago. How can he hear him? Jesus said, "Abide in me" (St. John 15:7) meaning, instead of abiding in the flesh, let the Holy Spirit wrap himself around your soul. Instead of constantly willing to do the desires of the flesh, you will be led to do the desires of the Spirit of God. Such a point in your spiritual walk is a point of total surrender to the Lord. At this point, the Holy Spirit will be your constant reminder. He will prepare you for events to come, and comfort you even while in the midst of a storm. Human soul encased inside the Holy Spirit offers ALL the solutions to our life problems. You will have a direct access to the radio frequency of Heaven while the voice of the devil will be blotted out. Those who live in the flesh hear the louder voice of the devil compared to those who live in the Spirit hear the louder voice of Jesus.

The best way to keep preachers or those working in the ministry away from sin is for them to walk more in the Spirit of God than in the flesh. The more time they spend in the Spirit of God, the less they are under the grip of the soul desires expressed through the flesh. Reading the Bible during daily devotion, meditation on the word of God, and spending some quality time with God in prayer and fasting will keep us in the Spirit and away from the lust of the fleshly desires of the soul. Allow the Holy Spirit to be the guardian of your soul. Jesus said, "That which is born of the Spirit is spirit and that which is born of the flesh is flesh" (St. John 3:6). We cannot merge the Spirit of God and soul desires together because they are very contradictory and separate. The flesh wants to satisfy the desires of the soul energized by human spirit while the Holy Spirit in us wants to satisfy the desires of God. Oil and water cannot mix.

Soul Memory Storage and Transfer

The way the human spirit carries and retains the memory of life events from human soul is the same way the human flesh carries the memory of some life events. Evidence from medical science indicated when an organ was transplanted from one person to another; the physical organ appeared to carry memory from the donor that would eventually influence the behavior of the recipient. Dr. Danny Penman published an article online titled, Can We Really Transplant a Human Soul, in April 9, 2008. In that article he cited a series of incidents when organ was transplanted to another patient and the subsequent event that took place of which originated from the donor. In one case, he discussed Sonny Graham, a 69-year-old man living in Georgia, who shot himself without any history of depression. However, before the incident, he had received a heart transplant from a man who committed suicide the same way. When the recipient met the wife of the donor, he instantly fell in love with her, and they got married. Later, Graham committed suicide the same way the woman’s previous husband committed suicide.

This situation and many others discussed in this article is nothing new. From the Christian point, Bible supports the understanding that we can transfer soul from one person to another in intimate encounter especially between husband and wife as discussed previously. In case of organ transplantation, it is not the flesh. We eat animal organs all the time, as we do not act like animals. Some people even eat raw fish and they do not feel like they want to go swimming. When a live human organ is transplanted, it carries both the life form and the memory of the donor. If the organ dies, the memory dies. The recipient of the organ can access the memory of the donor just like people can access the memory of the human spirit they are encased. As discussed previously, the real human being is the soul not the spirit. The human spirit is a vehicle and a house that encased the soul which another person could have previous used just like the case of John the Baptist and Elijah.

Many people got very confused about soul-to-soul interaction because they believe in spontaneous reincarnation. There is nothing called spontaneous reincarnation as depicted by the New Age; otherwise human existence will be out of control. The New Age people are very confused about the truth. Many celebrities who are in the New Age movement do not have inner joy or peace. Why? They do not have Jesus. If they have Jesus, they do not embrace the Holy Spirit. Sadly many of them suffer from spontaneous depression, mood swings, and lack of joy, and peace is alien to them. All the money, the awards, and possessions failed to deliver eternal joy and peace which can ONLY be attained from Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Retains the Purest Bloodline

