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Cursed are the Shepherds who Feed Themselves, and not the Flocks – Ezekiel 34:2

One of the critical things Jesus did as a good shepherd was to continually feed the sheep. While on earth, Jesus fed the flesh of his followers with bread and fish. He fed their souls with the Word of God. He also fed their human spirit with the Holy Spirit. Today, Jesus is still in the business of feeding his followers. That is one of the reasons why Jesus retained the title as a good shepherd.

The so-called God ministries today have painted a very unpleasant image of Christ as everything today in centralized on "Give me your money and God will bless you," type of preaching. As preachers and shepherds, we are supposed to feed the sheep as Jesus himself did while on earth. When we refuse to do the Lord’s will, we invite a curse into our lives. These curses tend to manifest in different ways unlike we expect. God placed some curses and blessings on earth. If you do his will, you will be blessed. And if you rebelled against his will you will initiate a curse upon your self and your family regardless to who you may be. Here is what God said about greedy shepherds.

"You eat the fat and clothe yourself with the wool; you slaughter the fatlings, but you do not feed the flock" (Ezekiel 34:3).

Curses are like landmines placed on earth by God. When people step on those landmines regardless to who they may be, there is an explosion. David was a man after God’s heart, but when he stepped on the landmines of God, there were explosions within his family. Similarly, anybody who is serving the Lord in the ministry should recognize that God already placed curses on earth for those shepherds not feeding the sheep, but themselves. We all have to give account to God how we have handled his resources in the ministry he has given us.

"Cursed to the worthless shepherd who leaves the flocks! A sword shall be against his arm, and against his right eye. His arm shall completely wither, and his right eye shall totally be blinded" (Zechariah 11:17).

By Yinka Vidal, Author, Closer Walk With Jesus