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Review October 8, 2010

The Movie "I AM"

At every moment we make decision in life, this movie reminds us of the importance of the Ten Commandments. Unfortunately, many times we tend to rationalize what is wrong. Other times we justify sin because of the pleasure involved in doing what pleases human desire. There are times we want to play God.

As Christians we should remember that our lifestyles should be a reflection to the world that we are Christians. When we choose to rationalize sin, we make mockery of the gospel message of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We therefore misrepresent God to the secular world.

The movie reminds us that God is present at every moment of our decision, even at the most difficult and painful moment of life.

Part of the ongoing discussion is to ask us Christians, why do we do things that we know are against the will of God?

The excellent message from the movie "I am" is that we should involve God and apply the gospel messages of Christ to every decision we make everyday. The movie helps a believer to start the process of soul searching and question a person’s lifestyle if it conforms to the image of Christ. Every Christian and non-Christians alike should watch this movie. The movie is a good food for the human soul.

Review by

Victor ‘Yinka Vidal, author, Closer Walk With Jesus

OUTCRY Magazine

MOVIE Official Website: The Movie is Due For Release in October 2010

Screening of the Movie at Black Jack Baptist Church Nov 21, 2010