God reserves the right to send his messengers to this world for certain missions to be accomplished. All of them are given mantles by God for the purpose of their mission. Inside the mantle is the spirit that accompanies the person to this world. However, the soul that comes inside that spirit is a very unique human being as I mentioned earlier. Now, God also has the right to send anybody to this earth as he sent Jesus. For most people, their souls are unique, their human spirit may not be. In a similar manner, the Holy Spirit is not unique to any individual person. The Holy Spirit is the Eternal Spirit of God that comes to represent God in us. He only speaks the voice of God by speaking to human spirit, not to human soul, in a spirit-to-spirit communication. The human spirit will then relay the information to soul component of human spirit. The awareness of the human soul relates the information to human cognition in human brain of the flesh component. As a rule the Holy Spirit does not communicates the human physical brain, or human cognition in the physical realm. The mystery of God is hidden inside the Holy Spirit as Jesus taught us. This is how we perceive the messages from God. There is a complexity to this relay of information between the Holy Spirit and the human soul through the human spirit.

Very importantly, it is vital to know that man has two soul components; the invisible spirit attached, and the visible in human physical body. The Holy Spirit can communicate directly to the spirit component of human soul, but can never communicate with the cognitive component of human soul inside human body. Man cognitive process can never decipher the mystery of God without the help of the Holy Spirit. The wisdom of God comes primarily from the Holy Spirit. This is separate from human knowledge. Many preachers who are preaching through human cognition may be misleading people compared to preachers preaching directly from the heart of the Holy Spirit. The human soul component in the brain, and the Holy Spirit are not on the same frequency wavelength of communication. Besides, the human soul in the flesh was infected with the demon’s virus. Consequently, the Holy Spirit communicates the human spirit. And the human spirit relays information to human soul. God made human spirit in perfection. The devil polluted the physical soul component in the blood by a demonic virus. The curse of the human soul comes from the bloodline called the generational curse. If the human bloodline is removed man is born in perfection. This was exactly the way Jesus was born without the biological bloodline of a sinful man. If Jesus were born through the human blood, he would not be a perfect Lamb of God. Human blood is impure to purify the mercy seat in Heaven; only the blood of Jesus will suffice. The blood of God the Father runs in Jesus veins. Praise God! That was why he was a perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world.

Can the soul survive by itself without the human spirit? The answer is "No." If the soul can survive by itself, why do we need the human spirit? As the physical body cannot survive without the human spirit, same way the soul cannot survive without the human spirit either. Both the soul and the human spirit are intimately connected from the beginning. Jesus answered that question to his disciples when he said, "Without me, you can do nothing" (St. John 15:5). Jesus was saying that without his Spirit, his disciples could not do anything. The human soul cannot function effectively without the human spirit who supplies the spirit nutrition including the energy to survive. The human spirit keeps both the human body and soul alive. However, the Holy Spirit keeps us alive in Christ. When people die, they are not unconscious. They are alive in Jesus. Death to those who believe in Jesus is like undressing of the human body from the human soul. The human spirit being accompanied by the Holy Spirit takes the human soul home to God in glorious jubilation. An unbeliever in Christ on the other hand faces great anxiety and torment from the beginning of death process to crossing over to Hades where the great soul agony begins. There is staggering difference between the soul operation of a believer and a non-believer. A believer in Christ operates from both the human spirit and the Holy Spirit. A non-believer operates only from the human spirit and he is unable to please God. You can only please God in the Spirit of the holiness of God. In Heaven, the human soul can exist by itself because the Spirit of God will fully replace the human spirit and all its functions. They need no light in Heaven because the Son of God is the light. "There shall be no light there. They need no lamp nor light of the sun, for the Lord God gives them light" (Rev. 22:5).

The Inner Man and the Human Soul

In many places in the Bible there are references to the inner man. Some people confuse the inner man with the human spirit. The human spirit as described above, is the house the soul lives inside. The inner man is the same thing as the human soul which people refer to as the human heart. There is no inner existence of every human being than the human soul. The human spirit clothes the human soul. On accepting and surrendering to God, the Holy Spirit encloses the human soul inside the human spirit. This was why Paul said, "Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outer man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day" (II Corinthians 4:16).

