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May 17, 2013

False Gospel: I love Jesus, but I Hate Religion!

A popular slogan among Christians today including preaching by some uninformed pastors advocates for Christianity without impunity. If we do not have to obey God’s law, why didn’t Jesus throw the laws of God out of the church? Many times we Christians listen to the secular world and define Christianity of convince based of the way we choose to practice our own version of Christianity. If the laws of God are unimportant, there is no reason for God to define sin and there is no need for Jesus. The New Testament does not contradict the Old Testament. Jesus said, "I came to fulfill the law!" He did not say he came to throw the laws of God in the trashcan as many are advocating today! The laws of God are not just for display or decorations like some people are advocating today!

As Christians, we are still expected to obey God’s law. However, we cannot achieve such a lifestyle through our own human power, but through the power of the Holy Spirit. Christianity is a form of religion, like many other religions out there. The uniqueness of Christianity is God reaches out to us compared to other religions where they are trying human efforts and man made rules to reach God. Living under the grace of God does not grant us to live a lawless life because Jesus died for us. "I love Jesus and hate religion" is an oxymoron- - - because Christianity is a form of religion. People advocate for such false doctrine because they want to be comfortable in their sinful lifestyles. Perhaps they do not understand Christianity is a religion that calls sinner to repent. They advocate that religion is a set of rules and Christianity is a relationship. Absolute nonsense! This is the deception of the devil folks! Jesus highlighted his set of rules. The first thing he preached was, "Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand!" The entire sermon on the mountain was about set of rules, people! He also advocated, "If you love me, obey my commandments!" When he sent his disciples out to preach before leaving the world, Jesus told them to go and preach the gospel to all people. He stressed that they should teach people to observe all he had taught them. So, this very ridiculous idea that Christianity is not a religion, and we do not have to obey rules is absolute nonsense! It is a misleading doctrine leading many people to living and justifying a sinful life style as we are currently observing in the nation today.

If you are a preacher and preaching such false doctrine, repent before you face eternal damnation! You cannot have a relationship with Christ without observing his rules! Even Jesus advocated for things people have to do before coming into his kingdom. Jesus said, "A man has to be born by the water and the Spirit before entering into the kingdom of God." Jesus wants you to come as you are, but he did not advocate for you to stay as you are!

The major disappointment in Christianity today highlighted those people misleading others through false doctrine. They advocate for living a life of sin because Jesus already died for our sins. Many of those people will find themselves in the wider gate of hell. These are the people Jesus will tell, "Depart from me ye workers of iniquity, I never knew you!" Jesus will not hesitate to forgive a sinner. That was why he came in order to reconcile us back to God. However if you continue to teach other people to live a glorified sinful life and misrepresenting Christ because you want to enjoy your life of sins, you have a greater burden to bear on the Day of Judgment! Jesus advocated for a death penalty for people misleading children. He said, it is better to tie a rock around their necks and drown them in the ocean for misleading children who believe in him. What do you think Jesus will do to those teaching people to deliberately break the law of God and continue to roast in their sins because they enjoy living a carnal life so much without restrictions? The gates of hell will open up to swallow such people! Consequently, you are better off to enjoy your sin by yourself than to drag others to join you, and encourage them to do the same! I want to drag many people to Heaven with me, if I can help it. God forbid if I have the courage to advocate for people to join those heading for eternal damnation. Help me Jesus! "Wider is the gate that leads to destruction" and many living and obsessed with carnal life will find it! - - - (paraphrasing).

Christianity is a religion with set of rules. We do not have to follow man made rules based on hypocrisy but living by the rules the Lord had advocated for us to live a Holy life. You cannot live a Holy life by justifying sleeping with another man’s wife and expect to go to Heaven! You cannot live a Holy life by scamming people of their money calling yourself a businessperson inside the church! You cannot be sexually abusing children inside the church and expect a free ride to Heaven! God forbid! You cannot live a Holy life by advocating for social injustice! The list of human woes continues. The critical reason why many Christians are being misled is because of spiritual blindness. When you live your life as a carnal Christian it is very difficult for you to hear, or understand, let alone embrace the will of God.

