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How to Prevent a Hospital From Killing You - The Echoes of Innocent Blood, by Yinka Vidal

Press Release: August 26, 2013, St. Louis, MO.

Exposing the Hidden Truths Why Medical Errors Continue to Kill Patients

For many years we have been fighting medical errors to reduce preventable patients’ deaths. Many people are unaware of the hidden truths behind the walls of hospitals why medical errors continue to kill patients at an alarming rate. This new book How to Prevent a Hospital From Killing You by Yinka Vidal, breaks the code of silence and the oath of secrecy among healthcare workers. After working in hospitals for over 40 years, the author is coming out to expose the ills inside the walls of hospitals. The book is highly informative, and subtitled, The Echoes of Innocent Blood as uninformed patients are dying needlessly inside the hospitals. Sadly, some of the deaths are not by accident! This report is designed to educate the public. As an uneducated consumer, enter at your own risk!

The book reveals:

1. How a hospital administrator intentionally refused to correct a procedure problem cited in a department. The procedure problem eventually led to the death of a patient.

2. How harming patients in hospitals increases hospital revenue and profits.

3. How healthcare workers were asked to perform surgical procedures they were never trained to perform.

4. How healthcare workers working to fix medical errors within the institution were penalized, harassed, and eventually terminated for working too hard to improve patient safety.

5. How killing older patients in some healthcare facilities becomes a very lucrative business.

6. How management crises inside healthcare institutions have increased medical errors.

7. How hospitals bill patients outrageous charges for treating the illness due to the harm the hospital caused the patients in the first place, and much more!

Are you preparing for surgery, or special procedures in any hospital? Before you check into any healthcare facility, you must read this book! Otherwise, check in at your own risk! Become an educated consumer before checking into any healthcare facility for treatment. This book will give you enough information to help you engage healthcare workers in conversations, to prevent you or your loved ones from harm inside the hospitals. You have to look out for yourself; otherwise, your journey may be a one-way trip! This report discusses over 100 issues of systemic failures hospitals do not want you to know! In addition, you will read about many research projects on medical errors, the challenges faced in the process of corrective actions, and how to prevent your own demise inside the hospitals. Different steps are discussed to keep you informed about the process of how you can be an active participant in keeping you alive.

If a physician can helplessly watch his own wife die in surgery due to medical errors, what are your chances? Anybody regardless to money, power, or fame can be a victim of medical mishaps inside the hospitals. An uninformed consumer remains a victim in the hands of healthcare predators whose major objective is to make money at the expense of the victims!

"How to Prevent a Hospital from Killing You" by Yinka Vidal, is an Ebook that reveals the ills of humanity, and the perversion of human lustful desire in the quest for making money at the expense of shedding human blood. This report exposes the shocking stories about medical errors hidden from the public. The story will shock you! It will make you uncomfortable! And it will make you very angry! In the end, it will educate you about the process of preventing you, or your loved ones, from being victims of preventable medical errors and healthcare predators!

How to Prevent a Hospital from Killing You: The Echoes of Innocent Blood, by Yinka Vidal, Published by Lara Publications, September 2013, 175 pages (MS Word), ISBN # 978-0-9640818-3-3 Ebook, $9.99. Available at Amazon Books by the end of September, 2013.

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