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Daily Prayer in the Morning

Teach me to walk the right path, that your Word is a lamb to my feet, a light to my path.

Shine your light in my path so I may see clearly.

Walk me through the journey of life, so your Holy Spirit will direct me.

Empower me to do your will, so I may bring joy to your heart.

Enlighten me about your mission, so I can be your obedient servant.

Hold me back from sinful nature, so that sins may not have power over me.

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Teach me to follow you, so that your glory will shine through me.

Humble me to serve you, so I will not glory before you.

Lead me in the right direction, because only you know the way.

Fulfill your purpose through me, for this reason I was born.

Show me your way O Lord, so that I may know you more.

Walk me through the storms of life, because only you are able.

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Teach me your purpose, so I will not offend thee.

Keep me safe through my journey, so the enemy will not glory over me.

Forgive my errors, because only you have the power of redemption.

Find me when I get lost, for only you can bring me home safely.

At the cross road, give me the right option, so I may follow your mission.

Guard my pathway so the enemy will not contaminate your purpose.

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Teach me to follow your Spirit, so I may quench selfish desires.

Use me as your vessel, so your light may shine through me.

Make me a blessing for others, so people will praise you.

Give me the gift of discernment, so false spirits may not deceived me.

Keep me under your shadow, so I may abide under your glory.

Protect me from evil, so you will live your purpose through me.

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Teach me to show the light, so others can see.

Make me the head, so I may lead others to righteousness.

Prick my heart everyday, so I may surrender my will to you.

Bless your purpose in me, so others may experience the radiance of your glory.

Walk me through the valley, so I can see the light after the tunnel.

Guide me through the valley without fear, because with you, I am safe.

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Teach me to appreciate your grace, so I can rejoice in you.

Let me abide in you, so I may bear your fruit of the vine.

Make me your branch, because you are the vine.

Purify my heart, so I may serve you with a clean heart.

Abide in me so I may see your glory.

Direct me, so I may live a life of purpose through you.

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Dedicated to my son ‘Bolaji Vidal for his ministry yet to be born

Yinka Vidal, Author, Closer Walk With Jesus, July 2011