Miracles of Jesus: Mystery of GOD - The Flying Bullets

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December 22, 2013

Miracle by Jesus: The Unsolved Mystery of GOD

Mystery of the flying Bullets

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While I was writing the book Closer Walk with Jesus, I looked for the pictures of one of the miracles Jesus performed before me. For five years I could not find the pictures. I was going to use the picture for the cover of the book. After finishing the book in 2010, I published it without the pictures. I never stopped searching for the pictures testifying to a miracle I witnessed through Jesus. In December 2013 after the book has been published for three years, I finally discovered the pictures of the miracles that happened to me in 1996. It took me about 17 years to finally discovered the pictures in my basement for a reason I’m unable to explain. Below is a segment from my book Closer Walk with Jesus, how I documented this miraculous incident that was the turning point in my life. This incident changed my perception of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit forever. It’s about the miracles Jesus performed in my life. Yet, nobody has been able to solve the mystery of the flying bullet!

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Only GOD Through Jesus is Capable of Such Miracles!

Excerpts from the book: Closer Walk with Jesus by Yinka Vidal, pages #119-120

Chapter 12: Divine Assignments - Jesus Captures my Bullets

Jesus said, "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives his life for the sheep" (St. John 10:11

God Calls Me: How Jesus Captured the Bullets Meant for Me - Testimony #28

When I started working in another hospital, I was of the opinion that everything would be fine. As long as I stayed away from a management job, I had nothing to fear. I did not know what God had in store for me. At this time, I decided to work until retirement and live a simple, restful life and work in peace. People would not believe the message that God sent me, and what he wanted me to do. I was shocked by the mission God placed before me. How could he? At the time I ended the last chapters of my journey in healthcare, Jesus opened a new chapter.

I never stopped fasting and praying to God for directions. A nearly tragic event happened to me one day. On Tuesday during the Holy Week of 1996, I was going to the downtown post office in St Louis, MO. Early that morning, my wife came to the bedroom and inquired as to whether I wanted to eat breakfast. I told her, no. I knew I was fasting and was not supposed to tell her. Fasting is supposed to be done in the secret of a person’s heart. I refused the invitation to eat breakfast. When I got up from bed, I was tempted with the aroma of scramble eggs and bacon. I refused to break my fast. Instead, I took my bath and went to the downtown post office in St. Louis. I was on my way back when I encountered what turned out to be one of the most miraculous incidents of my life. This event became yet another turning point in my life. I was on Grand Avenue getting ready to exit to highway 70 and go home. I could have been a couple of miles from the exit when I heard some loud noises. I heard loud noises as my car was hit. The glass of the back window of my car was pierced with holes. The glass later shattered. There was another hole, which pierced my driver’s windshield right before me. The incident must have happened so fast. I came out of my car and saw nobody. I had to move my car to the side of the road and call the police. I told the police that I had been hit with stones.

When the police officers came, they called for the crime van. They looked inside my car and came back to me. As the police officers looked all over my body, I did not know what they were looking for. I asked them what were they doing looking at me like that. One of them smiled and answered, "I just want to be sure, you’re in one piece." The police officer said, "You’re the luckiest man alive."

"Why?" I asked, very scared.

"Your car has been hit with three bullets and, one of them left an exit hole right in front of your driver’s seat. How you didn’t get hit with any of these bullets is a miracle!"

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The police officers were able to recover the bullet shells from my car. I did not realize what had happened or the significance of it all. By the time I got home, the entire rear glass had shattered. My wife was the first person in the family to see my car. She was shocked to realize what had happened. After seeing my car, she just ran into the house, screaming so loudly. You would think somebody had hit her. She was very shocked at seeing the bullet holes in my car and was amazed at how I managed to escape death. After the incident, I was wondering what could have happened if I had broken my fast and eaten that morning. I was glad I did not break my fast. I was thinking God had saved my life for a reason. Days went by before I realized what had happened to me. I had an encounter with death, and the Lord saved me for a special purpose.

This was how Jesus captured the bullets meant to end my life. One of those bullets could have silenced me forever. But Jesus had a different plan for me. Each of those bullets was aimed at my head. Jesus stood in the way and deflected the bullets away from me. How could I ever forget how Jesus saved my life? Only God knows how he did it. This was a miracle! Praise God!

