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Scam Alert!

November 22, 2011

I have received phone calls from many friends. They had received email using the name Victor Vidal of my yahoo account that I had solicited for money because I was in Scotland, and I had lost my passport.

This is a big lie! I have not traveled out of the country in over 21 years, and I did not lose any passport.

Please do not send any money to anybody. Delete the email and do not respond to it.

When I log on to my Yahoo account today, it was in Chinese. I could not read the words since I do not know Chinese. I had reset my account.

Let's pray for people who do such satanic thing to repent. If they refuse, one day they will face God's judgment in unquenchable fire. Amen!

Victor Vidal (The real one), St. Louis, MO

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