 Hearing and Applying God’s Instructions

If you want to hear the Voice of God, you must come out of your carnal lifestyle and open the door to the Holy Spirit (Psalm 95). You can hear God better when you enter into his presence by entering his spiritual dimension. God communicates us through the Holy Spirit as the frequency line of communication, and also as the "Holy Journalist" of God as defined by Jesus Christ. If you want to listen to CNN news, you turn your television to CNN news. You don’t turn in to the channel for Fox or NBC news. Therefore, if you want to hear the Voice of God, you tune your "spirit radio station" to that of the Holy Spirit. Some people in their quest to hear the Voice of God will tune to the spirit radio station of other human beings, human perverted spirits, personal soulish realm, and sometimes, the demonic spirit realm. The only Spirit realm that carries the messages of God is the realm of the Holy Spirit directly into human spirit. God’s radio station is very active and runs 24-7 through the frequency-line of the Holy Spirit. They do not suspend your account because you are making too many calls to the Lord Jesus! It’s a toll free number that works from anywhere and everywhere. Based on my personal experiences the Voice of God is carried by many Spirit agents of God. God can speak to us directly like he did Moses. God communicates and reveals himself to us through his Son, Jesus Christ. God also communicates to us through the Holy Spirit. God communicates us through his invisible agents in the Spirit realm including through the Spirits of angels, ministering Spirits, and other messenger Spirits of God assigned to communicate particular information to us. We can also hear the Voice of God through other people like God sent Prophet Nathan to King David after he committed sin. God can use so many unlimited avenues to speak to us even using animals to communicate humans. How embarrassing?

Sadly, many people who are used to staying in the flesh to worship God are going to have greater problem in hearing God through the Spirit line frequency. For such people, it is better to enter into the presence of God before they can perceive his messages. As long as they remain in the flesh, the desires of the flesh in a carnal way remain the obstacle to hearing the Voice of God. The easiest way to enter into God’s presence is through dedicated daily devotions, reading of the Word, meditation on the Word, fasting, praying many times a day and setting some special days aside to spend only with God in the Spirit. Through this process, we learn to establish a relationship with Christ. Once we plug into the Spirit of Christ, he takes us to the presence of God. In God’s presence spontaneous messages will be revealed to us through the spirit realm by the impartation of knowledge.

Bringing Heaven to Earth

Once we obtain that knowledge from the Spirit realm of God, we can bring such information down and apply it in the physical realm. This was what Jesus told Peter. Jesus told him that he had given him (Peter) the key to the kingdom of God. People may be thinking today that such key was only given to Peter alone, - - - this is an error. Jesus meant whosoever has the connection to the Holy Spirit will have an open door to the Spirit realm of God. Once the Portal of Heaven opens before us, we now have access in the Spirit to the information from the heart of God. Once we do, we can be able to apply the knowledge we have gained in the Spirit to those events in the physical realm. That was why Jesus prayed saying, "May it be done on earth as it is in Heaven!" Our purpose after entering the realm of God in the Spirit is to make happen on earth with the power of the Holy Spirit what God already revealed to us in the Spirit realm. Prior to Moses building the Ark of Covenant, God revealed to him what ever he was building on earth was a replica of the original in Heaven. God therefore showed Moses what the original Ark looked like in Heaven before he started building the replica on earth. God told Moses to follow his instructions in building the Ark on earth. Similarly, the events that will take place on earth are already registered in Heaven. This is the critical reason why the Book of Revelation confuses many theologians. The book reveals the events of the past, present and future. If you think the book is revealing the events of the future alone, you will be confused. For example, it said, "Lamb (Jesus) slain from the foundation of the world" (Rev 13:8). Does that mean Jesus was crucified before creation. No! The book is revealing to us today that the knowledge and wisdom of redemption had always existed with God the Father from the beginning of time. This is one of those verses in the Book of Revelation that makes reference to the past to help define the events of the future from human earthly realm.