St. Paul was saying that the physical body would eventually decay and die. But the inner man who is the human soul will continue to be renewed day by day through the power, manifestations, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The human body is mortal, but both the human spirit and the soul are immortal. While the inner man is the human soul, the outer man is the human flesh. In some situations, people have referred to the outer man as the human spirit which encases the human soul. The inner man can only refer to one entity of our existence; the human soul. The outer man may reference either the human spirit, or the human body. The concept of the inner man is made clearer by Jesus when he said, "But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God" (St. John 3:21). Jesus was telling the people that he was dwelling in the Spirit of God the Father while doing the work that the Father sent him. Similarly Jesus told his disciples, "Abide in me" (St. John 15:4). Jesus was not talking about the existence of human spirit inside him because he knows the nature of men. He was asking the human soul of believers to reside in him minus the demonic component. He welcomes only the part that the Holy Spirit has purified. This is another way to purify the human soul through residence inside Jesus.

Each person should decide where he or she is dragging the soul after death. Either live with God by accepting Jesus, or choose to live with the devil joining hands with his cronies to receive eternal damnation and agonizing pain. Jesus is God’s plan of salvation. Make your choice! Do not allow your ignorance to lead you to making regrettable error of life. Accept Jesus and your eternal salvation is guaranteed. Refuse him, and your eternal damnation is guaranteed! You have to make a choice! This life is not forever!

Stop Fearing the Devil! He is not As Powerful as God

Sadly today, many preachers love to preach about the power of the devil. This sermon has been over-preached, some people started to fear the devil. In our present entertainment culture, the devil is being worshipped, glamorized and glorified. The Devil’s glamour is being accentuated with many movies about vampires, music dedicated to the devil and occult. We wonder why our children are not listening to us anymore. One youth pastor one time dismissed the impact of demonic influences in video games. When the issue was brought to my attention, I responded that such a youth teacher should not be teaching children inside the church. She was yet to learn about the invisible world of God. Many people walk in the flesh. They refused to walk in the Spirit of God because of the restrictions the Holy Spirit may place on their lives. They therefore respond to spiritual problems with human knowledge. One of the greatest problem we are experiencing in the church today is the lack of awareness of the enormous spiritual problems haunting both children and adults within Christianity. Many are unable to explain the supernatural world of God. If we are willing to preach so much about the devil, why are we not preaching more about the functioning power of the Holy Spirit? Some of the Christian preachers know how to scare people about the power of the devil while dismissing the working hand of the Holy Spirit. No wonder many people are worshipping the devil in the entertainment industry because we have given them the impression that the devil is more powerful than God. Although this is not the impression they wanted to teach to people, but talking only about the power of the devil is enough to scare people after watching some of those crazy vampire movies. We should be teaching people that if the devil appears to be powerful, God is more powerful as manifested by the Holy Spirit. One Chicago pastor wrote a book about the serpent in the Garden of Eden. He forgot that God was the first visitor to both Adam and Eve before the devil showed his ugly face, and deceived Eve.

The way to experience the power of the Holy Spirit is to allow the Holy Spirit to wrap his hands around our soul. Many people preaching the devil themselves do not walk in the Spirit of God despite they are Christian preachers. Jesus never preached the devil. He made references to the devil. He even said he had nothing in common with the ruler of this world while referring to the devil. Why then do we spend so much time preaching about the devil to the exclusion of the mighty power of the Holy Spirit? In this way we leave many Christians scared and confused! Even in some Christian denominations, they are preaching that the Holy Spirit manifestations are no longer functional today. How ignorant and stupid? Jesus said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you" (Hebrew 13:5). "I will send you another comforter" (St. John 14:16). So, what happened to the comforter that was supposed to abide with us forever? Did he die or disappeared? The most important message a pastor can preach to his members is not the prosperity gospel that "God wants to bless you" nonsense. God blessed everybody on earth in different ways. We do not have to send a large sum of money to a preacher to receive our blessings. Our actions in walking closer to the Lord will ignite a breakthrough for the Gates of Heaven to open up and deliver what has been allocated to us from the foundation of this world. The most important gospel is the power of walking in the Spirit of God closer to Jesus leading to wearing his garment. Once we have entered into this presence in the spirit realm, ALL problems are solved because the Holy Spirit becomes the guardian of our souls while we are inside Jesus. The Holy Spirit leads our human soul through the spirit to serve God’s purpose. The way a shepherd carries a lamb is the same way Jesus carries every believer in him.

