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April 2 to Good Friday April 6, 2012

Passion Week Special 2012 "He is Risen! I'm a Witness !"

Uncovering the Mystery at Gethsemane

A few years ago, the Lord revealed to me the mystery at Gethsemane. I wrote it down and I forgot about it. In 2012, I prayed and requested the Lord to bring back the revelation to my human spirit. I could not find where I wrote it. My prayer was answered and the word of knowledge was downloaded into my spirit again. Praise God! The mystery of the Garden of Gethsemane was not about Jesus sweating blood. Some preachers have been preaching this misleading message of Jesus blood vessel bust open and he bled all over himself. Absolute nonsense! This is an error of application of the text. The Bible said Jesus sweat was so heavy, it was like blood. It did not say the sweat was blood. Regardless to the translation of the Bible to English, Jesus could not be sweating blood. If Jesus was sweating blood why should they be casting lots on his garment that was soaked in blood? Any item soaked in blood was usually trashed. Besides, the Roman soldiers who arrested Jesus did not see any evidence that Jesus was soaked in blood before his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Two important events took place in the Garden of Gethsemane. First, the Portal Gates of Heaven opened up and angels were ascending and descending from Heaven. They were strengthening Jesus. The second very important event was the mystery of the Garden of Gethsemane before Jesus was arrested. According to the Word of God, Jesus was sweating profusely as he was praying in the Garden. Many people have mis-characterized what happened as Jesus was struggling in the human flesh. That was not what happened. It is a good argument to cite that Jesus was fully man. The man in him was therefore struggling in anticipation of the painful death ahead of him. However, this was not what was happening at those hours prior to his arrest. Yes, Jesus said he was sorrowful to death. How could the Son of God who told Peter off about him going to the cross, started to be afraid to die? At that very moment, Jesus faced the most important mission of his purpose on earth. He was not afraid to die. I can accept the notion that Jesus was thinking about the agonizing experience of dying on the cross. I agree. But, this was not the primary issue. There was a critical and more important event taking place while he was in the Garden of Gethsemane before his arrest. The Word of wisdom explained this to me through the Holy Spirit.

Around the time Jesus was in the Garden, it was cold. After his arrest, the Bible confirmed that in the house where Jesus was taken people gathered around fire to warm themselves up. If they were warming themselves up inside the house, outside like the Garden of Gethsemane must be colder. Jesus therefore should not be sweating if not because of some supernatural events taking place around and within him. Therefore, a very important event was taking place in his body and around him making him very hot. It is very important to know that Jesus moved around under tremendous amount of energy-power. This was why some people came to him and were instantly healed. Jesus himself confirmed that power left him when this incident happened with the bleeding lady. When his disciples wondered what happened when the bleeding woman touched Jesus, he told them he felt power just left him. The power that flowed from Jesus to the woman was responsible for the healing process that took place inside the body of the bleeding woman.

The religious leaders had issued arrest warrants for Jesus many times. They could not arrest him because they were unable to penetrate the aura of energy shells and walls that surrounded Jesus. A couple of times, they tried to arrest him inside the temple, Jesus disappeared. One time the people were hit with blindness and Jesus passed in the middle of then unnoticed. Most of the time when these incidents took place, the Bible alluded to the fact that it was not yet his time to be arrested. When it was his time to be arrested, Jesus himself announced to his disciples and prepared them for his arrest, and crucifixion. Therefore Jesus had to make himself available to be arrested. To confirm this, Jesus said, "Nobody take my life from me. I lay it down and I will take it back again" (St. John 10:18). Jesus was therefore not a reluctant Lamb of God. He accepted his fate to die for the sins of humanity. Praise God. Further more, when they came to arrest Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, as they approached Jesus they fell backwards and fell to the ground because of the tremendous power still possessed by Jesus.


Now when he said to them, "I am He," they drew back and fell to the ground" (St. John 18:6).

The issue why Jesus was sweating was very critical. When Jesus knew he had to allow himself to be arrested, he started a process of breaking the shells and the invisible walls of spiritual protection that surrounded him. The spiritual walls of protection around Jesus was so thick that anybody who meant evil and came closer to him would instantly fall down and die. This was why the demons trembled when Jesus came closer to them. They felt his energy, which made them very uncomfortable. When the children of Israel came closer to the mountain, God told Moses to tell them to move back. Anybody that came closer to the mountain to look at God would instantly fall down and die. Similarly, Uzzar, a Levite, guarding the cart instantly fell down and died when he touched the Ark of Covenant, which represented the presence of God (II Samuel 6:7).

