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May 16, 2011

Spiritual Blood Transfusion For True Christians

Ages ago after the fall of Adam and Eve, God requested for a blood drive for purification for the temples on earth and also in Heaven. The blood of animal could not do it. No person was worthy to donate blood, except God’s Son, Jesus Christ. However, it is important to establish why human being needs spiritual blood transfusion. When the devil seduced Eve in the Garden of Eden, he contaminated the human soul. Every man born of a woman is under the curse of this soul contamination. For this reason, every person born on this earth is born in sin. God cannot reconcile us back to him until the devil’s contamination has been removed through many processes leading to purification. Since God had given man a free will, in this unfortunate situation, what governs man’s action is not necessarily the will of God, but that of the devil. Every man and woman has a rebellious nature against God due to the infusion of this contaminated blood by the devil.

What happened in the Garden of Eden was much more than just the eating of the apple. The devil infiltrated and damaged the human soul at the level of his desires by his evil nature. He replaced God’s will with his own will leading man astray from God. It is like a computer virus introduced into human soul by the devil. This was the principal reason why God separated himself from man because he did not want to contend with the spirit of the devil in man. Although, people may think what happened in the Garden of Eden was about sin, but the incident went further than sin. If it was the issue of only one sin committed, God could have asked both Adam and Even to repent and the case would have been closed. But, the devil poisoned human soul by introducing a rebellious nature, against the will of God inform of a spiritual virus. Man’s thinking process became defective and contradictory to the will of God. Many Christians do not want to perceive the gravity of what happened in the Garden of Eden as being so serious and far beyond just eating. It was the first seduction and the first extramarital affair against God as man became pregnant with evil, and Cain was born. Where did the spirit of murder in Cain come from if not from the devil? Even Jesus referred to this seduction when he told the Jews, "You are of your father the devil…. I know your father from the beginning…. He was a liar and a father of it" (St. John 8:44).

Jesus came to remove the desires of the devil from man through the spiritual blood transfusion process – the cleansing process. This was why Jesus said, "Unless one is born by the water and Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God" (St. John 3:5).

How many people feel comfortable rubbing their faces with human waste and go to work without washing off the dirt? The devil’s rebellious behavior makes man’s whole body look like filthy rags before God. The cleansing process starts from hearing the Word and receiving the Word of God. It continues with accepting and believing in the Word. The process of higher transformation continues when we learn to live daily with the Word of God. We become fruit bearers for the Lord when we allow the Word of God to transform us daily in our walk with Jesus. This is where many Christians tend to stumble because they become more attracted to the world than to the kingdom. The moment a person accepts Christ, he receives the baptism of the Holy Spirit who becomes the driving force and person in the process of true repentance. Believers have to be dependent on Christ for their daily spiritual nutrition; otherwise they fall by the wayside just like the parable of the sower.

Unfortunately when people think they have everything they need in the physical, they start to rebel against God. This is very typical of some celebrities and rich people who insult God’s position by saying that they know more than God and can create their own way to God. Their perceptions are caused by the rebellious nature of the devil and the deceptions of riches and fame. God who is the author of life is the only one who knows how to remove the blood contamination of the devil from man. This can only happen through the blood transfusion from Jesus Christ the only worthy Lamb of God who was crucified for our sins. For the process of this spiritual blood transfusion to continue, man has to willingly submit to the lordship of Our Lord Jesus Christ. God preserves human’s desire to choose. Therefore, if any man refuses to be transfused and cleansed with the blood of Christ, that person retains the demonic will of the devil. Consequently, the person will face the same wrath of God to be poured out onto the devil and his cronies. Everybody has to make a choice.

The spiritual blood transfusion starts the moment a person receives and accepts Jesus Christ as a personal savior. That is when the purification work begins. The blood transfusion takes a lifetime and is completed after death when man receives a transformed body. At that time, the entire poison of the devil has been expunged from man’s soul. This returns man back to the original creation state of the Garden of Eden prior to the assault of the devil. After the soul assault of the devil in the Garden of Eden, the devil continues to claim people as his own. The devil’s greatest desire is for people to worship him. This is the reason why some people are determined not to believe in God, because the devil’s desire holds them in bondage. Jesus said, "I came to set the captives free" (St Luke). This can only happen if the person wants to be freed. By claiming people as his own, the devil exposes misled people to the wrath of God by placing a mark of the beast on them (Rev. 16:2). Like always, the devil wants to claim something that belongs to God. That is the reason why he placed the mark of the beast on the people to control them through his economic power. I vehemently disagree with prosperity preachers polluting the gospel of Jesus Christ by telling people God wants them to be rich in material things of the world. If the earthly prosperity is the tool of the devil, the prosperity preachers are inadvertently playing into the hands of the devil. Jesus asked us to lay our treasures in Heaven, not on earth. He asked us to live a life of contentment in prosperity of the Holy Spirit. Some Christians are in deep financial trouble today because they have been listening to prosperity preachers who are deceiving them.

In Heaven, those who have been saved and received the spiritual blood transfusion of Christ shall stand before God to worship him day and night with glorious jubilation. The critical point is that the Lord’s name shall be written on their foreheads.

"They shall see his face, and his name shall be on their foreheads. There shall be no night there. They need no lamp, nor light of the sun, for the Lord God gives them light. And they shall reign forever and ever" (Rev 22:4-5).

If some people have already received the mark of the beast on their foreheads, it will be very impossible for such people to receive the mark of Jesus on their foreheads in Heaven. Similarly, those who worship money, power, fame, and earthly things have placed a temporary mark of the beast on their foreheads. This condition makes it very difficult for them to truly worship Christ because they have established and embraced another god. Consequently, those who have received the mark of the beast are doomed. As long as you are still alive, it is not too late. You can repent and be saved. Do not allow the devil to put you in a trick bag for long. Devil has no salvation, but damnation. Do not be foolish, after this life your life continues. You will live the rest of your existence somewhere, either with God, or away from him. If in God’s presence we experience the fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11), what happens in the presence of the devil? You can bet on the fullness of agony and pain. What ever it is will not be pleasant. Make your choice! This present world is a deception! Great joy lies beyond the cross of Christ after resurrection. If you want to enjoy that everlasting joy in the presence of God, you must accept God’s offer of salvation through Jesus. Otherwise, you are doomed! You only have yourself to blame. Make a good choice; receive, accept, and believe in Jesus.

By Yinka Vidal, author, Closer Walk With Jesus