Learn to Guard the Gates of Your Soul

Opening and closing the gates of our soul are based on what appeals to us in the physical world. The deceptions of the devil using physical things of the world require us to be on guard all the time. The devil deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden this way. Take for example falling in love. Many people become attracted to the opposite sex due to physical attraction, money, power or fame. We are easily seduced by these physical things and never learn to know the real person living inside the body. Bad relationship did not start by accident, but because we fail to know the real person who is the soul that lives inside that spirit encased in that body. We must therefore be very careful where we open the window of our soul allowing ourselves to be seduced by things, or evil spirits leading eventually to enslavement and sometimes to tragedies. Many people who fall in love blindly also crash blindly.

The best way to guard the window of your soul is to allow the Holy Spirit to enshroud your soul within your human spirit. Once you go through the process of hearing, receiving, accepting, believing, and living the word of God, it becomes easier to go through a process of surrender to the Lord. The process of surrendering to the Holy Spirit will ignite the process of spiritual ascension. At the peak of spiritual ascension, we not only allow the Holy Spirit to direct our paths, but also have cultivated an intimate relationship with Christ. The Holy Spirit continues to remain the guardian of our soul. This does not mean we are perfect, but the Holy Spirit will help to fight off demonic seductions, and alerts us of danger just like a computer anti virus. Spiritual alarm will go off each time we encounter a spiritual seduction. Today, many people do not have an idea how they are being seduced by demonic influences in music and entertainment, especially in horror movies.

One time, I was working with a lady who told me she was a white witch. She also told me a white witch could turn to a black witch any time. She asked if she could combine power with me. A spiritual alarm went off in my head. I responded with one word, "No!" I have never known a place where the spirit of the devil and that of the Holy Spirit work together as a team. Evidently, she had sensed the Spirit of God in me. She was not interested in the Holy Spirit, she just wanted to tap into the power of God through me. I refused and would not allow this. This is part of the agenda of the New Age movement. They want to tap into and use the power of God without giving God the credit. Instead, they want to give God’s credit to creations. Giving God’s credit to creation is like sticking fingers of insult directly in the eyes of God. How blasphemous? I have seen some situations when witches have seduced some pastors and tapping into their power and using it for demonic influences in a form of idolatry. It does not matter how attractive she may be, she may be carrying the omen of the devil. Watch out pastors! This was what happened when Balaam was asked to go and curse the children of Israel. The king wanted to tap into the power God gave Balaam, and use it to do evil things (Number 22:1-35).

Similarly, an evildoer can physically seduce a spiritually powerful person, and use his body for her pleasure while draining his spiritual power to do evil. While the seduction is taking place, the spiritual power of the preacher starts to diminish. Later when the woman gets through with him, there will be nothing left in a man after she gets through draining him. The preacher who thinks he was enjoying such intimate pleasure later find out that he has been drained of his energy. He becomes powerless because he allows the evil person to suck the power out of him. This is the principle of female demonic seduction many preachers are yet to learn in the Western World. Because she is the most attractive woman you have ever seen does not mean she comes with good intentions. It does not matter how good she looks in front and behind shaking like a piece of jell-o. Watch out preachers! The devil sometimes puts on one of the most beautiful outfits God ever created. Please notice the danger sign! The same beautiful chamber she uses to seduce and please her man, she will use the same thing to snatch you, snap you into two, and destroy your ministry, blaming you later. She will bring you down to shame and your entire building will collapse into rubbles. Some men are now doing the same thing against women in power and those that are rich. These are young men who act like vultures, using the older women’s vulnerable needs for passion to seduce them into submission. She would therefore exchange the loss of her dignity for the romantic love that never lasted with a younger man. He comes in, connects with her soul, feed like a wild animal, tear up the house, and walk away leaving her broken hearted. This is why Jesus asks us to watch and pray because ambush hides the evil one, especially the good-looking ones carrying the intentions of the devil.