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A Visitation #3 - Hearing the Voice – Testimony #29

A few days after the miraculous incident, I started hearing a Voice. The Voice was not from the outside. It was coming from inside of me. I knew the Voice was another person within me because of what the Voice was telling me. I have heard this same Voice before but at a lower frequency. This time, the sound intensity of the Voice was amplified one hundred times. It was as if a person had just awakened inside of me. I knew it was the Lord speaking directly to me through the Holy Spirit. Jesus had already said that the Holy Spirit would tell what he hears. This means that the Holy Spirit is a messenger who carries divine messages from the spiritual world of God into the earthly world of men.

From this time, I started receiving very powerful spiritual messages from the Lord. He started talking directly to my heart. The Lord said, "Start listening to me from now on. I am sending you on a mission." Jesus was telling me he had a mission for me.

The Lord wanted me to start listening to him from this time on. He was planning on sending me on a mission. When I received the divine messages from the Lord, I was not angry. I was shocked that he used such a way to get my attention. I did not argue with him. I was glad I did not die in that hail of bullets while caught between the crossfire of gang warfare. When the Lord started talking to me again, I answered him very quickly. After what had just happened, I said, "Speak on for thy servant heareth." It was then the Lord told me he wanted to send me on a mission. In response to this request, I asked him before he sent me anywhere to show me three signs. In this way, I could confirm that the Lord was sending me on a mission. I did not want to confuse God’s messages with my own personal desires. I was very excited because the Lord was visiting with me. He was speaking directly to me. The message was very powerful. This was the first time in my life I had noticed the Lord clearly speaking to me in such a very powerful voice through the Holy Spirit. Based on this experience and the ones that followed, I was convinced that our hearts (souls) have both ears and eyes. Through these inner ears and eyes, inside human spirits we receive daily spiritual communication from the spiritual world. The Lord responded to my request for confirmation. He started showing me signs. The Lord showed me the first sign, followed by the second. Then the third and the fourth signs came. After the fourth sign, I said, "Okay Lord, I got all the signs I need. Speak to me now, I’m ready to accept your next assignment for me."

There was a little pause in time regarding the divine messages I was receiving. Realizing the Lord was about to send me on a mission, I started listening to any message he could be sending me. The situation reminded me of when God called Moses. He did not have a choice in the matter. I did not think I had a choice in the matter, either, but, I was so joyful God was finally talking directly to me. For this, I was profoundly grateful. I was shocked to have received visitations from the Lord in form of "the Voice." At the time these events were happening, I believed God was talking to me. Upon very careful evaluation of the events that followed and my conversations with Jesus, it became obvious I was actually talking to Jesus at this time. In most cases, God tends to reveal himself through his Son Jesus Christ. Stay tuned for the giant message Jesus sent me as my story continues in the next chapter.

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Miracle and the Mystery

The miracles according to the pictures were the three bullets fired at close range into my car heading for my head because my car was red. I was caught between the gang crossfire. Not a single one of the bullets hit me. Please see the pictures of the rear end glass of my car. It was completely shattered.

The unresolved mystery until today 2013 was how one of the bullets made an exit hole in my windshield right in front of me, just at my eye level, a little lower than my head. I saw the hole where the bullet exited right in front of me as a driver sitting in position.

 These bullets must have been fired from the back because the car rear window shattered. Both my right and left car windows were intact except for the rear end window that shattered.

How the bullet that made the exit in front of me did not touch my head is a miracles nobody is able to explain. Even the police officers at the scene told me they had no explanation for the flying bullet because my head was on the pathway of the flying bullets.

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Perhaps somebody reading this story may be wondering whether this was a coincidence, if not because of the supernatural event that followed. A couple of days after my brush with death, the Portal Gates of Heaven opened up. I heard the Voice of God speaking to me! It took three years after the incident, when the Lord gave me the assignment. He sent me to another hospital institution to work. The chronicles of the events that took place at the hospital were documented in the book, "Closer Walk With Jesus."

In the past years before the incident, I tended to hear the Voice of God once in a while. This time after the incident the Voice was amplified to a giant magnitude and constant. Without a doubt, God got my attention.

(If you know anybody who does not believe in God, point the person to this story)

Story by Yinka Vidal, author of Closer Walk with Jesus.

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