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God is the only person who defines greatness through Jesus

What is Greatness?

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them" (Twelfth Night by Shakespeare).

Learn to walk with Jesus to achieve greatness in your life's journey! It's the only safe journey.

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Which one defines your greatness? You are not great because you have a lot of money to give to others. Neither are you great because you are a celebrity and receive constant cheers from people. You are not great because you receive compliments after a magnificent performing on stage. Greatness is not because people can hear you on billions of television and radio stations. Perhaps you have the gift of speech that can mesmerize people, and many gravitate towards you because of your talents. You received many kisses from people in which they almost tear muscles off your face. May be you are the best in your profession because of the gifts God gave you. Are you through bragging? Are you great because you are very attractive and you want people to worship your image? Yes, those people who have done wonders for the Lord will receive their rewards, but they are not necessarily great people.

Greatness expresses itself in a lowly person (unknown to many), despite the challenges he or she faces, but is able to make remarkable achievements touching the heart of the God despite the odds.

When Larry, a rich man died and went to Heaven, he was very happy that he spent most of his money to feed the poor and helped those that were suffering. He was rewarded in Heaven. But, what touched the heart of God and made him a great person according to his record in Heaven was not what he did when he was rich. His remarkable achievement was recorded in Heaven regarding what he did while he was poor and homeless in the street. Larry had no money. He was hungry, in rags, and was sleeping from train station to train station. One day, while in the street, he saw a young lady being beaten and about to be robbed by another man. He ran towards the young lady and fought the attacker, not fearing for his own life. He chased away the attacker and rescued the young lady. The homeless Larry, was the one who helped this young lady and guarded her back to where she took the subway back home to safety. The young lady offered him money, but he refused.

When the young lady got home, she told her rich parents how the homeless man rescued her from the man that attacked her. For about six months this young lady and her father looked for the homeless Larry in the streets. They were about to give up when one day, they found Larry about a mile from where he had rescued the young lady. The rich man helped this homeless man out of the street, and later gave a portion of his wealth to Larry who helped to save his only daughter. Larry, now a rich man, dedicated the rest of his life to serving the Lord and to help others less fortunate.

Perhaps we tend to believe that our place of glory is in the public or at the height of our achievements when many people cheer and praise us as we receive trophies. Quite the contrary! At the time of painful moment of despair or loss of hope, is the birthing place of glory. The pioneers of great achievements never had to run through a group of cheering spectators like the Olympic. They did not dance through rose garden like the rich and famous. They never sailed through calm waters to reach their destination. They painted the picture of greatness because, despite the most difficult situations they found themselves in the midst of the storms, with the very little left in them, they made remarkable achievements that touched the heart of God. That is true greatness!

The great people that touched the heart of Jesus were not the rich people like Joseph the Arimathian, or Nicodemus a member of the Sanhedrin. The poor old lady who gave two coins, the Canaanite woman that was persistent because of her faith in Jesus, Mary who was listening to Jesus’ sermon in the house of Martha, the Good Samaritan who helped a wounded man by the side of the street, and many more who were willing to serve - - - these were the ones who touched the heart of God and achieve greatness.

You may feel discouraged when you see a parade of celebrities in newspapers, online, and on television being honored for their achievements. You watched as they grow richer through their exposure to the world, and you remained very poor. Even the ones that you knew and helped before they became famous detached themselves from you, and acted as though they never knew you. You tried to contact them. You were wondering, perhaps they might open the door for you or give you the opportunity to walk in their shadows. Disappointment hits you because they acted as if they never met you. Your repeated letters brought no response and your many phone calls, and left messages were met with silence. At home, and alone, you shed bitter tears nobody could see. You forgot that God, not man is the only person who can open closed doors. That was what Jesus said, "I have placed an open door before you that no man can close" (Revelation 3:8). Be encouraged to know that your greatest achievements are those ones nobody appreciated, or recognized, but touched the heart of God. I hope that will dry your tears.

Your earthly reward is not what matters and of limited values. Your heavenly reward is king. Nobody knew the name of the man who gave his life-vest to a stranger while he chose to go with the boat as the storms took it down. Nobody knew the soldier who took bullets with his chest to save his fellow soldiers. And nobody knew the name of an old woman who gave all she had to educate a young lady who came from an abusive home.

How can anybody remember or recognize a poor woman who walked away from her only possession, and ended up in the streets, just because she wanted to feed abandoned and hungry children.

You may never have won a single trophy in your life, or be recognized for anything you have done. You may even be mocked, insulted, and persecuted for doing good. However, if you use the gifts, and talents God gave you to enrich the life of others, it may never be known to the world, yet you have a special place in the heart of God. You have achieved your greatness!

By ‘Yinka Vidal, author, Closer Walk With Jesus