Guard your Soul in Preparation for Sunday Service

One of the most important thing a pastor can do starting Saturday, or beginning from Friday is to start soul cleansing in preparation for Sunday service. If a pastor is not spiritually prepared for service, he will be ineffective in reaching the people. We all spend more time in the flesh than we should. We should be spending more time in the Spirit of God. Going from the physical realm into spiritual realm of God is not as difficult as coming down from the Spirit realm of God because of the grip of the Holy Spirit. An uninformed preacher will go into worship in physical realm and makes a fool of himself while he is driven not by the Holy Spirit, but by his own emotions. As a worship leader, the pastor has to establish at atmosphere to allow the Holy Spirit to flourish in the house of God. This is one of the most important things the pastor has to do every Sunday. Without establishing such an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit, the service is a waste of time. Members will therefore not be inspired to attend church services on Sundays. The preacher must therefore be able to tune to the members and use their responses as a gauge of his performance. Pastors who refuse to walk in the Spirit of God may be doing a lot of damage to the spiritual life of his members.

Some church members will come with demonic spirits hanging on the outside of their human spirits. Others may come with perverted spirits hanging around them. Worship service will not thrive if these demons are not rebuked and banned from the location of service. They will hinder the spiritual atmosphere and prevent the establishment of worship in the Spirit of God. Bringing Heaven down during worship is one of the essentials of Christian worship. Like in the Old Testament, the Lord holds the ministers responsible for establishing an atmosphere conducive to worship in the Spirit of God. That was why God instructed Moses to prepare the children of Israel to meet him on top of the mountain. God gave Moses specific instructions about purification (Exodus 19:10-15). The Holy Spirit refuses to function in an atmosphere of chaos, fighting, pride and arrogance, and other negative behaviors, mostly driven by human flesh. A preacher who places himself as the center of worship will quench the Holy Spirit, chase away church members who remained uninspired, while the Holy Spirit steps back. No human being is in charge of the church except Jesus through the Holy Spirit. For a service to flourish in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit must be allowed to bring in the presence of God. A pastor who does not know how to do this should learn or not be leading church services.

A pastor must enter the sanctuary before anybody enters, or before service to cast out all demonic spirits from the house of God. He must ban any bad spirit from entering the sanctuary with worshippers. He must position through prayer request Cherubim with the flaming sword of fire to stand at all the doors where people enter for worship. Subsequently, he will order the ministering Spirits to take position and request worshipping angels and the Holy Spirit to come and worship with the congregation. A minister must prepare himself both spiritually and physically according to Psalm 24 for the worship of God. The worst thing a pastor can do is to come into the sanctuary of God with anger, pride, or immediately following an intimate encounter with a woman, drinking, or on drugs. This type of attitude and physical conditions will destroy the atmosphere of spiritual worship. Most of the worshippers are very tuned to the spirit condition of their pastor. If he is not in the Spirit realm of God, the members can easily sense the lack of the presence of God during service. Such members will not be inspired but be disenchanted leaving the church with empty pews.

