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Washington, DC Prayer Meeting, October 28, 2011

At Hylton Memorial Chapel, Woodbridge, VA. 5:00 pm

Trust in the Lord with all Your Heart

Why Some Churches are in Defiance of Jesus

We are a nation in crisis! People are looking at the church for answers, but the church is disabled. Instead of preaching repentance as Jesus instructed us, we are preaching prosperity gospel in defiance of Jesus’ gospel messages. We justify our illicit affair with money, and the gospel of Jesus has been polluted in the airways. We justify sins and call it personal preferences in defiance of God! We claimed we are saved at the same time sitting on the sewer of immorality. We still expect God to continue to bless us. Our hedonistic desire for pleasure has become an epidemic. Yet, we justify illicit pleasures in the name of Jesus, even in the house of God! We brought the Wall Street to the church for the sake of making more and more money. Jesus is on sale to the richest bidder even though we know that money is going to be the tool of the anti-Christ to deceive people. Jesus tells us to love our enemy. We claim we have the right to strike our enemies, strip them naked, and put them to shame. Jesus says feed the poor. We call it socialism. Jesus says we should take care of the sick. We call it government takeover of health care. Jesus teaches us to acquire wealth in a reasonable manner so as not to become slave to wealth. We declared that greed is good! Now, the same greed is about to bring down our financial system because the foundation is on fire.

The solution to your car problems can only come from the manufacturer. Similarly, the solution to our problems can only come from the author of life. How can we find resolutions for our present problems when we continue to assault the throne of God with our relentless desires to be defiant of God’s instructions? It does not take a space scientist to know we have reached a point of no return. We’re going to be besieged with many catastrophes – Closer Walk With Jesus by Yinka Vidal– chapter 37, pages 395 – 400.

What can the righteous do? God will protect his people who are very faithful to him. If you are a Christian, it is time to repent of your sins. This was how Jesus started his ministry by echoing John the Baptist saying, "Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand." As we are now living under grace, I’m not convinced any true Christian will be destroyed. But those who choose to be in defiance of God will suffer from catastrophes of unimaginable proportion.

As preachers, instead of preaching prosperity gospel, our mission is to lead people to Christ, help them to live a Christ centered life, be in defiance of sins, and to prepare people for survival for the very difficult days ahead. The question to ask ourselves is, "Will America survive the coming catastrophes?" Only God can answer that question.

Sadly the quest for change and repentance does not lie in the domains of low class, low morals or gang-bangers alone. Repentance also lies in the hearts of those leaders who are involved in making public policies. A politician was recently asked whether he worried about going to bed at night thinking about the possibility of an innocent person being accidentally murdered out of so many people being put to death in his state. With a smile on his face, he said, "Never." The question is, how is he so sure that not a single one of those people executed in his state might have been innocent. Yet, we continue to read that DNA testing has freed so many people previously convicted of murder. Still smiling, the politician said, "American people understand justice." I’m not so sure he understood what he said. I will like to ask this politician that when he is standing before God, before the throne of judgment, will he ask God for justice, or will he ask God for mercy? Perhaps we should ask ourselves from time to time whether in the relentless pursuit of our political ambitions, have we lost our compassion for humanity? Although this is not an indictment of the politician who made the statement, because I do not know the person’s heart. Sometimes, we sacrifice our Christian virtues on the alters of political gains and ended up destroying the very message we are trying to represent in Christ.

This is the more reason why we as a nation need to constantly raise our voices to God in prayers. We must seek for forgiveness with contrived hearts before God. Those who refused to learn from what happened to the children of Israel are doomed to repeat it. Anytime a generation chooses to be in defiance of God, such a generation will suffer calamities upon calamities. This is not what God did to us. This is what we did to ourselves.

In October 28, 2011 let us fast and raise up our voices to pray for our elected officials of this nation. We need to cry out to God for his mercy and forgiveness. No finger pointing. All of us are in this together. Let us pray that God will prick the hearts of leaders of this nation to make public policies respecting the will of God for this great nation. Help us O God!

Yinka Vidal, Author Closer Walk With Jesus