Prophecy Reveals the Wills of God

When we hear the Voice of God, we speak the message in the earthly realm. Many people believe prophecy is foretelling the future. This is not necessarily true. God does not live in the future. There is nothing defined in God’s future. God manifests Himself in past, present, and future at the same time. This was why Jesus said, "I am the beginning and the end." God manifests and exists in the past, present and future. There is no time in Heaven. Time starts as we enter into the earthly realm. Therefore when God created man he created the souls of everybody that would eventually arrive on earth. God is not busy creating anything anymore. The Bible said after creation, God retired – on the seventh day, He rested. The primary reason why we were smeared of the sins of both Adam and Eve was because our souls were already created at the time the original sin was committed. Our souls were not only smeared, they were contaminated by the desires of the enemy of God. This is why the Bible said we were born in sin – the original sin, and also because God cursed the female genitalia. Behind the same female genitalia (God has cursed) is the sacred temple of God’s creation called the womb of a woman (That’s another sermon).

The critical point in this article is that the events we experience in the physical realm on earth are already defined in the Spirit realm of God. People who enter other spirit realms will have negative manifestations happening to them. They will alter their own journey, and sometimes their own destiny as defined by God. Once they enter and embrace ungodly realms, they create their own negative realities. The spirit that you embrace is the same spirit that controls your actions. Your mind that is intimately connected to your soul becomes the receptacle for ungodly messages. This is why I’m scared for celebrities dabbling in the events of other spirit realms and placing themselves in the danger of sudden death. This incident has happened to many celebrities leading to sudden unexpected deaths!

When God created each person he allocated certain blessings to each person even prior to stepping on this earth before conception. At a point and time those blessings are made available to us at certain stages of life. The events we see for the future are those things already inscribed into our souls even before our arrival on earth. God allows many of these blessings to manifest based of his choices for different people at different times. It is not unusual to see a very rich man who either hated God, or refused to accept God’s existence. If a rich person refuses to access God’s Spirit realm, he will miss God’s knowledge of his existence from the Spirit realm. Such a person will never enter into God’s peace no matter how much money he has. God can only be revealed to a person because nobody can effectively prove God to anybody. I have NEVER heard anybody who had a God spiritual experience or an encounter with God and come back to dismiss God’s existence. Will they ever learn?

To complicate matters, man has the free will to reject God and refused to receive the rest of the things God has allocated to each soul prior to stepping on earth. One of the biggest mistakes people make is the misconception that God is blessing a rich person for himself. This is a grave error. God does not look at riches the way we associate, power and fame with riches. God will allow riches to flow through the hands of people, not just for the benefits of the person, but also for others. The greatest misconception within Christianity is that God wants to bless people. God already blessed people prior to their arrival on earth. Another misconception is that God wants to bless you for yourself so you can look down on other people. Here is the truth. The riches passing through your hand is a test of your loyalty to God. Like the parable of the talents told by Jesus, it is not the amount given to you, but more also about what you did with it. If all you are doing is wearing the talents so people can see how successful you are and able to appear on secular television programs and people cheering you, forget it! You already received your reward! That was what Jesus said! However, if you utilize the talents God gives to you including the money passing through your hand for God’s glory and to serve in his kingdom, you are bearing the fruits for the kingdom.

Today, we see many national evangelists doing good works for the Lord and at the same time wearing the riches passing through their hands. Evidently, it means that God has one set of rules for people and another set of rules for preachers. When Jesus said, "If you want to follow me, deny yourself, take your cross and follow me." That statement does not apply to some preachers, evidently it applies only to other people sitting in the pews! I’m not advocating for preachers to live in poverty. But do you mean the money God is allowing to flow through your hand is meant for you to build mansion for you and your family when your church members are losing their homes and some of them are starving? Come on preachers! Do the right thing for Jesus!

Perhaps I’m still pissed off because when I asked Jesus for a million dollars for my own personal use, he came, appeared to me and responded with St. Matthew 16:24. At that time, he gave me all what I needed, but refused to give me what I wanted. After that, he took me away from my family and whipped my behind. He was saying, "Don’t you speak to my Father like that no more!" Evidently, by moaning and complaining on the mission field made him mad. I complained to God why he gave money to those people who are making mockery of Him! I strongly believe this is a legitimate question to ask God. I believe I learned my lesson since that time. So, why some preachers get away with stuff and I receive a whipping? During the chastening process, I strongly protested in tears and questioned why God was doing this to me. He responding with a resounding Voice, "Father chastens the child that he loves!" I could not understand such answer then. Later after recovering from the crushing blows, I started to understand. Following the painful whipping, I complained to the Holy Spirit that I had experienced the wrath of God. The Holy Spirit corrected me saying, "You have only experienced the smoke of His anger." I still cannot comprehend why some people working in the kingdom are able to get away with so much stuff and some of us receive whipping for doing the same thing! Okay, enough of my own personal rant!