Guarding the Outside Windows of Your Soul

The same way we guard the inside gateway of our soul, the same way we guard the outside windows of our soul or spirit. The human spirit encased the human soul. Outside the human spirits are seats like a bus with seats outside as mentioned before. Negative human spirits including demons can hang to a person taking position outside the bus. Through these seats they can easily gain access to human soul component of his spirit thereby influencing human mind. This is an area many people including Christians do not understand because they do not know how to walk in the Spirit of God. These outside seats of human spirit are the original location of the Holy Spirit because he became indwelling. If you are already indwelling with the Holy Spirit, bad or perverted human spirits can still hang on to you, taking positions at these outside locations and do a lot of havocs in your life.

Take the case of a married man whose wife continues to have an affair despite the husband’s warning and asking her to stop. The husband called the Christian counseling program telling the counselors he is a very good Christian who loved his four children despite his wife’s continuous affair. The husband started to weep on the telephone and the Christian television counselors were very sympathetic to him. When the call was about to end, one of the counselors asked the man about his relationship with his parents. What he said was a bomb that threw more meaning into what was happening with his wife. The caller told the story of how he witnesses another man coming to the house while his father was at work and had sex with his mother. He said he would pretend to sleep as the mother’s affair went on with her lover. That explained what was happening between the caller and his wife. Negative, perverted, or immoral human spirit (not demon) can travel through the bloodline (generational curse) and also attached to the human spirit by sitting in the outside location gaining access to human soul. The husband inadvertently received the receptive spirit of adultery from his father because he witnessed the affairs of his mother. That spirit of adultery hanged on to him outside his human spirit. When the adulterous spirit in the wife recognizes the receptive spirit in her husband, it became easier for the wife to start and continued her affair. Sadly to say, the husband was indirectly responsible for the continuing affair of the wife because he carried the spirit of affair from his mother and that of receptive affair from his father. He therefore found himself stuck and unable to act because the battle was warfare within his own spirit causing pain within his soul. The wife was only acting out in the physical the spirits that the husband had accepted and was nurturing when he himself was not even having an affair. Similarly, a daughter who never drank in her life became attracted to an alcoholic man because she previously lived in a house where her father was an alcoholic. She was attracted to an alcoholic man because she carried the receptive spirit of alcoholics which could easily be recognized as a magnet to an alcoholic man. In the same way, a young man lived with a drug-addicted mother. He hated to see his mother drinking herself crazy and using drug till she passed out. As soon as he grew up, he started doing exactly the same thing his mother was doing despite he resented his mother for her drug binge. The spirit that we allow to hang around us is the spirit that influences our soul desires, our behavior, and the ones we accept from others. The husband was not weeping, not so much because his wife was having affairs. How many husband weep when they find out their wives were having affair? The husband was weeping because he was under the oppressive spirit of adultery, and he felt stuck.

The explanation for these spirits interaction is very complex, but the treatment and the preventions are much easier to explain and attain. Although we love our parents, we find it very difficult not to embrace the perverted human spirit that drives them. So many people do not know how to love a person and rebuke the spirit of perversion that is driving them. Inadvertently, we ended up opening the window of our hearts to love our parents at the same time embrace the spirit of perversion that plagued them. Sometimes we may not engage in such a behavior, but a person with whom we have intimate relationship can easily be magnetized to that spirit hanging around us. The point being, many of what we play out in the physical already took place in the spirit realm. The spirit attractions that go both ways, and the intercourse already took place in the spirit realm before being played out in the physical. Anytime a person carries a perverted spirit attachment from family or friends, the carrier becomes a target of spirit predators who will take advantage of such receptive spirit. The same way perverted human spirit from our parents can hang to our spirit body, the same way perverted spirit from friends and even strangers can hang to our human spirit body and do havocs. Sustained addictive behavior is not due to lack of human control, as we want to believe. Addictive behavior is sustained because of the spirit of addiction that continues to ignite fire of desire in an individual person. This is why it was so easy for a person to be instantly delivered from drug addiction following the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Once we rebuke and chase addictive spirit away, the victim is set free.

