De-fund Affordable Care And Kill 200,000 Americans Annually!

Medical Errors! Terrorism Inside American Hospitals!

Since the Institute of Medicine (I.O.M.) reported in 1999 about 98,000 Americans are dying annually due to medical errors, efforts to reduce such deaths in hospitals have been blocked by special interest groups. These special interest groups are being funded mostly by business managers and insurance companies who want to continue to make money at the expense of killing people inside hospitals. Their hands are stained with blood!



Affordable Care gives power back to patients by allowing patients to evaluate healthcare services inside hospitals after discharge. Patients will therefore have a say as to how much the hospitals are being reimbursed by the government for patients care. As a result of this process included in Affordable Care, healthcare institutions will be forced to improve the quality of patient care. Consequently, this approach will reduce the number of patients dying annually due to medical errors.

Take away Affordable Care and kill more American annually due to greed! The latest study on medical errors indicated that over 200,000 patients are dying in hospitals across the nation due to the terror of medical errors that are killing patients at alarming rates. De-funding Affordable Care will continue to kill patients in hospitals with the terrors of medical errors.

The good news after de-funding Affordable Care is to leave many of the bad systemic failures in place inside the hospitals. The same people who are willing to block the implementation of Affordable Care will themselves be subjected to the poison of the bad system they left in place. Many of these people will one day be going on retirement. Some of them will end up in the nursing homes or Assisted Living Facilities. They will be subjected to the harsh treatments they have allowed others to suffer. Medical errors know no celebrity, lawmakers, or rich patients. Those who choose to leave the same bad system in place due to greed will one day fall on the same swords they have left in place for others.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to comprehend the twisted minds of those driven by hyper-emotionalism as the cognitive aspect of human brain starts to malfunction. They become blinded by their own ideology and refuse to see the pain they cause for others that are currently suffering. Their emotions that drive their actions continue to poison their cognitive minds. They remain slave to their ideology while they refuse to think beyond their position, let alone receive or entertain different opinions from other. They become cognitively impaired.

The same people who refused to care for the poor people, who want to take away medical insurance from over 30 million Americans, they are the same people who allowed thieves to rob the Wall Street, scam artists to take homes from millions of American through fraud, and businesses to be stealing from consumers. According to President Clinton, "the strength and the stability of our economy depend on our ability to provide quality and affordable healthcare."

On Friday September 6, 2013, NBC Dateline News aired a story about two freelance journalists Amanda Lindhout of Canada, and her photographer, Nigel Brennan of Australia in 2008. The Islamic rebels of Somalia held them as hostages for about 16 months. The kidnappers wanted a ransom of $1.2 million on each of their captives. Both hostages were subjected to so much malicious abuse of degradation, starvation, physical torture and repeated rapes. Nobody will watch the story and will not feel so much anger against the captors who used religion as an excuse and a tool to torture people for the sake of making money. It was very appalling to sit through the story! The two hostages were rescued after the parents were able to raise about $600,000 ransom money to give to these people who have treated their victims so maliciously! How outrageous!

When we compare the suffering of mentally impaired patients in Assisted Living Facilities, the suffering of the senior citizens in the nursing homes, and the number of patients being subjected to malicious torture due to what we still call medical errors, people will begin to wonder. Is there a difference between what the hostages went through in captivity, compared to what some of the patients are suffering inside some of our healthcare facilities? In 1999 when the Institute of Medicine reported about 98,000 patients die every year of medical errors, they were unintended mistakes killing these patients. In 2013 despite repeated warnings to healthcare facilities, the rate of patients dying due to medical mishaps have gone up as high as 200,000 every year. Some reports indicated such a number was a gross underestimation. Can we still refer to these deaths as being caused by errors? When we know how to fix a problem, but we refuse and patients continue to die, should we still call these mistakes? In healthcare facilities across the nation about 999,936 hostages inside the hospitals will be harm by medical errors. We will pay a ransom of $200 billion (According to Dr. Carolyn Dean’s group study reports on the cost of medical errors, published in 2003). Out of so many people who will suffer from these painful ordeals inside the hospitals, a minimum of 200,000 of these hostages will die in captivity.

Perhaps the healthcare managers and those who operate these facilities are unaware that so many of their patients are dying needlessly, while increasing revenue to the healthcare institutions. When they make money out of shedding the blood of the innocent patients, why should they be motivated to want to change the status quo? The only effective process in place to reduce the number of people dying in hospitals is the government mandate of patients’ evaluation of hospital care after discharges. Special interest groups as usual want to block the implementation of these corrective actions to discourage the healthcare facilities from improving quality of care and reduce patients’ deaths. If 1000 Americans are held as hostages in any foreign land, we will use all means necessary including our military power to rescue them. However, we can continue to allow over 200,000 hospital hostages die annually because the institutions are allowed to make ransom money at the expense of shedding innocent blood.

What is the difference between the Islamic terrorists who received $600,000 to release two hostages compared to $200 billion paid to healthcare institutions due to medical injuries hurting and killing 999,936 patients every year? (Medical Statistics from "Death by Medicine" studies conducted by Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean, MD. ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD., 2003). The special interests implied that the business wants to make money. Why should we justify making money at the expense of shedding innocent patients’ blood? It can be considered "medical errors" if we do not know about the intended mistakes. Legally, they are no longer errors when medical managers were told, and they were given corrective actions, but they refused to correct the problems. They refused because the medical mishaps are very lucrative way for healthcare institutions to increase revenue. A day is coming when such mishaps leading to death in hospitals may no longer be considered medical errors, but intentional homicide for the sake of making money!

Chuck Colson before he died during one of his Christian radio interviews discussed the case of a Watergate politician who spent the rest of his life trying to prove his innocence. Mr. Colson started to search for him. When this politician was finally discovered, he was alone in the nursing home, and abandoned by those who loved him. It was a painful moment for Mr. Colson. At that moment Mr. Colson said he questioned the purpose of an ideology to prove one’s innocence when in the end that person lost all his loved ones while he was dying alone in the nursing home. At times, when we become slaves to our own selfish ideologies, we lose our sense of compassion; we also lose the elements of our humanity as we abandon the real essence of life. We become so blinded by our actions at the moment of which life itself has lost its virtues and meaning.

According to the latest report in September 2013, the richest 1% of the people earned the biggest share of the wealth. The top 10 percent captured a record 48.2 percent of total earnings last year. The inequality between the poor and the rich has been growing steadily for the past three decades. And it continues to get wider! De-funding Affordable Care does nobody any good except to enrich further the pockets of greedy potbelly business managers. These people have no shame, nor the fear of God in their hearts!

The same people who continue to advocate for more riches to be grabbed by the rich people while causing others to suffer needlessly will one day face God’s judgment for their selfish and twisted ideology! God is so patient. One day without warning, his patience runs out and these greedy people will experience the crushing blows of his anger!

God’s response to greed:

"Yes, they are greedy dogs which never have enough. And they are shepherds who cannot understand. They all look to their own way, every one for his own territory" (Isaiah 56:11).

God’s Judgment against greed:

"She and her daughters had pride, fullness of food, and abundance of idleness; neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty and committed abomination before Me; therefore, I took them away as I saw fit" (Ezekiel 16:49-50).

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Press Release by Lara Publications Inc, September 11, 2013