The Gospel of "send me your money, God wants to bless you," is a false doctrine! God has already blessed you, just like you bless your children with presents all the time. Why is God any different from our earthly father who continues to give presents to children he feels like killing once in a while due to the child’s disobedience? Again, I’m not against sending money to genuine and dedicated people for kingdom work at home or abroad. However, I’m against using the congregation’s money to buy a private jet for the preachers while the church members are starving.

B.B. Warfield’s (1851-1921) Doctrine Was Wrong!

Another very common doctrine that is finally fading away (thanks to Jesus) is the false doctrine by B.B. Warfield who wrote in his book, Counterfeit Miracles advocating for Cessationism of miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit after the last apostles. He disagreed with the Christian Pentecostal movement of the gifts of the Holy Spirit such as speaking in tongues, prophetic utterances and faith healing. Where did he get this misinformation? Did Jesus talk to him and contradict himself? Jesus said, "Greater works you will do because, I have gone to the father!" Warfield’s theology contradicted that of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus. Yet, some theologians accepted it because they are approaching God’s spirituality through human carnal mind.

Today, this doctrine of Warfield has done a giant damage to many seminary students who relied on this FALSE doctrine still being taught to them by their professors of theology. This is where human cognitive knowledge fails to decipher the knowledge of the Holy Spirit. Many graduates who come out of some seminary school, become preachers who are totally oblivious to the power and the operations of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, these preachers preach only from their human knowledge governed by their carnality leading many to a sinful life while hiding behind the robes of Christian ministry. These preachers’ inability to receive, accept, believe, and work with the Holy Spirit as a messenger of God deprive them of the conscience needed for personal restraint of evil. The Holy Spirit is a restrainer of evil within an individual person according to what Jesus preached. Jesus said, "The Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin" (St. John 16:8). This is one of the major problems in the church today when many church leaders are living in the carnal kingdom of the world instead of living the Kingdom of the Holy Spirit of God.

Living in Multidimensional Existence

After discussing three major doctrinal errors being preached today and misleading Christians, I want to end this article briefly discussing what happens to us when we are dedicated to live and walk in the Spirit dimension of God. From my personal experience many people, even some dedicated leaders in Christianity may not want to embrace such a life. By living constantly in the Spirit realm of God many things will happen in supernatural ways in defiance of the earthly norms. I will just discuss just a few of them.

First, the higher you go in the Spirit realm of God, the more you are eager to do the will of God. Once you embrace the Holy Spirit and surrender to his desires, your human desires will die and be replaced by the desires of God for your life. This places many people at odds with God’s desires because God does not embrace the earthly things as we do when we live in a carnal world dominated by fleshly desires. So, when you develop the desire to give your total paycheck to help those who are suffering, it is not your human desire, but driven by the will of God within you through His Spirit. Many times, I have had to do something for the Lord that I’m personally opposed to doing, but I did, just because of the relentless desire inserted into my spirit through the Holy Spirit. Some of these times, I had disagreement in the Spirit, but I have to succumb to the desires of God contrary to my own personal objections. This is how your faith is tested.

Second, many supernatural events will take place around you unexplainable by human rational thinking. Many of these events tend to happen when I’m alone. This is because the Portal Gates of Heaven are constantly open before you through which ministering Spirits and angels descend and ascend before you. Most of these events are personal messages from the Lord in confirmation of the operation of the kingdom activities on earth placed in my hand. I try to share very few of these events with people.

Third, the Holy Spirit will continue to reveal many events to you prior to their occurrences. This is to help you prepare to respond appropriately. The commonest one I tend to receive warnings when a person is going to call me for help. Prior to the phone call, the Lord will place the picture of the person before me. This is part of the confirmation from the Lord.