There are seven ways to prevent spirit attachment from influencing our behavior. First, believe that your soul is a different component from your spirit and you have control over your mind. You can instruct your human spirit. What you do not believe can victimize you. Many have been victimized by events in the spirit because they do not believe in the spirit world while they are being subjected to its manipulations. Second, do not allow negative spirit to find refuge around you. If either of your parents had been in intimate relationship with a perverted spirit of drug, alcohol, hate anger, adultery, you MUST rebuke those spirits so they would not build a dwelling place around you. If you do not rebuke them, they will hang around you and even influence the behavior of your spouse and loved ones, including that of your children. This is very critical after your parents have died. The perverted spirits will drop off from them and be attached to any of the children that may be receptive. Third, you must pray daily to detach any negative spirits from you, your spouse and your children. Your house should not create an open door for either demons or negative spirits. Get objects, movies, music, or entertainment that can open the doorway to negative spirits out of your house. Never place the ashes of any loved ones in your house. Get them out! Fourth, after daily prayer to break off negative spirits, pray to position ministering Spirits to be attached to those outside locations. If you constantly pray and believe in the power of prayer, negative spirits will not find a refuge around you, or your dwelling place, and angels will encamp around you for protection. Fifth, place Holy arts like crosses in front of your house, living room, and family room. Do not place objects or arts from another country in your house or as a necklace that might have been used in the shrine of idols. As soon as you feel any negative spirit entering your house immediately rebuke that spirit and chase him away from your house. Christ has given you that power to trample over scorpions, serpent, and over all powers of the enemy. Do not be afraid to command the negative spirit to leave. The best Psalm to read while chasing away demons and negative spirits is Psalm 91. Six, learn to walk in the Spirit most of the time and spend less time in the flesh. Read your Bible daily, mediate on the Word of God; pray as many times daily and fast when you can, at least once a week. Listen to more Christian music and less of secular music. The more you spend more time in the flesh the more you leave your human soul and spirit body unguarded. Seven, your best prevention is the sustaining protection when you enter into the presence of God. Once you gain access to the Holy of the Holiest, the Lord will protect you and your loved ones from negative spirits. Even if your spouse dared to cheat on you, the Lord will help you resolve the issue as the Spirit will direct you. At times, there may be a resolution of the issues of adultery as the offending spouse comes to repentance. Other times, the Lord may direct the victimized spouse to another person breaking of the marriage if the offending spouse refuses to change. Consequently after the marriage breakup, the negative spirit abides and continues to torment the offending spouse that refuses to repent. Negative spirit goes where a person is receptive to his demonic intentions.

Unguarded Soul Reveals the Demon Within

If a person refuses to allow the Holy Spirit to guard his soul, the behavior response to challenges in life reveals the control of the demon inside the human heart (soul). Jesus said, "From out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witnesses. These are the things that defile a man" (St. Matthew 15:19-20). People tend to forget about the virus of the demon impregnated inside everybody born of a woman. Jesus remains an exception because of his bloodline came from God the Father. Human refusal to let the Holy Spirit deactivate the demonic virus inside human soul leads to the manifestation of pathological behaviors seen even among Christians. As long as we are in the flesh, we are susceptible to the manipulation of the enemy if we allow him. People who are small-minded are the same ones who spend their valuable time trying to bad-mouth others. The way we treat others is the same value we place on ourselves. Small-minded people try to pull down tall buildings.

When a person’s heart (soul) is unguarded by the Holy Spirit, that person tends to respond to life challenges with very exaggerated human negative emotions. Sadly the devil loves to use these people as play-toys because the devil loves to ride on negative human emotions. After doing this for a while enmeshed in their sorrow over simple misfortune, they love to ride on negative emotions fed by negative energy. They may fight you if you tell them to learn to control negative reactions to their challenges. Like a gossipers who derive joy from delivering bad news about other people, these people ride on negative energy of the devil. The way a Christian handles challenges in life defines the person’s spiritual journey and closeness to Christ in the spirit. Studies have shown that Christians handle bad health news and surgery better than non-Christians without faith in Christ.


