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Sept 24, 2012

Fighting the Omen of Evil Inside the Church

People may be thinking that the devil works only in the secular world, but they may not realize that he also works among believers as well. If you are not careful, you may attend a church and be subjected to the forces of the enemy because you picked the wrong person to be your mentor. Some people in the house of God pretend to be the servant of God, and may also be anointed, but from time to time, they will yield to the power of the devil. The devil will then use them for his purpose. Many times these people will put up a fight against the desires of God or any efforts to do the will of God. Some of these people may be well known people inside the church or even spiritual leaders. They love to justify sin as normal and acceptable to God. Watch out because the same people if working under the power of the devil can place you under the control of demonic forces. If you are placed under the oppressive force of the devil, you will notice many blocks along your journey to serve the Lord or in your personal life. Things start to go wrong in your life for reasons you are unable to explain while looking at the physical realm. You can only find reasons and answers in the Spirit realm of God.

Manifestations of the oppressive spirits happen in so many ways in the house of God that people do not even realize. One major way I want to stress in this article is the association with people operating from the power of the devil. Sadly, some of these people may not be aware of what they are doing because the devil is the one tricking them to do his dirty work. Others may very well know what they are doing. This is witchcraft inside the church. These people may be anointed church leaders yet; they open the door for the enemy of God to camp around them thereby using them to serve his purpose. Anger and hate are two of the tools of the devil being use to create division in the house of God. A very typical tool is the power to want to control everything in the house of God. Jesus said, "He who wants to be a leader, let him be the servant" (St. Matthew 20:26). These people are very manipulative and are interested in imposing their views on others because they love the power of control. They hate ideas from others and are always willing to impose their own will and never interested in other people’s ideas although they tend to ask. They already made up their minds what they are going to do because they love power and control. They tend to attack any initiative designed for the Lord especially if it is not their own idea. The major attribute of the devil is the quest for the power of control. They want to know everything happening and some servants follow them without realizing they are being used for demonic purpose. When people manifest this attribute, it is very important to question such motives.

Here is the sad part. If you associate with such people, they will not only impose their ideas on you, to control you, but their demons will also leap on you. Now, you are under the oppressive spirit of the enemy of God and wondering why things are falling apart in your life. The solution is simple, be careful whom you associate with, even inside the church. There are many demons walking around in the church dressed in beautiful outfits. Be careful whom you tell your personal projects to. The enemy of God does not want you to prosper doing the will of God. The enemy of God wants you to suffer while you serve the Lord so you can be recruited to serve the devil. Anytime you notice a person who loves to impose power on others even within the church or work place, watch out! Remember what Jesus said, "The ruler of the world love to impose power over people. Do not let me see this among you" (St. Matthew 20:25-26). Jesus knows the plot of the devil. Many Christians today fall for his deception despite the warnings from Jesus about his devices. There is nothing the devil loves more than to be worshipped. Sadly many of us Christians worship the devil everyday by catering to his demonic desires through the exhibit of negative emotions. Human negative emotions are the classic tools of the devil that he uses against us all the time because we always find a way to justify such negative behavior. This is part of the major deceptions of the devil.

The best solution for this spiritual warfare is what Paul said, "Come out from among them, and separate yourself," says the Lord (II Corinthians 6:17). If you do not separate yourself from an abuser, or a person with an oppressive spirit, you will remain under the omen of evil imposed on you by the devil. If you rebuke such spirit, and physically remove yourself from that person, the Holy Spirit will set you free. Jesus said, "He that the son of man set free is free indeed" (St. John 8:36). The problem is not so much because of our physical proximity. The problem is, the closer we allow these people into our lives, the more we open the window of our souls. We sometimes soul-tie with the wrong people. Consequently, the more they are able to come inside and do havocs. All of a sudden, you start to see bad thing happening around you and life started to fall part. Ask yourself the question. Who are you associating with that may be imposing oppressive spirits on you? Once you identify the person, have a peaceful break from the person. Many times such people will put up a fight in the spirit realm because they love to place you under their demonic control and bondage. Be prepared to fight back!

Be careful about the person you select to be your spiritual mentor. If you pick a person walking in the Spirit of God, you will receive some of his anointing. You will then experience both physical and spiritual prosperity. If you pick a leader dabbling in demonic power, who wants to control everything, you will be placed under the demonic bondage, and things will start to fall apart in your life. You have consequently surrendered to be his spiritual slave. I have seen people who place themselves under the bondage of a leader and they settled for being a slave to demonic forces of the enemy of God. Those people never thrive. Remember what Jesus said about the enemy, "The thief comes but to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come so they may have life more abundantly" (St. John 10:10). You have to make a choice in your life whether you want to be in a slave relationship to a control freak, or you want to be free while serving the Lord. There is freedom in walking in the Spirit of God.

Yinka Vidal, author, Closer Walk With Jesus