Fourth, the more you live and operate in the Spirit realm of God, the more your desires for earthly things that nurtures the body will continue to diminish. Many Christian leaders will have a problem with this part because such physical activities in the flesh are no longer as pleasurable. For example, going to parties just for having a good time, or going to bars just for drinking like in the past, become activities of spiritual repulsion. If you force yourself to engage in such activities, you will experience this great internal sadness, or sometimes, a momentary depression and inner spiritual convulsion. The same thing happens to me many times if I decide to watch some horror, bloody, violent, or satanic movies. What happens is not because of the events of pleasuring the flesh alone, but also the negative spirits associated with such events. This is how a person walking in positive Spirit of God can differentiate the positive aura of the Holy Spirit compared to the negative aura of negative spirits in the world.

Fifth, the Lord will constantly give you directions how to do certain things through the messages of the Holy Spirit. This is a very good one because you will never have to wonder what you need to do. At times, such message may come very strongly, and other times it may come in a very subtle way. Sometimes, its like a Voice is just speaking from inside of me and directed to me – that’s the Holy Spirit. The critical point in some situations is the urgent timing of some messages needing immediate attention. Never ignore critical message because you are preoccupied with your own personal issues in the earthly realm.

Sixth, one of the ways you can identify or evaluate yourself living in the Spirit of God is your graded ascension in the Spirit. Walking in the Spirit of God is like stepping on the stairways of Heaven. You will reach a point in those steps that Open Heavens will be placed in front of you and you receive spontaneous messages to the point of aggravation. During these wonderful moments in the Spirit you will experience special times during Spirit visitations of Christ. I mention aggravation because when you are constantly in the Spirit realm, you have to come back down to the flesh to enjoy those earthly things to pleasure the body. It is impossible to pleasure the flesh while you are high in the Spirit of God. You can be in the spirit of something else and enjoy the fleshly desires, but not in the realm of the Spirit of the Holiness of God. The best way to tell if a messenger of God is at a higher level of spiritual ascension is the way the person places less importance on material possessions and those things of the flesh. Perhaps many preachers do not want to get this close early in their ministry for obvious reasons. However, such a higher level of spiritual ascension helps to keep such messengers from a life of sin. Show me a fallen minister, preacher, or Christian leader and I will show you a person, not necessarily a bad person, but who spends more of his time in the flesh than in the Spirit of God.

Seventh, while you are high in the Spirit of God, the mantle you carry becomes more obvious to others, because such mantle radiates God’s glory. Jesus clothes you with the garment of his glory. You are enshrouded with the invisible garment of the radiance of God to help you connect to other people’s soul. A soul tie may even occur between you and another person. People will be spiritually attracted to this radiance, not necessarily to you. Do not confuse this with your need for self-gratification. Also, do not use this for selfish or personal reasons. Use the spiritual attraction to you by others as a tool to minister to people, especially the opposite sex. There are also people who will confuse such spiritual attraction with sexual attraction. This is how some married women in the church ended up in bed with their pastors! As a preacher, recognize such attractions as God sending a message to help the person. Perhaps you may be a door opener for the person and her family to the spiritual realm of God. On a flipside, do not use the spirit attraction to you as a whipping rod to beat the women upside the head. Help her to put such attraction in perspective; otherwise you may create a soul injury in such a person due to your rejection of her.

The same way some people may be attracted to you in the church, others may be repulse by you. Remember, carnality and God spirituality cannot work together peacefully. Help the people repulsive of your Spirit radiance to understand they may be approaching you through their carnality. Help them to switch over to the Spirit realm of God, and they will be able to see you through the eyes of the Holy Spirit indwelling inside them. Just because a person is filled with the Holy Spirit does not mean he or she cannot switch from the Holy Spirit perception to the human carnal perception of selfish desires.

If I truly love Jesus, I must work hard to obey his commandments through empowerment by the Holy Spirit. I must work hard not to misrepresent him to other people. It’s not about man made rules, it’s about obeying God’s commandments. Loving a person is not just about feeling good about yourself. Truly loving a person is about offering yourself to that person. That was exactly what Jesus did for me and for you! Coming into the kingdom is not about declaring a party and doing whatever you want to do for your own personal satisfaction. Living in the kingdom is learning to follow and obey the instructions of the king. Jesus is the King in the Christian kingdom! Amen!

Jesus said, "If you love me, obey my commandments," (St. John 14:15).

By Yinka Vidal, author, Finding Peace in the Storms: A Wife’s Inspirational Journey with Breast Cancer, 245 pages Ebook, 2013.