Overview: The Journey of Human Soul

The best way to keep you happy and fulfilled is to continue to think about positive things. Avoid continuous conversation with people who are very negative. Shorten the duration of conversations with them. They will drain positive energies from your soul. They will also create an omen of very negative energies around you thereby attracting negative spirits. Demons are not the only ones tormenting people. Human perverted spirits can do you as much havocs as the demonic spirits. Spend less time with people who thrive on negative energies. They always find faults with everything and everybody. They are poisons to your soul. If you give them chance, they will drain all your positive energies from your soul. These are the people you want to avoid in the morning before starting your work. You have control over your decision-making mechanisms inside your soul. Do not allow anybody to hold your soul as a slave to anybody’s desire; either husband, wife, friend or coworkers. God forbid do not surrender your soul to the devil by opening doors of illicit social activities. Your fleshly desires can hold you as a hostage just as the demons can hold you as a hostage. Surrender to Jesus through the Holy Spirit and you will remain free. If you fall by the wayside doing what you do not have any business doing, confess it to the Lord and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you away from your fleshly obsession. The most miserable people I know are those who binge and dwell in the atmosphere of negative energy. They are cursing themselves and making their own life miserable without realizing it.

Moreover, remember that you are made of body (physical), soul (mind), and spirit. The center of control resides inside the human soul. These three components of human existence work in close proximity. Your choices determine your life’s journey. You are more likely to make many mistakes if you allow your fleshly desires to drive you. Many life mistakes can be avoided if you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you through your life’s journey. Constantly seeking the presence of God will grant you eternal joy, love and peace.

Lastly, your life’s journey is meant for soul purification to regain paradise lost to the devil because God who created you want you back home with him. No matter what you achieve in life, if you fail to accomplish the most important purpose engineered by God, that life is a total failure. A person’s life through this world is meant with the help of the Holy Spirit to deactivate the infected virus of the devil impregnated into every person born of a woman. Learn to know who God is. He is not the philosophy, psychology, or sociology being preached by some preachers for their own personal gains. Spirituality without God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit is a religion of blasphemy. True spirituality cannot exist outside God. He is the one who created you in his own image. Obey his commandments. Live a life to give glory and honor to God by accepting Eternal Father’s plan of salvation. His purpose is to reconcile you back to himself through Jesus. All he asked you to do is to come back home to him.

Part of the mystery of man’s existence is the presence of every human being in the Garden of Eden. God is not busy creating new souls. All souls were created from the beginning of time, just like a human female is born with all the eggs she needs to make babies in her lifetime. This was why the sin of Adam became a curse to all men because those souls were already created at the time God created Adam and Even from the foundations of the world. Otherwise, why should we be guilty of the sins of both Adam and Eve? The most important essence of life is to purify human soul from the original sin of disobedience by saying "Yes" to God and "No" to the devil. This was what the Holy Spirit explained to me about the true essence of life. God sent Jesus to help us achieve that purpose as we journey through this life. Those who rejected Jesus are doomed! When Jesus left, he sent the Holy Spirit as our guiding counselor. Without Jesus man is blind, no philosophy can set him free except through Jesus. Mary Magdalene was weeping at the tomb of Jesus. She was yet to learn the truth about the words Jesus taught them about his life, death, and resurrection. Mary was blinded by her painful passion at the graveside, and she failed to recognize the very person she was searching for standing before her. This is the same way the world was blind before Jesus arrive and today many are still blind because they refused to accept God’s gift of eternal salvation. Jesus opened Mary’s eyes so she could see beyond her tears and painful passion. When her eyes opened, she recognized Jesus. Mary’s heart was filled with joy. If anybody refuses to recognize Jesus, such blindness will lead to eternal damnation. Those who choose to see through Jesus have eternal life as the peace of God invades their souls.

By Yinka Vidal, author, Closer Walk With Jesus