Jesus allowed evil to come to him, but he must first break the walls and shells of protective layers around him. In the process of breaking the walls and shells, he had to release some spiritual energy. From the Old Testament, we see that God tended to manifest himself with fire, smoke and earthquakes. The process of releasing this energy of protection to break through the walls surrounding him, Jesus started to generate a lot of heat. This is spiritual energy release giving rise to heat causing Jesus to sweat. The struggle was not against going to the cross. Jesus already accepted his fate. The struggle was the breaking of the shells and walls of protection so he could allow evil to come closer to him. This was not an easy task. In spite, Jesus did not lose all his power. He demonstrated his power in one of the gospels, when they came closer to him and all the people who came to arrest Jesus fell to the ground as mentioned earlier. This was mentioned in the Bible to let people know Jesus allowed evil to come closer to him after breaking the walls of protection. Yet, he did not lose all his powers. From the theory of physics, any mechanical system working to generate energy for release must be hot because energy is being generated. Similarly, while Jesus was working very hard to break the walls and shells surrounding him, he was releasing some of his spiritual energy causing him to sweat so much. He was pulling back the layers of protection around him. When Jesus finished cracking through the walls and shells around him, he came back to his disciples and told them he was ready. He said to his disciples that those who would arrest him were on the way. If Jesus did not break through those walls and shells, he could never have been arrested. He was therefore obedient to God, even onto death.

The mystery of the Garden of Gethsemane was the energy Jesus was giving up in form of heat. His spiritual power and the heat generated as he worked very hard to break through the walls of his protection caused him to sweat so much while it was cold in the Garden. People who receive instant healing always reference the heat flowing through a specific part of their body prior to the healing. This energy as reported by many people is the energy of healing from God. Whether the energy is being released or being used to heal, it generates heat.

In confirmation of this, some days during the month, if I do not spend too many days in the flesh, I will experience the heat energy of God about three times a month. When this event first started, I was scared. I thought I was suffering from some mysterious disease. The Holy Spirit revealed to me during one of the experiences that it was the energy of the Holy Spirit affecting my body, not physical illness. This incident is the process of replenishing spiritual energy. When I’m very high in this energy, I had to go witness to somebody to help me release some of the energy. Around this time, the Portals of Heaven are opened before me. At times, the energy may be too intense. I had to beg the Lord to lessen the energy because it was feeling so intense and very uncomfortable. I felt my entire body was on fire even while I was outside in the cold. The easiest way to release some of this spiritual energy is to go and preach, minister, or witness to somebody. One day I went to church in the morning. The energy of the Holy Spirit was so intense. I went looking for our pastor. I went to his office and gave him a couple of testimonies. After the discussion, I felt better because I succeeded in releasing some of that Holy energy.

God is referred to in the Bible as, "O thou you dwells among the cherubim" (Isaiah 34:16). How can he come and live among sinful men without altering his existence to suit the earthly realm? When Jesus entered the earthly dimension, he changed himself to fit among men. Before sin, God was able to dwell among Adam and Eve. When sin came to the world, God found other ways to dwell among people. Some preachers may argue that Jesus did not disrobe himself prior to entering the earthly realm. It is a fact that Jesus lay down his glory in Heaven before entering the earthly dimension. In John 17, Jesus prayed and asked God to give him back his glory that he had with him before the foundations of the world. Jesus lay his life down according to his messages to his disciples, and he also picked it back up. In the same way, prior to going to the cross, Jesus had to pull back some of his divinity to allow sin to come closer to him for the sake of saving humanity.

The mystery of the Garden of Gethsemane was not because Jesus was sweating blood. Jesus did not sweat blood. The mystery was the spiritual energy that protected Jesus was transformed into heat energy as he struggled to break through the walls and shells of spiritual protection that surrounded him. "He that dwells in the secret place shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty" (Psalm 91:1). Jesus had to come out of the protection of God the Father, so he could endure the suffering of the cross in a process to reconcile man back to God.

Yinka Vidal, author, Closer Walk With Jesus.